It scares me when people say I’m sweet because I’m not. I’m bitter enough to burst, half-sick with rage on my good days. I wish someone hated him the way I did, so that I could stop, so that I could get rid of this fury that rots & blooms inside of me. This is a terrible way to think: if you really loved me you’d want him dead. I’m so tired of boys saying I’ll kill him because they never follow through. It’s just a loud thing to say before they try to touch me and then I’m left with him in my head: laughing, rolling his eyes.

Nicola Maye Goldberg, from “Dream Protocol II,” WHAT KIND OF TROUBLE?

Lil grump thing that bother me

•Stop shoving “God Damnit Ross” down his throat. Ross is a sweet dude. Plus that shit is three years old at this point and he hates it
•Arin isn’t short and or fat?? His body has improved so much??? Please?? Stop??
•Dans character may be “Danny Sexbang” but that doesn’t give teenagers or young adults to openly say that you’d fuck him and encourage that kind of behavior. Please respect him he’s said on the show before lowest he’ll go is 28 (and that’s probably aged as well) it’s awkward for ‘celebs’ to deal with stuff like this
•Matt and Ryan have to maintain other channels as well just to pay rent. Matt still doesn’t have a car.
•((please stop saying yes yes yes daddy likes they hate that phrase let it die. Being ironic in this doesn’t work. You either say it or you don’t))
• Whoopty fucking doo they did a YouTube red show. Who gives a shit. They enjoyed making it soooo why shit on it. Why. Just. Let the people you watch enjoy things.
•I’m sleepy as all hell its three a.m. sorry for the rant. If you disagree with me just say your point I’ll listen. Or if you wanna add on go for it I’ll give an example
•the op is dumb as shit

anonymusgeek  asked:

So....Stiles and Derek having twins and Derek doing super cute dad things.

I bet you Stiles tries to put them in matching outfits, or like, in outfits that “compliment” each other. Moon and sun t-shirts, “I love you” and “I know” teeny tiny hoodies, Thing 1 and Thing 2. Copy & Paste. “I was born first” and “she likes to brag”. BABY, LIGHT UP BOOTIES AND SNEAKERS THAT HAVE WEREWOLF PAWS ON THEM. Derek rolls his eyes every single time Stiles picks new clothes out for the twins to wear but he also finds it achingly endearing (sometimes going as far as to order special custom made clothes online). 

Derek reads to the twins every night - most of the time he reads children’s books but sometimes he likes to read them history books which Stiles finds hilarious. Mostly because Derek doesn’t read the history books out like he thinks the kids will just be happy to hear his voice - he puts on voices and chooses periods of history he thinks they will like. Such a fucking goober, that man. Stiles couldn’t have chosen better,. 

Having bath time with little rubber werewolves instead of ducks and getting absolutely soaked through because the twins are a riot during bath time. Stiles often convinces Derek to take his shirt off for bath time - “I mean, it’s just going to get wet anyway, I’m just trying to be practical here. Why would I want to ogle my own husband??? Really, Derek??? What kind of love-sick fool do you take me for?” (Secret side note: Derek never asks Stiles to take his t-shirt off because the sight of Stiles in a wet shirt is, quite frankly, one of the best things he has ever seen. Derek might splash Stiles a little more than necessary when they do the dishes together….)

Carrying the kids on their shoulders. Stiles being “ultra dad” and planning out all their day trips, taking markers to maps, all colour coded (of course). Meanwhile, Derek sits with the kids on the floor, bouncing them on his lap, sighs: “daddy is going to get us lost, anyway, isn’t he?” *kids laugh and try to yank Derek’s eyebrows* “yup, totally lost….I should probably feed you now, shouldn’t I?”