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justicarlexa asked:

okay but that scene really fucking gets to me because lexa doesn't say it, but it's through not saying it that clarke knows. if anything, it means the same thing to lexa "i love you" and "you're you" are synonymous to her, because there isn't a single thing about clarke that lexa doesn't love her for, and in saying "you're you", clarke is being validated in a way she never is before. every other person clarke cares about loves her on conditionals. it's "i love you if you're the good guy" (1/?)

or “i love you if you’re protecting us in the right way” or “i love you up until you do something for yourself”. but that’s never the case with lexa. lexa loves clarke because she’s clarke, as nuanced and complicated and hard to swallow at times as she is. “that’s why you’re you” means “i love you in your entirety”, even without expected to be loved back (2/2)


why ship soukoku (dazai/chuuya)?

here are 25 reasons why:

< scans c/o tantei_bozu; translation c/o yeouya & easygoingscans >

1. first time working together after dazai leaves for 4 years?

without talking to each other, chuuya just jumps from his position, casually uses dazai’s shoulder for leverage in order to kick the enemy in the face, while dazai automatically leans down to avoid being in the way

2. childhood friendsssss

3. synchronized bickering

4. super-strong elites being actual 5 year-olds with each other

5. more bickering

6. dazai’s insistence about knowing the partner’s true nature/true self/true limits

7. dazai casually borrowing his enemy’s knife (and knowing where to find it in chuuya’s coat)

8. chuuya saying that dazai basically flirting with all women as an insult - followed by dazai asking if he should stop that?!! ?!! ?!!

9. more bickering?! poor chuuya he got stepped on

10. chuuya’s concerned faces when dazai gets hurt

11. special mention to chuuya’s panicked face when dazai starts his “final words” (special mention because chuuya has mentioned wanting to kill dazai about 1241391 times)

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Spring OTP Questions!

It’s spring! Have some spring-themed OTP questions! (Created through collaboration between all five mods)

  1. Does anyone in your OTP/OT3 have seasonal allergies that kick up in the spring? How does the other member(s) help?
  2. Where does your OTP like to go walking when the weather is warm?
  3. How would your OTP handle it if one of them became a bee?
  4. Does your OTP plant flowers/tend to gardens?
  5. Does your OTP like the beauty and new life of spring, or the cold winter?
  6. Does your OTP celebrate any holidays during the spring? How?
  7. Which one of the members of your OTP has trouble getting an egg to stand upright during the equinox?
  8. How does your OTP spend their spring break?
  9. If your OTP were to go on vacation during spring break, where would they go?
  10. What sorts of spring sports does either member of your OTP participate in? Does the other member cheer their lover on?
  11. If your OTP watches anime, what shows would they be looking forward to this spring season?
  12. How would your OTP react if it started to snow during spring?
  13. Which member of your OTP accidentally wears an outfit too warm for the weather?
  14. Which member of your OTP accidentally wears an outfit not warm enough for the weather?
  15. Does your OTP have any special memories associated with spring?
  16. What kind of flowers does your OTP give to each other?
  17. What would your OTP do if they had to supervise a children’s Easter Egg hunt?
  18. Which member of your OTP freaks out when they hear an ice cream truck pass by?
  19. Does your OTP care about how green their lawn is? Do they even have a lawn?
  20. If your OTP starts school in spring, where do they go to get supplies? Do they end up sharing any classes?
  21. Who would surprise the other with flowers?
  22. Who’s more likely to make a flower crown for the other?
  23. During the first rainfall of spring, would your OTP try to share an umbrella? How would that go?
  24. Does your OTP prefer to go outside during the spring, or do they prefer staying inside and cuddling up on a couch?
  25. If your OTP went out to have a picnic, where would they go? What food would they bring with them?
  26. What sorts of wildlife would your OTP like to see? What kind of wildlife would they not like to see?
  27. Which one would surprise the other by taking them to the beach before the summer crowd comes?
  28. Which one starts wearing short sleeved things first and which one starts to wear shorter sleeves only because the other is?
  29. Are there any local festivals that your OTP would go to during the spring?
  30. Which one’s hat would blow away in the wind and which one would go after the hat and bring it back?

real serious question why can’t a f/f couple’s issues ever be external? like why can’t they just be happy and lesbian together and all of their issues be dumb external shit they deal with together instead

yellow. all yellow.

this involved a small headcanon for a high school AU in which han owned that jacket but it’s So Ugly Yellow he puts it in lost & found to get rid of it. luke though finds the jacket and uses it even if it’s too big on him but han finds this Oddly Adorable on him. but anything on luke seems pretty cute except for the poncho