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To that trip iwa au, what if he's playing guitar and carrying it everywhere, he plays songs on sidewalks for some money, maybe in bars and most of his songs are composed while thinking of oikawa. Sometimes, in smoky bar with bottle of beer and guitar iwa hopes that he will appear before him and maybe stay to listen



And what if one day Oikawa shows up???
Like Iwa playing in this little Bar in this small ocean town. And let’s face it, he doesn’t think he will see Oikawa. Not here, not now, not after all this time.
But Oikawa is on a little holiday trip with friends and out of all towns he stays in this small ocean town this night.
And he sits down at table with some friends, back to the stage, not knowing who is up there. It’s a loud bar, people are laughing, drinking, chatting and the music is more a background noise and right now Iwa is taking a little break.
Iwa gets back on his seat at the stage. The bar is crowded and the lights are blinding him..he has no idea who is in the audience. He closes his eyes as he starts his next song.
Oikawa is enjoying the evening and having a good laugh with his friends. He isn’t really aware of the music. Until suddenly through all the noises of the bar the voice of the singer waves over to him and his skin tingles and his heart almost stops. For a second he doesn’t really know why…but then it hits him. THIS VOICE!!! HE KNOWS THIS VOICE!!! THIS VOICE!! And he quickly turns around to face the stage and there he is, Iwaizumi Hajime!!!

Malec & Saphael Fics Recs!

A while back someone asked me if I read any fanfics and if so, recommend some to them, but I accidently deleted the ask (sorry Anon!!). So here’re some fics I’ve read recently~ 

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      Moonlight has stopped by your blog and has blessed you with a Baby [Spoiler Bleep]! May you take responsibility over this Pokemon when it hatches.

“ZORO! Seriously where are you?- Is this a real egg???”

He pauses, looking around but by that time the 100% normal bush had left.

He sighs, taking up responsibility of the egg until he finds the Zoroark he seems to call Zoro for short. Grabbing the cloth and egg in it, he continues searching.

[ft @occasionallyshinyumbreon Moonlight!]

11 question tag

Thanks to @heart-attack-harry and @cheshirepuddin for tagging me! This was fun to do and I hope, wish, beg for the terrible 11 questions of mine at the bottom of this post to live on and on and on.


1. Always post these rules.
2. Answer the questions given by the person who tagged you.
3. Write 11 questions of your own.
4. Tag 11 people.

@heart-attack-harry questions:

1. What is one 1D song that you think Harry would sound great singing himself?

What A Feeling.

2. What time do you get up in the mornings?

It all depends on when I fell asleep or if I have to be anywhere.

3. If you could do one of the following with Harry, which would you choose: write a song with him, sing a song with him, or play an instrument in his band?

Play an instrument in his band. See, if you play an instrument with him, there’s a chance you’d be singing with him & writing a song with him. Plus, you get to travel places with him.

4. If you could cast Harry in another movie, what kind of role would it be?

Jack Dawson in Titanic. 

5. Are you a gold or silver person?


6. What is your go-to lunch?


7. Favorite decade of music?

70′s. 90′s. Lot of nice stuff coming out this decade too.

8. Favorite memory with a friend?

It’s a secret but must be the funniest thing I’ve ever done.

9. Name a person, band, movie, song, etc. that you think is overrated.

Oh, fuck. Uhm. Person: Drake. Ed Sheeran. Band: U2.  Movie: Fifty Shades. Song: Lots. That Diamond song by Rihanna for one. 

10. Did you pre-order Harry’s album? If so, what version?

Yes, the bundle. 

11. Most romantic thing someone has done for you?

Heh. NO idea. 

@cheshirepuddin‘s questions:

1. Who’s your role model?

Harry, I think. He’s a good guy.

2. What’s something you want to accomplish in the short term?

Everything? Haha. To accomplish something in the short term is a dream.

3. What would you like to ask Harry?

Hm. What song, unrelated to yours, do you feel was written about you? 

4. If you could travel through time once and then come back, would you prefer to travel to the past or the future? Why?

Future, to a time when I’m not alive anymore. Want to see the state of the world and what stuff people are up to after my time. What’s the new thing? How are they dressed? What are their political views? What’s the issue? What world war are we on? Or what planet are we living on? What season are the Simpsons on? I really want to go to Mars.

5. Where’s your favorite place you’ve been to?

I bet my mother’s womb ashjkfdgø

6. Would you like to get married and have kids someday?

S’not my thing. If it happens it happens, but it’s not a goal of mine, far from it.

7. Do you have a motto you live by?

Be honest, be you, and follow your gut instinct. People have tried to pull receipts on me but it doesn’t work. I’ve always been who I am, standing by my ideas and opinions. 

8. Have you ever been in love? Are you now?

Making love to the music. 

9. Which song reminds you of some time/someone/something very important to you?

I make memories with songs all the time. Here Comes The Sun by The Beatles reminds me of when I was four and we moved into a house for the first time. The Long And Winding Road by the Beatles reminds me of my grandma who was hellbent on the song being written by a guy named Lennon McCartney cos it said Lennon/McCartney on her seven inch, not Paul McCartney and John Lennon. Old people brains.

10. Do you pay attention to fashion trends?

No. Never have.

11. If you could change anything about your life, what would it be?

My mental illness. I want it gone. 

Orite. Made it! I’m going to tag: @ifheartscouldfly / @adorkablehazza / @linnsometimes / @stockholmsstyles / @harrymababe / @whoopsharrystyles / @dadshirtking@thelatelatestyles / @yessoupy / @butterflytattoohaz / @habibharry / @harryisclever / @harryslovelylocks / @johnlennon-harrystyles / @hazzwatch / @hotsauceharry / @thereignofsoloharry

On to my 11 questions!

  1. If there’s a historical moment in time you’d want to personally witness, what would it be? 
  2. What dead person would you least want to be haunted by?
  3. Which cartoon character do you resemble the most? 
  4. List someone you know and describe them with five words.
  5. Select one person, dead or alive, to answer a question truthfully. Who would you pick and what would the question be? 
  6. What do people find weird about you? Do you find it weird too?
  7. What song do you feel was written about you?
  8. On what planet would you rather be living on? Why?
  9. If you could be in a movie, what movie and what character would you be playing? (Can be an already existing movie, or you can make up your own dream role.)
  10. What is your favourite photo of Harry? (Post it, please!)
  11. How many cupcakes can you fit in your mouth? 

Having troubles for sleep was something Rogue was used to since he was teenager. He wasn’t sure what had happened, but at some point, restless night became usual to him. It wasn’t that common to be a real problem in his life but it was annoying anyway. Once or twice every month, he laid on his bed with his eyes open, looking at the ceiling, unable to sleep. The next day, of course, he was irritable and sleepy, and tried to stay away from everyone.

He was used to the pattern, but sadly for him his last restless night was just before a trip he needed to do to a another town. It was a 4 hours trip by bus and by the time he was on his seat, Rogue was pissed and grumpy. And sleepy. Very sleepy. He had the window seat, so he kept himself busy by looking outside and didn’t put attention to the person who sit at his side. The bus started to move not so long after, the movement and low rumble of the engine slowly relaxing him. Rogue didn’t know when he fell asleep.

However, he totally remembered when he woke up, three and half hours later, very close to his destination and with his head on a stranger’s shoulder.

“Did you wake up already?” his seat partner was a blond guy, with blue eyes and a big smile directed to Rogue. He didn’t seem bothered by the fact that Rogue had spent probably all the trip sleeping over him and drooled all over his shoulder. Rogue cleaned his cheek, embarrassed.


“It’s okay man! You seemed very tired. And also, you look very cute sleeping, so don’t worry, it was funny to see you”

Rogue blinked. Did he just call him cute? Rogue blushed a bit, before turning to look through the window again.

“Don’t say that. It’s embarrassing”
“I’m just saying the true. But, hey, since I’ve been your human pillow for so long what if you came to get a coffee with me? Do you have time when we arrive? It would be my treat”

Rogue thought he should say no, but free coffee was free coffee and he was still sleepy.

“I may have a few minutes…”

If your SD is on still SA,

Don’t fucking trust him.

No, he is not just browsing for fun.

No, he does not just think you’re the best or better than anyone on SA. 

No, he doesn’t believe that he’s lucky to have met you. 

No, he is not just lonely. 

No, he doesn’t care about you. 

These guys ain’t shit. Even if you think your connection is real. 


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You realize that racism still exists, right? The history of black people have been erased and degraded for centuries it directly impacts the world black people live in today. Black Grandmas and Grandpas can still remember Jim Crow laws and being affected every single day by skin color. Seeing your grandpa cower in the presence of a white man because of the way he was treated, you don't think that doesn't make their black children angry? That anger can be irrational but be more sympathetic.

Yes I realize racism still exists. Yes you have every right to be angry about it. No that’s not a reason to spout racism towards white people. There’s a difference between the idea of “white people have done bad things to black people because they’re black and we need to change society so that this doesn’t keep happening,” and “White people are all racists and they should feel bad for even existing as a white person, and even by existing they are automatically racist.”

Remember, making blanket judgments about a group of people because of their skin color is racism, regardless of the race of the speaker or target. That’s what the word racism means. Not all racism is institutional.

I’m not going to unleash a righteous fury upon a black person for being mad at white people because of what white people have done historically, because white people HAVE historically done bad things to black people. But if they’re being racist, I’m going to call them out on it. I’m pretty sure we’ve all decided racism is bad.

It’s three freaking am, I can’t sleep, I’m eating a chocolate egg out of gratitude.

The toy has a warning: Warning: It’s a toy.

I find it hilarious.

It’s three freaking am.








[FF Rec] Leverage

What’s with me an those monster fic series’? Well here is another one I really like and had to share with you.
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The Texas Mountain Laurel - Series
Author: valawenel
Fandom: Leverage
Maincharacters: Eliot Spencer | later on Eliot Spencer x OC
Wordcount:  913,713
Warnings: Graphic Depiction of Violence, ‘abuse’ of morphin (no addiction)
          Series: no
          Parts recommendes: yes
Whumpee: Eliot Spencer

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so many people being like "yeah liam drop it" while harry is doing promo, and have no problem with it, but can you imagine if harry teased music while louis was doing JHO promo??? these people can't really support all the boys equally. Yes, louis needs more help from us because his team sucks (like BIGLY lol), but doesn't mean the others, especially harry, don't need us.

That’s exactly why I am looking at all these posts asking Niall and Liam to drop their music rn and I’m like “ok???” … I won’t complain about any new music from my boys. But, I would love for the fandom to treat them equally and let every single one of them have his needed promo time :)