One Piece 30 Day Challenge (finally)

Day 23: favourite non-Straw Hat Pirate crew

Whitebeard Pirates (I know I’m missing some and it’s not in order, I just couldn’t find good manga caps or yeah i have no excuse for the order)

Check Yes, Juliet

So I finally finished the skater AU. It didn’t really turn out the way I wanted it to, but let me know what you think about it! I hope you guys enjoy it, and make sure to stop by my ask sometime and talk to me! Love you, sweethearts!


“Nice,” Piper commented as he slid down the ramp and took a seat beside her.

“Thanks,” Percy said, grabbing his skateboard and scooting off of the ramp so he didn’t trip anybody that came down.

They sat in silence for a few minutes, watching a few other people skate up and down the half-pipe. There were a few good people here, but it was mostly just kids that had dragged their parents to the park. Most of the other teens had already left, and they would probably come back later tonight to skate when there weren’t a bunch of little kids running around.

Percy and Piper had been friends since grade school. They had met each other in the fifth grade when they had been paired together to do a project about something informative, and after a few minutes of arguing, they had both realized that they liked to skate. So, they had made a kickass video and poster explaining the basics. Percy and Piper had even both worn their skating gear and brought their skateboards along. They had gotten an ‘A’ on the project, and they had been best friends ever since.

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These WILL NOT be for sale ONLINE until JULY.
These are stickers I’m selling at SUPERCON 2015

The reason Steven and the Crystal Gems aren’t there is because I already did them last year!

Also when I take sticker commissions in the future, this is how they’ll look!

Frat party part 3.

Fratboy!Calum au

Requested: yes

A/n: I finally got myself to finish part three, I hope you all enjoy :-) -Darling

Even from a block away the loud sound of the thumping bass and chanting teens could be heard from inside the Alpha’s frat out. Already regretting her decision to leave the comfort of her own home as a dull ache started forming at her temple. A deep frown that sat on her lips started to worry Calum, he was trying to impress her and already she was looking miserable. “Not a bass kind of girl, I see?” He questioned softly as they started up the long driveway, avoiding the several crookedly parked cars in the process. “That’s too bad you know. I’m the bass player in a band, I thought I could use that card to win a point or two.”

His soft smile deepening as she laughed at his joke. Trying his hardest to conceal how proud he was that he caused her to smile. “I prefer drummers, if that’s what you’re asking. Have you seen Josh Dun? That man’s biceps are a gift from god.” She rambled on quietly as they entered the crowded home. The music now twice as loud and drunken people were constantly bumping into the two as the made their way through several large and open rooms.

He muttered something under his breath about how he shouldn’t introduce her to their drummer then, but she was to distracted to respond or even be effected by the statement. She was slightly in awe of how many people were still there at such a late hour. Considering most of these people would have classes, jobs, or lectures to attend to in just a few hours. She and Calum were included in that list.

He pulled her closer into his side as one of the guys they had been chatting with had became somewhat assertive and handsy. Trying to pull her away from Calum causing them both to tense up. “Why don’t we get you a drink and find a spot that’s a little less crowded, sound good?” He whispered in her ear, offering her his signature grin before leading her from the main room.

She let out a soft sigh as they finally were out of the room full of sweaty bodies, even if the kitchen was still occupied by a few individuals it was nothing like the living room or the other rooms they had passed through. Calum finally removing himself from her side to grab them both a drink. “You’ve hit the fifteen minute mark and I still don’t like frat parties.” She stated bluntly as he handed over the newly open beer.

Normally she would have turned her nose up at the drink but tonight she was walking on a line she normally wouldn’t have. So she took a small sip and leaned her lower back against the cool edge of the counter top. “Five more minute and if I still don’t like them, you get to take me home and I will never have to attend one again.” She reminded him with a slight smirk, watching as he downed a good portion of the beer in his hand.

He hesitated before moving to stand besides her, setting the beer down and placing his hands on her shoulders to turn her towards him. Sliding his hands from her shoulders, to up her neck, until each one rested on one of her flushed cheeks. Leaning down and in until he was just an inch away from her, his breath fanning across her lips as she started to melt into his palms. Only another short moment passed, just long enough for him to lick his lips and for her to begin to relax, before he gently pressed his lips against her.

The kiss was short, soft and gentle, as if the boy was testing the water before diving in. But it was enough for her to start to feel the bud of emotions start to bloom in her mind. “Did I convince you to stay and enjoy the party with me?” He whisper, his voice just barely above the pounding music and the cheering of people as a group of guys began to become more competitive in their game of beer pong.

Her head began to spin as she tried to find the words, wanting so badly just to say ‘no’ to prove her earlier point but she reluctantly nodded her head. “Yes.”

part one  part two


SO! After 15 months off and on working on this,  the Flameseeker Prophecies is finally finished for my fiancé! YAY! Yes, the first legendary I’ve ever made, I didnt keep.  Saint Katherine is getting closer to looking like her Warhammer counterpart.

Now to help him make the Light of Dwayna and Firebringer and the vengeful sister of battle will finally be complete (weapons wise at least)

Day 6: An intermission crossover you’d want to see >>>HS Intermission x Team Fortress 2

Have to fix and figure out so many things like the customs, character size, how the fuck machine gun works…And there you go, TF2 in Intermission edition.

I consider their classes just by my feels…so this matching may not be very suitable I guess. Itchy is obvious Scout, Eggs and Deuce’s nature remain me to Soldier and Pyro, Slick is because his eye-patch and using swords haha, Cans is obvious Heavy too(I originally try to draw Quarters because his machine gun but uh I failed), Stitch is quite suitable for Engi I guess, there are lots of people draw Die as Medic so why not, I somehow can’t find a proper character to be Sniper so Boomerang take the chance, and Droog…come on he is almost as same as Spy.

you were gentle blue and i was fiery red (together we were pretty purple)

pairing: v/jimin | taehyung/jimin // side!rapmonster/jungkook | namjoon/jeongguk // side!brother!jimin/jungkook | jimin/jeongguk

ruler of my vmin section: vkook (im super proud of it, so i hope you end up reading this b ;v;)

length: 17k (17,423) (lol im so sorry)

warnings: FLUFF, abuse mentioned, cussing

style: no capitalization

a/n: YES I FUCKING FINALLY FINISHED AFTER A WEEK. this is my baby tbh, im so fucking ridiculously proud and in love with this ;;;;v;;;;; i made this so fucking detailed lmao (some things loosely based on avatar / read more link leads to my aff post because of the length)

he moves gently, legs moving around large roots and broken branches, fingers brushing against fluffy patches of leaves and moss, palms moving willow tree branches and patches of hanging vines. others would assume he’s a lost boy looking for civilization, or maybe he’s a little insane as he moves deeper and deeper into the forest, but he knows where he’s going as he’s walked this path many times. a smile plays on his lips as the trees hum in approval to his appearance and the grass giggles, everything getting just a bit more lively, colourful and lush the deeper he gets.

“have you guys missed me?” jimin whispers, giggling as little glowing orbs circle around him and their wings masked by their glows flutter quicker in response, pressing against his cheeks before circle around. “is he in the usual?”

the blue one taps against his nose making him giggle again. “what are we going to do with him, mm?”

jimin shakes his head, smile widening as the grass and moss below his feet glow a mint green whenever he steps down, sparkling tree branches of pink willow trees brushing against his shoulders and jimin lets them curl around his fingers gently. everyone is so nice, jimin thinks, everyone is so nice and and selfless and pretty here.

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