It’s the first time I share such long comic, so I had to separate them :D
In an extremely alternative universe where they both have a lot of fun 😄
I had this idea in summer, yes around 7 months ago, sketched it 4 months ago, and finally finished it today 😵😄 hope it’s worth the wait. I had a lot of fun!

Instagram has the full image

@positivelyamazonian here you go ;)


Yes,  I have finally finished i!
Just wanted to make a comic interpretation how Sans meets Frisk.
Just wanted to show how I viewed the whole cutscene.
And for those who are wondering why Frisk is carrying a knife, well, it’s a toy knife, we all had one when we wore going through the whole game (no Frisk did not kill any of the monsters). They’ll probably will sell it at Tem shop.

and at the last panel I drew Sans squatting like a slav… Well, why not, he’s a meme already… Btw if the last line was a small reference to Flowerfell Au than it’s so god damn sweet.

Pppllleeeezzz support this game by fallowing them @underfellfangame

Happy Valentine’s Day 💚💜


Here my entries for Christmatsu zine!! FINALLY YES!!!!!

I suffered to finish these pages in time (especially with the cover!) But… I’m satisfied with the result =)

You can see and download it here

domestic kandreil (nothing says domestic like napping with ur 2 bfs and some kitties)

OKAY YES i finally Properly finished the aftg halloween gift exchange (deleted the post with just trad doodle!!) im only…………… a month late…….

so so so sorry and thank you SO much for patience!!!!

The Cycle of Unfinished Business...
  • me: Yes! I did it. I have finally finished my fanfic, finally. Just got to check for any mistakes...
  • 2 hours later...
  • me: Where's the sexual intercourse?!?!
  • 2 hours later...
  • me: wait...I thought this was supposed to be fluffy?
  • Another 2 hours later...
  • me: ...okay, I'll save this for like a sec. and come back to it 'cause I just thought of another great AU and I don't want to forget it.

HAPPY(super mega hyper late) BIRTHDAY E-vay!!!

FINALLY FINISHED IT AHAH but yes hrm,here’s my gift for you @e-vay,couldn’t decide between a sonamy pic or a BluexRose ancients one…in the end I did bothXD

Your comics always inspire me so much (not to mention you made me like sonamy way more than before X’D),so I wanted to something special! Keep being awesome!>u<

“Inverse Ambassador, give us a sign-
Can this really be the borderline?
Inverse Ambassador, is this end?
Are you ever coming back again?” (x)

What’s this? A full, finished piece? Finally

So yes, I THINK I’ve gotten over the art block!! This was also inspired by @fuzzykeldeo’s art over HERE so please go check that out too!!

Also this is your daily reminder that I love Yma

[Yma belongs to @loverofpiggies!!]

Presenting… PACIFRISK :D

After a long time of working on it over the course of some school days, I have finally finished! Yes i do realize that the bg is kind of sloppy! But fuck it i have been working too hard on the character anyway!

This character is from the EpicTale AU which I personally lovvveee! ^v^

Time: 2 Hours 

Pacifriskeh belongs to @yugogeer12! I HAVE DONE IT BRUH