last episode in the anime made me think about todoroki’s past,,, this is the corniest thing ive  drawn in a while

Princess Zelda medieval fashion

but he still goes to the summer festival with her and holds her hand and wins her prizes and gets her a goldfish and keeps a ton of cute band-aids in his pocket in case her feet start hurting from her geta 10/10 boyfriend would recommend


Here my entries for Christmatsu zine!! FINALLY YES!!!!!

I suffered to finish these pages in time (especially with the cover!) But… I’m satisfied with the result =)

You can see and download it here

Ye! , finally finished it :> (it took long cuz i have intuos draw XD ) , here’s some fanart golzy ^^ , i really love your comic series aaaaaand this is the second fan art i gave ya ^^ ,your an inspiring person , i even made my very own AU cuz of ya ^^ (CrystalTale) , stay awesome man ^^ ..  hope ya like it ^^ - floatywaffles


Hetalia x Black Mirror Crossover - Wattpad Request

I had a lot of fun doing this.
The Ties That Bind Us - Gotham
By Organization for Transformative Works

Summary: Ed’s been struggling with becoming the Riddler after all the troubles it brought him. His suit lie tucked away but never forgotten. He itched to wear it again but was afraid of being consumed by the mania. That was until a gift from Oswald gave him some much needed control.

Word count: 13,862

Tags: Established Relationship, Supportive Oswald, Internal Conflict, Introspection, Memories, Reflection, Dom/sub, Post Oswald’s Return From The Dead, Oswald Is No Longer Mayor, Masks, Comfort, Metaphors, Headspace, Fluff and Smut, Referenced Past Childhood Abuse, Non-Penetrative Sex, Oswald Is The Softest Dom, Literal perfection, Love and Support, Honestly It’s Everything Ed Needs

Art commissioned from @selene-at-your-service. Thank you so much!

I know it’s a bit late (and I’m not just talking about today) but here it is, as I promised. I know I have a lot to learn, but I’m really proud of what I’ve made here, especially since it is the first time I’ve used photoshop, and a tablet, and painted digitally.

Also please ignore the weird perspective just shhhhhh

(So I know at least one of my followers knows what this is. They were able to guess off the sneak peek I posted a few weeks ago.) I’ve absolutely loved all the art and the fics that @caustic-synishade has done for their circus au, and what better way to show this love than through fanart :D

Anyway. Here it is, finally, I hope everyone likes it c: I also hope you all have an amazing day/night, and thank you for any likes or reblogs or comments (seriously they make my day). Remember to smile today, love you all!