zach stone doesn’t need to be famous.
zach stone just needs to be amy’s.
that worked well. that sounded cool.

  • Varric:Great, we're in the Deep Roads. I feel myself getting dwarfier by the minute. Did I just sprout a beard?
  • Cassandra:Yes, yes. You hate the Deep Roads, and caves, and the outdoors.
  • Iron Bull:And slopes. Uneven ground. The dark. Pretty much all kinds of weather…
  • Thom:Also quiet. Most kinds of smells. Rain. Water in general...
  • Dorian:Orlesian cafes. Taverns that are too tidy. Slopes of greater than ten degrees...
  • Cole:The smell of the sea. "Who made the ground vertical?" Mountains covered in the dead...
  • Vivienne:And Orlesians, Fereldans, Nevarrans, mages, templars, the entire Merchant Guild, nugs...
  • Sera:And everything that isn't hearing himself talk.
  • Varric:Look, I have to complain, or you'll forget I'm here and trip over me! I'm providing a service.

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I do agree this is all set-up for Stan being heroic. I think though it's a bit much to say Stan needs to redeem himself. Stan is trying to prevent himself from getting hurt again by his brother. He wants to not care about him anymore (let your denial SHINE HARDER, Stan) because of how much Ford has hurt him. Plus once the TV is on I'm pretty sure his bubble world popped. It's on Ford now. HE needs to be the one to pull his head out of his ass and show Stan he cares.

Stan isn’t really being set up too much for heroism; the KIDS are being set up to be the heroes by removing all other variables.

The redemption is focusing on Stan’s current selfishness, not his character as a whole. He cares about family, and he’s being salty because he was hurt. He needs to be redeemed of this butthurt to grow as a character. Minor arch redemption of a situation still = redemption.

Ford needs to acknowledge/forgive/thank Stan and not give in to Bill’s temptation. That’s not as much of a redemption and I don’t really think Ford has done ANYTHING wrong this arch so far. He tried; he failed. He now needs saved.

Stan’s the one currently being an ass (surprise surprise). He needs to get his head out of his ass, so that he can be redeemed in the eyes of his niece and nephew.

The end.


I got my package from @illogicalvoid quq and it arrived so quickly (though that’s because we both live in different parts of CA)

I had bought one of voids whales and a vince keychain (since i’ve always wanted one of them) but YESSSS!!! it’s so smol and adorable!

you guys should defiantly go buy the whales. they’re freaking the cutest PLUS THEY’RE SUPER SOFT!! So defiantly go and get yourself a cute whale <3

I’m going to name mine Wade QuQ


me: wtf what kind of evil composer would write this what is this shit
me: *looks at composer name*
me: ah yes… i would write this…… i did write this……… this is my piece
me: haha shit good luck playing this @me

The best of men might not be able to deal with such a situation;

in my years as a doctor, I had seen even well-established marriages shatter under the strain of smaller things. And those that did not shatter, but were crippled by mistrust … involuntarily, I pressed a hand against my leg, feeling the tiny hardness of the gold circle in my pocket. From F. to C. with love. Always.
“Would you do it?” I said at last. “If it were me?”
He glanced at me sharply, and opened his mouth as though to speak. Then he closed it and looked at me, searching my face, his brows knotted with troubled thought.
“I meant to say ‘Aye, of course!’ ” he said slowly, at last. “But I did promise ye honesty once, did I not?”
“You did,” I said, and felt my heart sink beneath its guilty burden. How could I force him to honesty when I couldn’t give it him back? And yet he had asked.
He struck the fencepost a light blow with his fist.
“Ifrinn! Yes, damn it—I would. You would be mine, even if the child was not. And if you—yes. I would,” he repeated firmly. “I should take you, and the child with ye, and damn the whole world!”
“And never think about it afterward?” I asked. “Never let it come into your mind when you came to my bed? Never see the father when you looked at the child? Never throw it back at me or let it make a difference between us?”
He opened his mouth to reply, but closed it without speaking. Then I saw a change come over his features, a sudden shock of sick realization.
“Oh, Christ,” he said. “Frank. Not me. It’s Frank ye mean.”
I nodded, and he gripped my shoulders.
“What did he do to ye?” he demanded. “What? Tell me, Claire!”
“He stood by me,” I said, sounding choked even to my own ears. “I tried to make him go, but he wouldn’t. And when the baby—when Brianna came—he loved her, Jamie. He wasn’t sure, he didn’t think he could—neither did I—but he truly did. I’m sorry,” I added.
He took a deep breath and let go of my shoulders.
“Dinna be sorry for that, Sassenach,” he said gruffly. “Never.” He rubbed a hand across his face, and I could hear the faint rasp of his evening stubble.
“And what about you, Sassenach?” he said. “What ye said—when he came to your bed. Did he think—” He broke off abruptly, leaving all the questions hanging in the air between us, unstated, but asked nonetheless.
“It might have been me—my fault, I mean,” I said at last, into the silence. “I couldn’t forget, you see. If I could … it might have been different.” I should have stopped there, but I couldn’t; the words that had been dammed up all evening rushed out in a flood.
“It might have been easier—better—for him if it had been rape. That’s what they told him, you know—the doctors; that I had been raped and abused, and was having delusions. That’s what everyone believed, but I kept saying to him, no it wasn’t that way, I insisted on telling him the truth. And after a time—he believed me, at least halfway. And that was the trouble; not that I’d had another man’s child—but that I’d loved you. And I wouldn’t stop. I couldn’t,” I added, in a softer tone. “He was better than me, Frank was. He could put the past away, at least for Bree’s sake. But for me—” The words caught in my throat and I stopped.
He turned then, and looked at me for a long time, his face quite expressionless, eyes hidden by the shadows of his brows.
“And so ye lived twenty years with a man who couldna forgive ye for what was never your fault? I did that to ye, no?” he said. “I am sorry, too, Sassenach.”
A small breath escaped me, not quite a sob.
“You said you could tear me limb from limb without touching me,” I said. “You were right, damn you.”
“I am sorry,” he whispered again, but this time he reached for me, and held me tight against him.
“That I loved you? Don’t be sorry for that,” I said, my voice half muffled in his shirt. “Not ever.”

-Drums of Autumn


I was just very embarrassed at being young, probably because I’d worked with people who were a lot older than me from such a young age. And so yes, I think I did playact a version of trying to be a grown-up. Trying to be sensible and good and professional in a way I don’t now. Not that I behave badly or do anything, but you suddenly realise that you’ve set yourself a very specific framework to live within, and that can be quite claustrophobic and unnecessary.

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Why yes I did just watch Poldark. For the second time in a week. I watch it for the plot. So much plot. 

I mean

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The trailer is queerbaiting, it's what the RWBY staff do.

listen to me!!!! I’m here trying to open my heart and let love in again!!! I’m trying to let go of my anger and learn to trust again!!!!!! did we get burned once?? yes!!! but I’m trying, Jonathan, I’m trying to be the woman you met when we were eighteen, I’m trying to remember how it felt when we were young newlyweds and the whole world was ahead of us!!! before the lies and the gambling and cheating!!! I’m trying to save this relationship!!!! the least you can do is respect that!!!!