The only way I can see Chloe getting the bee miraculous is if she stumbles upon it somehow by accident, because it would honestly take a while for her to actually earn it from Fuu imo. So unless we have queen bee coming halfway through the season I would personally enjoy her getting the miraculous through some dishonest means, whether it be her fault or not. She can even just find it somewhere and thinks it looks like just a pretty comb. I just can’t picture Fuu giving it to her even if her personality improves a little bit because it takes a certain strength of character and kindness to have it gifted to someone. I want to see this girl playing at super hero and discovering that theres a lot more to it then having powers and saving the day. She needs to realize that theres a lot of responsibility with it and that her attitude really needs to change if she wants to truly be a help to others, and I think the only way to get that character development rolling is for her to have the miraculous thrust on her when she isn’t ready for it.

Basically I don’t want Chloe to have a redemption arc and then become Queen Bee because of that. I want her becoming Queen Bee to be the catalyst to her redemption. It would flow so much better and give us an early intro to her as a super hero without the character arc feeling forced.

It would also be such a great parallel to Marinette, who also only took on the responsibility of being a hero after it was tossed on her. And I live for enemy parallels.

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Tony finding out that Steve and co are hiding out in Wakanda and at first he's not sure what to do but when he hears that Bucky's been frozen again he sends T'Challa the blue prints for his memory glasses...

I consider this to be canon. Why else would they have shown the glasses in the first place.

And I bet it doesn’t even need any prompting at all. Tony learnes that they are in Wakanda, and T’Challa of course knows about the glasses, and he was leading up to ask for them. He doesn’t want to ask too directly because he understands that Tony has every right to be mad at Steve, but one day suddenly the glasses arrive, with a detailed description about how the glasses work.

Along with the burner phone because fuck Steve if he thinks Tony is going to call him.

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I’ve always adored the idea that Bog is a total babe by Goblin standards and is very much sought after because it so mimics how genuinely gorgeous people can have such negative self perception. That and the idea of lady goblins sighing after Bog makes me so happy =)

Bog King: So Fine Even Fairy Princesses Want To Tap That


If you listen closely you can hear the sound of the Seijou third years laughing at Oikawa

(shoutout to @letsbetrashcans who noticed the wristband in my last kyoken post - I might headcanon the dog as as far out of the closet as they get, yes)