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Since I’m not rooting for Shivika anymore, I found the next best thing thanks to random googling - Annika & Tia ->

@azurelakes OH MY GOD, THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR SHARING THAT WITH ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😂😂😂

“But who am I gonna impose my hegemonic masculinity on? What will happen to chauvinism!? What will I do??”

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That is basically my dream scenario. Both women have been saddled with such sorry excuses in the name of hetero love interests, that at this point I’d pay good money to see the events of this fic come to life. GO BE FREE, MY GIRLS!!! START AN ALOO PURI/REIKI HEALING SHACK SOMEWHERE ON A GOAN BEACH, AND LIVE YOUR BEST LIVES!!!!!!! 😚😚😚 

The signs and their favorite MM character
  • Aries: 707
  • Taurus: Luciel Choi
  • Gemini: the guy with yellow and black glasses
  • Cancer: Seven
  • Leo: Luciel
  • Virgo: the hacker
  • Libra: 7
  • Scorpio: probably Zen
  • Sagittarius: the red head
  • Capricorn: Seven
  • Aquarius: The sad one(not the V guy, the other sad one. No, not Yoosung. The other other sad one. Yeah. That guy.)
  • Pisces: Mr.Choi

Yap, that’s us.