Yet another thing that Fallout 4 dicked over are the Norwegian ghouls of the FMS Northern Star.

From what little we know they were just a crew of a Norwegian cargo ship that washed up on the coast because of the Great War. They don’t seem to know any English and apparently have never left the boat, making them a group of scared and isolated people who might think they’re the only ghouls in the world. When you explore the ship they yell at you to leave them alone.

So naturally they attack on sight and you just murder them all. There’s no warning about this and you can do nothing to prevent it. Yaaay. *slow clap*

How about we actually do some actual fucking writing?

  • If you bring Curie or Codsworth along they speak perfect Norwegian (cuz they’re robots) and the crew is overjoyed that someone understands them. Maybe this can lead to a quest to restore a robot with a translator module so they can communicate with the outside world.
  • If your SS has high intelligence, or has Danse with them (because the BOS would study pre-war military and civilian code systems), they can use something like ship flag communication to at least gain their trust.
  • If you bring Hancock they’ll talk about how there’s other like them out there. He’ll mark Goodneighbor on a map and tell them they’re welcome. You might spot one of the ghouls there after you’ve done this.
  • Piper will remark that she would love an interview if she could understand a word they said.
  • If they see Preston they’ll recognize his Minuteman uniform and express their condolences about Quincy.
  • They know some weird shit is going down at Warwick Farmstead; they keep an eye on everything and they’ve seen ‘odd people’ skulking around. If you’ve done Institute quests about Warwick they will be suspicious of you. The Institute may require you to wipe them out because they don’t want observers monitoring their activities.
  • They were the ones who tried experiments with the anti-mirelurk pulse signal on Spectacle Island until raiders fucked it all up. Once you re-activate the signal and prove it works they’ll share the technology on the condition that you kill the raiders at Poseidon Energy who launched the attack.

Look that wasn’t too hard. Isn’t that nicer than another bunch of mindless raiders?

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I love your art, especially your Parvill art. I feel like you are the person holding up the fandom still so thank you >w<

haha thank you friend!! Whilst i don’t watch a lot of content anymore (uni has me constantly busy rip) i just can’t shake my love for those two goofballs 

i’ve said it before and i’ll say it again, i will go down with this ship

Even Maya knows. You can’t hide it from anyone, Miles. It’s no secret.

Wow I’ve never seen the fandom of a nearly canon ship so badly beaten down as the blacksun fandom.
Kind of sad really.
So many blacksun posts start with “please don’t hate me for this” and things of the like.
Why is it that everyone has to harass this ship so much?
That’s just.
Really rude.
Especially when a lot of scenes are canon shipping fodder, yet you yell at them for accepting it while you like to bend things to fit your own ship.
And I wouldn’t point fingers if it weren’t necessary but.
The bumbleby fandom really needs to grow up and stay in their lane.

No one is telling you you can’t ship bumbleby just because of how things are with blake and sun in canon.

So stop telling people they should stop their ship just because you have the bigger fandom and think you deserve all of the rights to blake.

Shipping can be a wonderful thing if you just don’t worry about what other people are shipping.

why are ppl like “you cant ship jaspis its abusive!!!” as if goddamn FICTIONAL CARTOON ROCKS are a major issue and by yelling at people and shaming them for shipping Fictional Cartoon Rocks you’re making a huge impact. i hate it so much!!! go donate to a women’s shelter or something ship discourse doesn’t help anyone and is stupid as hell 

Right, so.

On and off over the last few weeks, I’ve gotten messages asking whether the fandom drama and general hater BS that has occurred since the 5A finale will have an effect on the show. People asking if they should worry about CS, if I worry about CS, and so forth. I have generally ignored these because everyone knows I hate talking about this and see no point, but I would like to make this post and therefore hopefully settle the issue for the foreseeable future. Because I would like to bring to people’s attention just what they are actually worrying would happen, and how logic works when considering this question. I also know that even well-intentioned, sane fans can sometimes have the drama get to them, as a result of being so plugged into the online community and all the minute-by-minute ups and downs that entails. And so:

Yes, I occasionally do worry about fandom nonsense having an effect on CS/the show/whatever. I am human, CS is something I love and am invested in with my whole soul, and the haters are loud and obnoxious and mean.

However, I then sit down and think about it.

First of all, as has been pointed out, this has been happening since Hook’s introduction to the show, three seasons ago. When they were trying to stop “Once Upon a Hook” when he barely had any screen time, for pete’s sake. If there was ever a point at which the writers were going to stop and think, “Hmm, maybe we should change this,” that would have happened long ago. If they were going to rewrite the story in a different direction that would lead to something other than CS being Emma’s endgame romance, again, it would have happened long ago. The episodes are planned out and storyboarded before the season even begins. They have set out everything for season 5 already, and will be filming 5x16 when they get back from winter break. TV episodes and seasons are not something that can be changed at the drop of a hat. And if you have already locked in one story course (one that with 99% certainty ends with CS getting married at the end of the season), your earliest chance to change anything would be the start of season 6, and… why on earth would you do that after an entire epic season focusing on their romance and their characters and story?

Answer: you don’t.

Let us next presume purely for argument’s sake that one day Adam decided to bow to the Twitter bullies and wanted to change planned storylines or randomly nuke CS or whatever. He would then have to talk to Eddy (who is well known for NOT using twitter for the exact reason that he doesn’t want to deal with haters), convince Eddy to change their vision for the overall show, do the same with the entire writing staff who has been developing and creating this story over multiple seasons, get it past ABC and executives (all of whom are HUGE Hook fans), and then not least somehow get it approved by JMo as well. She has talked about what a close relationship she has with them, about how she’s known since season 3 that Emma was going to be the Dark One, and the influence she has on developing and guiding Emma’s journey as the main character and the one whom OUAT centers around. You’re telling me that even in the completely impossible event that all the above does happen, she’s going to agree to destroy a storyline and romance for Emma that she adores, talks about all the time, and is clearly deeply invested in, for the sake of a few loud bullies on Twitter?


Not even to mention the fact that this show is written for the GENERAL AUDIENCE, which is clearly very satisfied with the Dark Swan/CS focus if the actual ratings/reviews are any indication. Also, the fact that OnceABC’s official accounts post CS/Hook related things a heck of a lot these days? It’s because those posts GET RESULTS. They don’t read all the responses individually. They don’t care if you’re posting pro-or-anti CS/Hook stuff in your own little screed. They just see NUMBERS. Hook is instant eyeballs, instant buzz, instant response. Of course, liking and retweeting and reblogging with support is never a bad thing. Plus there’s the fact, as noted above, that ABC, Adam and Eddy, and the execs, as well as everyone associated with the show, all adore the heck out of Colin. This isn’t a one way street where the haters are screaming at A&E for one course of action with no possible reason to resist or counter them. (Hello, “writer and fan favorite [re CS].”) Adam answered a tweet the other day about CS being the fifth most reblogged ship on tumblr expressing amazement for our passion. What he does on social media and who he engages with is his business. It still doesn’t have a damn thing to do with the actual writing and creation of the story.

Once again, you’re telling me that five seasons in, after having dealt with this BS literally since Hook was introduced on the show, they’ll randomly destroy the story they’ve built for Emma because of a few nasty people on twitter after one episode? That this will somehow be the tipping point? That Adam and Eddy don’t have enough respect for their own story to finish it, that they’d put themselves in the position of destroying their relationship with Jennifer and her input on Emma, as well as telling other actors they might work with in the future, “We can’t promise we’ll complete your story the way you wanted and we thought, if the bullies are loud and mean enough?” That they’d completely baffle and lose the general audience and everyone who has been following Emma’s journey and the development of the show and its story to date, with no actual incentive to do so? If OUAT was struggling and barely scraping by, then maybe they’d have more thought about going in a different direction. But… they don’t. In the least. At all.

Honestly, the haters are threatened. They know as much as we do that CS will probably be married by the end of the season, and this is basically their last chance to get things twisted to suit their fanon. Hence it’s no surprise they’re going all out and being incredibly loud and rabble-rousing. But so often I see people worrying about the show being changed because of them, as if that was something that could just happen at the drop of a hat, and I would like to point out how incredibly, incredibly unlikely that is, not just because of subjective fangirl emotions, but actual, honest, objective, real-world logistical sense. And in that realm, there is approximately 0% chance of this being the case. That’s just the facts.

So please. Block them on twitter or in the tags. Please stop giving these people the chance to control and compromise or dictate your happiness. Please stop reading them or spreading their nonsense to upset yourself or other shippers. They mean NOTHING. Enjoy the actual canon story, and I promise you, your fandom experience will be immeasurably improved.

Sorry, but I don’t trust people that shit on Bellamy, called him white, demonized his character, compared him to a rapist, or titled him “Genocide King” and then suddenly ship him with Raven.