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I wish you would write a fic with an inappropriately timed confession

Thanks for the prompt Anon! This probably isn’t what you were thinking though…


rated T

Katniss dabs on a little lip gloss, scrutinizing herself in the mirror before nodding just slightly. He’ll be here any minute, and for once she wants to look her best.

After weeks of waffling, she’s going to tell him. Tonight. Him being Peeta, her best friend and sometimes friend with benefits.

For years they’ve been inseparable. And though he’s hinted from time to time that he wants more, she’s always kept him at arm’s length, afraid of committing herself to the kind of love that can only bring heartbreak. But now she’s ready, and she’s going to tell him tonight.

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OMGGGG I wrote something! Yay! This idea has been rolling around in my head for FOREVER, so I’m happy I finally had the time and skill to write it :-) Happy Friday and weekend to all of you, here is some Everlark fluff for your enjoyment! xoxo, CC


“Excuse me, is someone sitting here?”

Katniss pulls the earbud out of her ear and looks at the seat across from her, then up at the man standing in the aisle. “Uh, I guess not…”

“Great, thanks,” he says with a smile. Katniss tries her best to ignore him as he maneuvers into the seat, and simply returns her gaze out the train window.

She really enjoys train rides. Ever since she was little, she always lov-

“What are you listening to?”

Katniss scowls and looks at the blond man, who is gesturing to her phone. She sighs as she pulls out the earbud once again to answer him. “It’s the new District 12 album.”

“Ah,” he mumbles. “I’m not really a fan.”

She purses her lips and grips the phone in her hand defensively. “Pity.”

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The Firebird - Chapter 13

Chapter 13: The Longest  Day

To the Fantastic Four helping me with this story - @xerxia31, @dandelion-sunset, @titaniasfics for the betaing help and @akai-echo for the banners and aesthetics - thank you. Thank you for believing in me and in this story, and giving up so many hours to help me make it better.

So… we’re heading into the second half of this story .. I can’t wait to hear what you think about it :) Please do not hesitate to leave a message, or a review :) They truly make my mornings :)

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She apparently didn’t think it through thoroughly.

Because his idea of taking her home was to drive her to her place so she could take a quick shower and change out of her dirty clothes, then bring her to his place so they both could rest and he could keep his word of looking after her, in case she had a concussion.

She threw a fit, didn’t want to go to his place, didn’t want to change, or move, but he had the patience of a saint, the ability to make her bend, and a stubbornness that equaled her own, which was saying something. He made sure she understood that the only way he was going to move from his spot, leaning against her kitchen counter, would be to take her back to his place.

She caved.

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This was inspired by the prompt - We accidentally switched our suitcases from the airport terminal AU, which I saw cross my dash yesterday. And it ended up a lot longer than I expected. Oops!

Red. Pink. Black. Black. Another black. Pink again. Green. Hawaiian print? Blech.

The suitcases continued to loop around in a never ending circuit, all different shapes and sizes and colours. The longer she stood there, the more suitcases appeared on the conveyor belt, as though every person in the damn world had been travelling on her flight. And right now, they were all preventing her from doing what she really wanted to do.

All Katniss Everdeen wanted as of this moment was to get to her hotel, have a shower and scrub the last 8 hours of sitting next to a drunk guy falling asleep on her shoulder off of her skin. And order a meal and a beer from room service.

She glanced at her watch, noted that she’d been waiting close to 15 minutes already. It probably wasn’t all that long in the grand scheme of things, but she’d already seen a few people arrive after her and saunter off with their Samsonites, iPhones already up to their ears as they reconnected with the world.

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The Firebird - Chapter 8

Chapter 8 : SAUDADE

Before you start reading, I want to thank very much four awesome persons : @titaniasfics, @dandelion-sunset for their beta skills - amazings beta skills I should add, and @xerxia31 for her help in the narrative of the first part of the chapter.

And I want to tell @akai-echo her aesthetics made me really emotionnal … it’s like she was in my head, taking the images that had formed there to put them on the screen of my computer with such talent and grace. She’s a ballerina in her way :)

Thank you Ladies, for helping me with my little story. Love you all so so much :)

Without further ado, to the reading.

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Here on AO3 // FFN

“Care to explain what that happened in there, Everdeen?”

Haymitch’s voice echoed in the old corridor, startling the dancers lined against the wall or practicing their moves. But it had no impact on her as she ran in pointes and tutu, heading towards the far end of the hallway.

Katniss had just left the Oval Room, left the audition for Manon. The one she had spent hours rehearsing for these last days, on top of the  usual hours spent at the Arena. The one that went terribly.

She heard him grumble, “Why am I even surprised,” just before she turned the corner, leaving him behind.

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I loved your fic with katniss and her bff peeta with Luke and ari. I was wondering, if you have time, you should totally write a one shot with the night of Luke's birth! You are such a good writer & my heart always flutters when I see you updated :)

Ta-da! In honor of the Mockingjay trailer and because I really need some fluff.

Enjoy, my dear!

Excuse all typos and stuff…it’s been an overwhelming day.

Summary: The prequel to “The Reason”.

“Luke, it’s me—Uncle Peeta,” he said to the newborn. “I just wanted to tell you before your father and the rest of your family come—that I love you…and I love you mother—always.”


The day was hot—sweltering, really.

“Are you okay?” Peeta asked his best friend as he helped her sit down on the porch bench.

Katniss gave him a relaxed smile. “I’m totally cool, Peeta.”

“But, what about the little nugget?” he asked her.

She looked to him, her hands caressing her voluminous belly, and snorted.

“Oh, this little guy is so far from a nugget,” Katniss retorted. “He’s more like a turkey. I’ll never fit into my squad suit again—will I?”

“I’m pretty sure that you’re going to be too busy with the baby to worry about cheer squad routines,” he told her. “So, what kind of ice cream do you feel like? I got Rocky Road and mint chocolate chip.”

“Only you like mint chocolate chip,” his friend said with a smirk. “Bring on the Rocky Road!”

With a nod, Peeta went back into his house. His parents—thank goodness—were still at work. His mother wasn’t too crazy about Katniss being around him.

More so now that she was four months to graduation and about two weeks from delivering.

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