Crayon Color Asks

Bubble Gum: Gender?
Almond: Hair color?
Aquamarine: Eye color?
Asparagus: Birthday?
Cerise: First name?
Dandelion: Middle name?
Leather Jacket: Long or short hair?
Pink Sherbert: Short or tall?
Lavender: Braces?
Manatee: Smoker or non smoker?
Mountain Meadow: Drank or still drink alcohol?
Wisteria: Ever done drugs?
Emerald: Favorite thing about yourself?
Black Shadows: Something you’re allergic to?
Denim: Any diseases?
Raw Umber: Sexual orientation?
Misty Moss: Kissed anyone other than family?
Outer Space: Had sex?
Shadow: Name of crush?
Smashed Pumpkin: Why you like the person you do?
Magic Mint: Number of people you dated?
Steel Teal: Longest time you’ve dated someone?
Thistle: Number of best friends?
Eggplant: Number of siblings?
Fuchsia: Number of pets?
Plum: Still live with parent(s)?
Razzmic Berry: Name of your mother?
Sonic Silver: Name of your father?
Sea Serpent: Both parents still alive?
Eucalyptus: Country you live in?
Salmon: Place you wish to live or visit?
Winter Sky: Number of days missed from school this year?
Mystic Maroon: Met anyone famous?
Dark Venetian Red: Dream job?
Radical Red: Aesthetic?
Malachite: Something you love?
Moonstone: Something you love the smell of?
Bittersweet: Favorite music artist?
Lemon Glacier: Favorite album?
Inchworm: Favorite song?
Scarlet: Favorite book?
Mellow Yellow: Favorite TV show?
Wild Blue Yonder: Favorite movie?
Blue Bell: Favorite restaurant?
Medium Orange: Favorite fruit?
Mulberry: Favorite vegetable?
Canary: Favorite class in school?
Periwinkle: Favorite website?
Black: Favorite season?
Ruby: Favorite holiday?
Midnight: Favorite day of the week?
Maximum Purple: Favorite time of day?
Permanent Geranium Lake: Favorite flower?
Sea Green: Favorite animal?
Timberwolf: Movie theater or Netflix?
Blizzard Blue: Buying music or downloading from YouTube?

okay but Arin purposely learning a few terms of endearment in Japanese just so he can call Danny them, and when they all go to Japan he keeps calling Danny his sweetheart and shit like that, but Dan has no idea what he’s saying. then Arin has to get everyone hotel rooms, and when he does he refers to Dan as his “significant other” or something.

and some lady starts talking to Arin about how they look like a good couple and Arin is just agreeing that they’re cute, whilst having his arm around Dan. and the whole time Dan really has no idea what they’re talking about just because Arin refuses to translate any of it with the smuggest grin (and he even pecks Dan’s cheek B))