I’m selfish, impatient and a little insecure. I make mistakes, I am out of control and at times hard to handle. But if you can’t handle me at my worst, then you sure as hell don’t deserve me at my best.
—  Marilyn Monroe

Αυτό που κάποιοι άντρες στέλνουν τα σκυλάκια τους εσκεμμένα σε μια κοπέλα για να αρχίσουν φλερτ, δεν θα συμβεί ποτέ σε μένα. Σε μένα θα τα στέλνουν εσκεμμένα να με κατουράνε. Σας το λέω από τώρα.

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Haha, I think Gundham broke.


G-Gundham? What do you think? I-I mean…I could be wrong b-but what you said…About how I make your heart beat faster…You do the same thing to me too…

S-So you are saying that this isn’t poison but love that I am feeling?

*voice going high* I-I don’t know about love!

I-I mean I do ! Love you I mean ! B-But I don’t know about you so I can’t say if you do ! I-I mean..!

Aaah I’m sorry ! I just don’t know how to say this !

….*looks at Souda*

S-So…D-Do you have an answer? It’s totally okay if you don’t…Or if you don’t love me b-back…I will just need a little time b-but then we can totally go back to being best buddy and all I-

*slowly puts in hand on top of Souda’s*


I think your understanding of my situation was right…*looking away*

T-That means…?!

I-I might have developed the same feelings for you.

Name: Taehyung

Element: Air

Personality: Innocent boy who doesn’t know much about the world outside of the air temple and trusts others far too easily. Is very empathetic, believes that all lives (even the smallest ones) are important, curious fellow, and loves life 

Appearance: you see the photo right?

Extra information: Is currently traveling with his flying lemur companion Soonshim, draws whatever he sees during his travels, can fit a whole cake slice into his mouth

Backstory: ???

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