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Top 5 haikyuu characters that are not animated yet?

Aaaah yes! There are so many characters us manga readers have met that I can’t wait for all my anime viewers to meet and fall in love with!

1. The Miya Twins. I think that us, as a fandom, will never be over the Miya twins revelation. I feel like they are the most popular manga-only characters, especially after the incredible amount of content we are getting lately. I fell in love with Atsumu during the training camp arc, and now that Osamu is there too things are only getting better. Also, GIVE ATSUMU MAMORU MIYANO’S VOICE, I’M BEGGING YOU

2. Daishou Suguru. I can already feel how much the fandom will spit in half the moment our Daishou will show up. Personally, I adore this little snake. With him, we’ve finally got a character who was a perfect opponent, almost a villain, who showed no mercy, who targeted the weak, who was powerful both mentally and physically, who’s manipulative and not afraid of using dirty tactics during matches. He’s not a good boy, at all, we’ve all been mad at him sooner or later, but this only shows how well written he was. And don’t lie to me, we all got a little bit emotional seeing him again during the nationals :’)

3. Teradomari Motoki. Saw you there and I thought: Oh my God, look at that face. You look like my next mistake. Apparently, I have a thing for buffed and gel addicted wing spikers warning the number 4. He looks so much like Bokuto my heart skipped a beat every time he appeared in a panel. 

4. Hoshiumi Kourai. His style and physical appearance are very similar to the Little Giant, and the manga is already setting up a great rivalry with Hinata, which I’m very much looking forward to. Also, I can see lots of Bokuto’s personality in him and I’m sure that, if Bokuto never met Hinata, he would have chosen Hoshiumi as his own heir. 

5. Komori Motoya. MY GIANT LIBERO SON. He’s so pure and friendly despite his position as the best (and tallest) libero of the series. His is a shared fifth position with our favorite hypochondriac bean Sakusa, because all their interactions are nothing but pure gold. 



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Ask me my top 5 things!

(Thought I’d just write you a quick thing)

Draco worked his palms against his trouse leg repeatedly in a failed attempt to remove some of the sweat from her hands. “So Potter.” Trying his voice into the evening night but somehow the simple two words sounded wrong. “Potter. No… Hey Harry. No that’s not it… I should sound more…” In agitation the slytherin boy sighed.
A few seconds later another student walked around the corner. “Oh! Malfoy. Hello.”
Forcing down his smile the blonde teenager nodes his head in a simple recognition of the treating. “Hello.”
“Didn’t expect to see you here so late.”
A grin slithered its way into the richer ones face. “Really? And where prey tell should I be?”
Whilst scratching the back of his head Harry considered his answer. “Well… I mean… I don’t know… I suppose not outside the gryfindor common room.”
In a jovial tone masking his concerns the white student asked. “Do you wish I wasn’t here?”
At that exact point Ronald walked between the two of them, knocking his shoulder against his best friend’s raising his eyebrows and then headed behind the picture. “Of course you know that’s not the case” Harry’s checked flushed with his emotions.
“Oh.” Draco seemed suprised by the honesty almost as much as the idea of anyone wanting him around. “Well good.” The weight of the conversation finally dawned on him and he smiled. “I would hope my boyfriend would like me around.”
Startled Harry’s eyes widened and he moved his gaze from the ground between them to the person infront of him. “boy-boyfriend?”
“Well yes. I don’t know about you Potter but I dont go around kissing many boys and telling them I like them in all the ways possible… And when I do I hope we are dating.”
Still in shock the brown skinned boy tried out the word in his mouth. “Dating” then his mouth split into a wide smile. “Yes. Boyfriend. I like my boyfriend outside my dorm.”
For a while the two stood and spoke. When they finally walked away from each other Draco looked down at his still calmly hands and couldnt supress his obvious joy.

oh! my! gosh! this is so sweet!! “I would hope my boyfriend would like me around” like aaaah yes this is what i live for. thank you for submitting this, it cheered me up a lot when i woke up and read it!!! draco’s lil warm-up in the beginning asdfghjklk i literally cannot

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I swear people just edit the contrast and brightness when making fun of lapis' color.

Aaaah yes, the “neon Lapis Lazuli discourse” :P

I’ve been keeping away from that (on account that it’s ludicrous nonsense and either involves image doctoring, like you said, or is just born from general ignorace and/or a distinct lack of observation)… but, seeing as you’ve sent me an ask about it - how about I prove it’s ridiculous nonsense for you?! ;)

For the sake of fairness, all of the images have been taken from the same source - namely, the Steven Universe Wiki.  They’re also only images that feature a “neutral” daytime colour palette.  There’s one from each episode that Lapis has appeared in thus far which also features a neutral daytime palette at some point during the episode.

As you can VERY clearly see, Lapis’ daytime/neutral colour palette has always been the same.  And, considering that the first of the episodes shown here (Gem Drill) was aired ALMOST A YEAR AGO, it begs the question: why the hell are people only just complaining about it now, after all this time?!

And just to make it even clearer for everyone, I overlapped two random screenshots:

Nope, no difference whatsoever :)

It’s funny, really - almost as if, I dunno, people are literally that desperate to shit on Lapis and/or the show in general, that they’d start taking issue with things that have never been considered to be a problem for the months that they’ve existed for.

Please feel free to check the images out for yourselves:

Sleeping With the Enemy

A/N:  Ok, so what had happened was, @archangel-with-a-shotgun shared a story about being invited to a ball by Crowley, and then the most recent installment of @icecream-and-gadreel’s smutacular series involved a Crowley scene, and I really should not be held accountable for my actions, after that.

Summary: The reader and the Winchesters infiltrate Crowley’s Halloween masquerade ball, in order to steal a powerful talisman.  Crowley offers the reader a deal.

Word Count: 5,080ish.  Sorry, not sorry.  I, much like my beloved sinnamon roll, enjoy a little torture before the grand finale. 

Menu I mean Warnings:  THE MOST BLAZINGLY FILTHY SMUTTY SMUT I HAVE EVER WRITTEN!  YE WERE WARNED!  Power struggle, demon power!kink, oral sex (female receiving), semi-public sex, Crowley’s magical thundercock, ALL the dirty talk, Dom!Crowley, unprotected sex (do it right or pay the price, kids).


“I can’t believe you made me wear this thing.” You tugged lightly at the crimson velvet of your gown, trying to hike the neckline up.

“Shut up, you look awesome.” Dean teased.  “Besides, it’s a costume party.  Not like you could show up in your usual duds.”

The colonial-style gown was undeniably beautiful.  (Dean had looked so proud of himself when he brought it home from the costume shop.)  It was the kind of thing any princess wannabe would give her left arm to wear.  The problem was you.  You didn’t belong in a getup like this- you were a hunter for fuck’s sake.  The tight, low cut bodice restricted your movements, and while the wide skirts were perfect for concealing weaponry, they were heavy and swished around when you moved, getting caught on doorways and furniture.  It made you feel confined and clumsy.  Not like yourself at all. 

Then again, that was the point of a masquerade, wasn’t it?  You huffed and yanked on your neckline, again.

“Screw you, Winchester.  I look like a Hamilton reject.   How come you’re not in costume, huh?”

“Believe me, sweetheart.  This monkey suit is plenty.”  He adjusted the jacket of his tux, as if the black wool were strangling him.  “Plus, we’ve got the whole mask thing going on.”  He indicated the black velvet domino mask covering half his face.  “Now that’s above and beyond.”

“You look beautiful, Y/N.”  Sam chimed in from behind his golden sun mask.  “If anything, Dean and I are underdressed.”

Sighing, you turned to take in the sight before you.

When Crowley hosted a Halloween masquerade, he didn’t half-ass it.  The huge black marble ballroom was swirling with intricate costumes.  There was a man (demon, you corrected yourself) in a top hat and tails covered with feathers, giving him the look of a rather stately raven.  A giggling woman passed by wearing a tight gown covered in red and yellow sequins (or were they embers?), with what looked like real flames dancing through her hair.

Sam was right.  Even in your tight, swishing velvet, you were so plainly out of place.  So very human. You tightened the strap on your red fox mask, trying to disappear.

“Ok, let’s get what we came for and go.  I don’t want to be here a second longer than we have to.” You grumbled.

“10-4.” Replied Dean.

“We’ll split up, meet back here in an hour?” Said Sam.

You all nodded and went your separate ways.  The boys headed in opposite directions, toward twin hallways on either side of the ballroom.  That meant you got to weave through the crowd.  Joy.

You passed by a buffet table, piled high with fruit, bread, cheese, and what you chose to believe was beef.  You didn’t take anything.  You did, however, take a flute of champagne from a silver tray as it passed, carried by a hunched form in a goblin mask.  Wait, was that a mask?  By the time you looked again, the server was gone.  

You looked more closely at the figures around you.  They weren’t all demons.  There was a faerie queen in a dress of autumn leaves, a crown of willow branches on her head.  She was attended by a knight in orange mail armor, and -yes!- the knight did have a fluffy tail that swished in and out of view as she pivoted, guarding her queen.  In an alcove, sitting on leather couches and sipping blood from crystal stemware, were some vampires who apparently never got the memo about goth fashion being cliche for their kind.  

The more you looked, the more variation you saw in the guests.  Witches, werewolves, faeires, vampires, djin… This wasn’t just a Halloween party for Crowley’s court, it was a fucking state sumit.  

“Now, what is a beautiful creature like you doing hanging about in the shadows?” said a smooth cockney voice in your ear.  You whirled around to face the speaker, praying your disguise was good enough.  

Crowley was dressed in an impeccable black suit and blood red tie, as usual.  His “costume”, it seemed, was a long burgundy cape with a high collar and a matching leather mask shaped like a skull.  Four demonic horns protruded from the top of his mask, giving the appearance of a crown.  Subtle.  With a flourish of his cape, he bowed and offered his hand, looking through his lashes as he said with a grin, “What do you say, love?  Care to dance with the devil?”

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ikkaku receiving a confession by a long time friend or someone he knows by association (like they hang w yumichika or renji or st), whatever works best but...i wanna marry him 😤

Aaaah, yes! Please enjoy!

“I don’t remember you being such a quitter!” Ikkaku yelled as his Zanpakuto clashed with Renji’s. “You’re telling me you’re tired already?”

“Yeah, right!” Renji quipped. Another strike of his blade. “’Just that seeing this fight go nowhere is starting to get boring.”

“I agree,” you and Yumichika said at the same time, watching on with bored expressions. You were sitting cross-legged under a tree, your head propped up on your hand as it rested on your knee. They both ignored you, and you and Yumichika exchanged exasperated looks.

They’d been at it for hours, and they never seemed to tire. The trash talking started while on the way to the training grounds, and hadn’t stopped since. It had all been quite entertaining in the beginning, but watching those two losers bicker while they both tired was getting to be tedious. The only upside to this was that Ikkaku looked damn fine, covered in tiny bleeding cuts, sweat, and dirt, that smirk on his face that showed he was having a grand time sparring with his friend. Still, though, you were getting antsy just sitting there.

“I wanna drink,” you called out, getting to your feet in one fluid motion and clapping the dirt off your hands. It was getting late, the sun just starting to set behind the mountains, and if you didn’t hurry, your usual place was bound to be filled up. Yumichika sighed in relief, moving to join you from where he leaned against the tree with his arms crossed. “You can both join us whenever you’ve finished flirting.”

“Hah?” came the chorused question from both the blood-covered idiots. Before Ikkaku could make his inevitable retort at the thought of flirting with the redheaded lieutenant, Renji sheathed his Zanpakuto.

“I’m in,” he said, picking his way over to you with a quick look over his shoulder at his bald sparring partner. “You in, or not?”

“Yeah, yeah.” Grumbling, Ikkaku, too, put away his sword, and rolled the stiffness out of his shoulders. “I got it, let’s go.”

Picking up a familiar pace, Ikkaku by your left side as he always was when you walked together, the four of you made your way to your regular bar. Immediately upon entry, you were greeted by the staff by name, and shown to your usual table, your drinks already waiting. Nights at the bar with this particular crowd happened at least twice a week like clockwork, and you couldn’t wait to be seated next to Ikkaku to enjoy the conversation, and the best sake in the Seireitei. 

You didn’t know when these feelings of yours started to develop, but there they were one day, and there was nothing you could do about it. You were suddenly very aware of his presence, and of everything little unconscious gesture he made. Th grin he made while he was listening to friends tell their stories, the sly little lick of his lips when he was finished taking a sip of sake, the cool way he lounged at the table, with one leg pulled up as he rested his arm on it, sake cup in hand. Dammit, the man wasn’t even trying and your heart gave a little flutter. All of this didn’t escape Yumichika’s insightful gaze, and he’d been increasingly difficult to ward off. You remembered distinctly the time he cornered you, blatantly accusing you of being infatuated with Ikkaku, all sharp, but encouraging smiles. It still gave you chills to think about how astute he could be.

As the night wore on, the conversations flowed seamlessly, easily transitioning from one topic to the next until you four had been there for several hours. Throughout the night, Yumichika had been edging farther into your space, causing you to scoot away from him…and closer to Ikkaku. Currently, you were practically pressed up against him, so close that you could feel the heat radiating off his toned, muscular body. If you didn’t know any better, you would have blamed the blush on your cheeks on the alcohol. No one else seemed to notice, however, and if they did, that’s certainly what they would have blamed it on.

“Well, aren’t you three cozy,” Renji laughed, eyes glazed and cheeks flushed. 

“W-What?” you stuttered out. “W-Well, that’s–”

“I was admiring how soft her hair was, and was asking about what kind of hair products she uses,” Yumichika said flawlessly. The twinkle in his eye made you squint, but he played ignorant. “How am I supposed to touch her hair without getting close to her?”

“Hair?” Ikkaku slurred, whipping around to face you. He was right in your face, mere inches from it, in fact, eyes scrutinizing you and your hair. Without warning, his hand was on top of your head, scrunching up your locks with a look of concentration. His slid his hand down the side of your head, trying to get a better feel, but it felt more like he was caressing you. “It is pretty damn soft.” 

“Er… Thank you…” You looked down at your lap for just a second, before turning away from him, downing your little bit of sake in the most casual way possible.

“Wait, let me feel!” Renji’s rough hand was suddenly petting your hair, and you couldn’t do anything but sit there, blinking in confusion. He muttered his thoughts on your hair, making the other two men laugh. If nothing else, you were grateful he had diffused that awkward feeling between you and Ikkaku…

The evening continued much the same for another hour before Renji and Yumichika called it quits. Renji had early morning lieutenant duties that Captain Kuchiki would skin him alive if he didn’t show up on time for, and Yumichika’s reasons were less important, but very like him. Apparently, staying out too late too often was bad for the skin, and he would be thoroughly irritated if he woke up the next morning with dark circles, or worse. The knowing wink he gave you when they departed outside the bar told you otherwise, though, and you were left with a drunk Ikkaku to walk around with.

“What a bunch of wimps,” he grumbled, crossing his arms indignantly. You laughed jovially. You were hardly sober, but you had a fairly good grasp on yourself. After the strange hair-petting scene, you’d downed a few more cups of booze, and were now happily buzzed and giggly. “The night’s still young! You’ll stay, right, ___? You always do.”

He was right, too. Whenever this same thing happened in the past, you were always the one to stick around and close out the bars with him. At first, it was just because he was fun to hang out with, and you were still in the mood to drink and have fun. As your feelings grew, however, it was more that you weren’t quite ready to separate, wanting to spend as much time as possible with him, combined with the other two reasons. 

“I love that about you,” he continued after a pause. “You’re fun as hell to be around, and you ain’t half bad in a fight. Not to mention you can hold your liquor, and you’re good at conversation.”

Ah, hell. If went on complimenting you that way, you were going to pass out. Already your heart was racing, and you couldn’t even pretend the pretty flush of your cheeks was because of the booze. Ikkaku showed no visible signs that he was anything but cool as a cucumber, evening going so far as to walk with his hands clasped behind his head while he whistled. He turned to you with a boyish grin.

“Most other chicks would be a pain to hang around, but you’re different. You’re special.”

You stopped in your tracks, gaping at his back as he continued walking. Had he really said that? Was he even aware of what those kind of words did to you? No of course he wasn’t, because while Ikkaku was many things, he was not a mind reader. Having noticed your absence, he turned around with a confused expression.

“Oi, ___, what the hell are you doing all the way back–”

“I like you!” you blurted out, unable to hold it back any longer.


Whatever Ikkaku was saying died on his lips, and he stared at you. He didn’t look unhappy, or uncomfortable, just completely taken aback and unsure of what to say. You felt like you were going to throw up, and immediately regretted your decision. But what the hell were you supposed to do when he was singing your praises like that!? It wasn’t fair that he could make you feel the way you did…

Finally, “Er, really? Since when?” he asked. He still looked for the world like he couldn’t quite comprehend what you said.

“Uh, well, a while…I suppose…” You kicked at the dirt with your toe, staring at his forehead because you couldn’t look him in the eye. “How the hell was I supposed to tell you, though…? I– You’re like–” You cut yourself off before you could stumble over your words any further, still toeing at the ground.

The silence that followed was deafening, and god, did you want to just disappear. It was so incredibly awkward, especially because he wasn’t saying anything. What were you going to do if he shrugged you off? Could you go back to the way it was before? How awkward was it going to be until it was normal between you again? Steeling yourself for disappointment, you looked up, and your eyebrows shot up into your hair.

Ikkaku was still staring at you, but the blush on his face was so severe that not only did it reach the tips of his ears, but damn near covered his whole head. You could see his jaw working, clenching and unclenching as he processed your words, but you were so absorbed by his red face.

“W-Why are you blushing?” you asked incredulously, feeling embarrassed by association.

“Shut it!” he squawked. “Who wouldn’t after a confession like that!?”

“Well, excuse me!” Now you were just annoyed. “If you don’t like it, you can just forget it ever happened!” Ikkaku made a face.

“No way! You said it, you can’t just take it back!”

“Well, then, what?” You placed your hands on your hips, all shyness and embarrassment gone. The alcohol was finally doing it’s job as liquid courage. This was usually how you two interacted, so it was a bit of a relief. “Are you gonna date me?”

“Damn straight!” Ikkaku confirmed, taking a few steps closer to tower over your much smaller frame.

“…Wait, what?” You weren’t sure you’d heard him correctly.

“I like you, too,” he said. He took you by the arm, and pulled you against his body roughly. “Confessions aren’t really my thing, so I wasn’t sure how to say it… I was probably just gonna kiss you one of these days.” He looked away from you awkwardly, but placed his hands on your waist as he gathered his thoughts.

“Well, why didn’t you?” you demanded, hitting his chest with your fist.

“Huh? Why didn’t I what?”

“Kiss me!”


“If you liked me, then you should have just said something!” You couldn’t stop your mouth now, not when all the pent up frustrations of your crush were being released all at the same time. “Or kissed me like you said you wanted to! Instead, I’ve been drowning in these feelings for forever now, wondering if I’d ruin our friendship if I said anything, and you–”

With a sigh, Ikkaku snaked one arm around your waist, using the other one to cradle the back of your head, and smothered you in a hot, toe-curling kiss. You squeaked in surprise, making him chuckle, and he eased his tongue into your parted lips. Your eyes fluttered shut, and you grabbed the front of his shihakusho tightly in your tiny little hands, hanging on for dear life. A little moan escaped into his mouth, and he growled in response, kissing you harder and messier in the middle of the road. His hands in your hair made you shiver, and it was everything you’d hoped kissing him would be, and then some.

When he finally pulled back, you were sure your face was on fire. If anything, the shit-eating grin on his face confirmed this as he placed his hands back on your hips, keeping you close.

“What’s that face for?” he inquired teasingly. 

“Shut up…” you muttered, looking off to the side. He laughed, then released you, but still kept one of your hands wrapped in his.

“Let’s go.”

“What? Where?”

“Didn’t I say earlier? The night’s still young! And now I’ve got my girl to spend it with.”

You rolled your eyes. “I was already coming with you, stupid.”

“Yeah, but now you’re my girl.”

Cheater. There was absolutely nothing you could say to that, so you followed him without complaint, hand in hand, pouting. You got a few stunned looks from some of the Squad Eleven members still out drinking, but you weren’t even worried about it. Ikkaku was all yours now.

he has come out to play - Joji/Filthy Frank

A request for part 2 of the Filthy Frank role-play, which can be read here X Sorry for it being shitty, didn’t know exactly what to write about, but I hope you enjoy it either way. (And sorry for not being that active lately V_V’)


Ever since that day, you stopped spending time around Joji whenever he was filming for his channel. Too much of a distraction for you; you wanted and at the same time, didn’t want, to end up in the same position as last time. The shame of your kink being uncovered by your lover, Joji, has been bothering you ever since then. You never wanted him to find out and yet he did—and he hasn’t stopped teasing you with it.

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Do you think a Rogue of Life could average out the lifespan of a group of trolls with different blood colors?

Ooooohoohoo yes!!! Aaaah yes!!!

Just like, sitting everyone down

“We are all going to live for about 600 years from this point on”

THIS IS IT PEOPLE. We have finally arrived at La Fiesta Tech and are about to take over this shitty campus through the sheer force of our awfulness. Some technical info before I reveal adult Jojo to you aka the wonders of the Komei jaw: a) we’ll be founding the Union Greek House this generation (with whatever money we manage to scrape together by senior year) and then each next generation of kids will be pledging in instead of living in the dorms b) I have all colleges attached to the main hood so we’ll be meeting premades from all of them and c) the heir poll will be held at the end of the third year! SO. Ready or not, here comes the jaw..


Really wish you guys could have seen my face when I turned that camera around. The resemblance truly is striking:

What aren’t you telling us, Victoria??? Tg Daniel and Gunther look as ok as the spawn of Komei can be expected to look. OH WELL. Time to minimize the damage with some college makeovers!

First up, sexy Squidward Jojo, who is wisely concealing his jaw. I did a purple suit recolor for him and didn’t realize how shitty it looked till I edited the pics and was faced with this pixelated nightmare. Sorry boo!


Classic as it was, the full-black-turtleneck look was getting a little old, so I modernized Daniel’s look with this communism-alluding shirt under a military vest. Work it Dan!

-No one works it like the working class ☭

And finally, Gunther, who is looking as ridiculous as always!

-Thank you :D

Loving this hoodie on you, I think it really encapsulates your spirit. Well, judging by the above pics, I can tell the boys are incredibly excited for the college experience!

Time to declare our majors and the fact that psychology has nothing to do with his top artist LTW apparently means shit to Gunther. It’s obvious he wants to major in psych to use these powers for evil. Well nice try, you little bastard, but you’re majoring in art. Daniel is obviously becoming *that guy* in every philosophy class, and I’ve decided that Jojo is gonna go the mad scientist path, so physics it is! Now that this organizational crap is out of the way..’s time to catch up! 

-Hold on to your tits, Daniel.. VICTOR LOST A FIGHT TO ALEGRA




Nice, back to our old tricks. Actually I don’t know how we can be ‘back’ since we never really left them. Here’s hoping that 4 years of college will be enough for the boys to find something else to talk about! Not holding my breath tho.

Jojo is definitely going through something. Hard as it is to believe, he’s actually BFFs with both his brothers and now that they’re all under the same roof, all he wants to do is interact with them! Can’t believe I’m using this word to describe something Jojo-related, but it’s pretty cute. Unfortunately, it causes some unexpected problems..

..because Daniel and Gunther have 0 relationship points, so the whole dynamic is now the two of them… legit competing over fucking Jojo’s affections. In what world is Jojo a prize to be won I don’t even know. God help us. 

It’s our first night on campus aka time to party! We hit the Wasteland Lounge, looking for some good times and some future spouses.

-Aaaah yes.. It’s been far too long since I unleashed my musical power into the world..

Could you go ahead and leash that bad boy back up till there’s a ring on your finger? We’re already playing on difficult thanks to our fucking Komei genes.

-Ugh who the fuck is this?


-LOOOL no way in hell that’s happening.

Stfu Jojo you understand nothing. She’s a rich sorority girl, he’s a broke communist. She has 1 nice point, he has 9. They’re both popularity sims and both suck ass at it. I mean this is not a pairing, it’s a fucking hit sitcom. Let’s chat her up!

-Oh yes please do. So glad I have a drink to enjoy during this trainwreck. 


There we go!

-Hi, I’m Daniel Union :)

-I’m Brittany-

-Ok you got me. I’m no ordinary student.. I’m also.. A COMMUNIST. 

Oh no.

-This is what I’m talking about, look at yourself, so blinded by bourgeois greed that you’ve lost all touch with the struggle of the common man!

-God, I just asked you to get us some drinks YOU FUCKING FREAK


…..Jojo stop smiling immediately istg.

-Calm down, it’s something else I’m smiling about…


-Jojo yes ;)


-Got you, loud and clear.


-How about this exact clone of my father? Finally, a version of him I can stand!


-Mark, your face is. incredible. Especially the nose and the jaw. Love them.

-Thank you! My name is Max though.

-Yea good for you. Would you consider dying your hair, oh I don’t know, red? I also have a wide variety of formal purple clothing that you would look stunning in.


-HA! Watch me.

And of course they have 2 bolts. Amazing. No stopping this train now but I might be jumping in front of it.

Man, this place is lit af. If La Fiesta is the party college I don’t even want to know what the other two are like. Probably literal monasteries. But two secret society members are here and we need that grim reaper phone to resurrect Ronroneo! Time to work the famous Union charm!

I sic Gunther on the redhead..

..while Jojo chats up blondie! For obvious reasons, Daniel has been excluded from the kiss-elitist-ass proceedings.

-I know, nothing better after a long day on the yacht than a nice glass of the blood of the poor! 

-Ha, quite! If I may ask, what’s your favorite year?

-Oh, good question! I’d have to go with the Belladonna Bankruptcy of ‘78.

 -Ah yes, amazing choice! Jojo, I’m going to let you in on a very well kept secret.. The rumors about a secret society on campus.. ARE TRUE.

- :O And here I am all this time talking to you with no ulterior motive! 

Everything is going suspiciously well with these secret society dicks so OF COURSE THE LOT SUDDENLY LAGS FOR 5 MINUTES:

GODDAMMIT FUCKING WITCHES POPPING UP IN COLLEGE BARS WTF. This bitch also hearfarted over Gunther so suffice it to say we’re getting tfo.

We return to the dorm where we eat and chat with this eclectic dormie bunch. ‘We’ as in everyone except Jojo who is eating alone and literally talking to himself:

-Haha, that’s hilarious, imaginary Stephen! Want a bite of my mac and cheese?


We go up to our room for some much needed rest and this guy named Ti-Ning is there so I have Jojo try his luck! As seen above, the results are not promising.


Wow Ti-Ning is NOT having it! 



Well. Looks like we made our first enemy! Took us long enough. You’re slipping, Jo.


Ok Jojo I understand your pride has been slightly wounded-


Meanwhile good ol’ Gunther is rolling wants to get his harem to college.

-No one deserves a college education more than the people who are into me!

Very true, you should look into setting up a scholarship.

And my heart continues to break for Daniel, the unfortunate recipient of the brunt of the Komei cat genes. #cursed

Gunther’s plans to work out shirtless in front of the girls are foiled by the lack of space! Tough luck boo.


How about a more direct approach with obvious business major back there? She’s ~thinking about you.

-How could she not ;)


And Gunther strikes out for the first time ever, ruining our perfect slut-o-meter score!

-I don’t understand. what. is. happening. 

You got rejected by this Young-Republicans-sis. Happens to the best of us.

-But I’m shirtless and everything! This is unacceptable!


God, give it up Guns, you’re throwing junk out there. Let her go.



Oh, YR is feeling it now! Nice Gunther, you might actually do this!


Good to see there’s a limit to how low your standards can go. Now let’s find some poor soul to saddle with your term paper!

-Girl, those clothes would look so good on the floor of your room..

-Don’t you mean your room?

-No, no, yours. You should probably change into something more comfortable before writing my term paper. It’s gonna take a while.

ARE YOU LITERALLY BOOING HER WHILE SHE’S WRITING YOUR PAPER FUCKING BYE.  All this time I’ve been focusing on mega-villain Jojo and forgetting that Gunther here is also sporting an amazing 3 nice points.

-That’s great girl, let me know when you’re done so I can explain all the ways I’m not attracted to you!

-Aaaah… My future in college looks as bright as the sun hitting the desert…


-That’s why I need..

Don’t say it.



Helga wants to wipe that adorable stupid smile off his handsome dumb face for somehow convincing her to actually wear that monstrosity.

Meanwhile Arnold’s having the time of his LIFE, Gerald is laughing at Helga’s pain, and Phoebe is takings pics on her cellphone.

Possible convo:

“Remind me again why I married you.”
“Because you’ve been madly in love with me since you were 3?”
“Mmmeh… :T”
“Because I love you more than anything in the world?”
*deadpan*“Because you knew I wouldn’t be able to survive without you so you took pity on me?”
“Aaaah, yes, that was it!”
“Why you-”

And then he tickles her until she admits the first two were right. What makes it even more hilarious is she can’t escape, she’s stuck in the sweater4two.


This was all @ps118daily ‘s fault, she posted this and I couldn’t resist.

waving-snail  asked:

Ooh the adobe video was so cool! and it'd be awesome if you did the elf au like that imo :) I love your art sm aaaah

Yes I want to!! Though I might just end up doing it in iMovie, since it’s waaay simpler and easy for me to use, even though it doesn’t have as many affects etc. 

fightmetsukki  asked:

ahh i love gorillaz ty sm for making a blog on them !!!! but can u do general relationship headcanons with 2D please??

(aaaah hello yes thank you for being the first person here!!!)


  • a relationship with 2D is like being on a boat
  • most of the times, it’s a nice and calm ride
    • he likes dates on little parks where he can hold a conversation
    • his morning routines are pretty chill and he loves to eat breakfast with his partner
    • most of the times, he’s always up for cuddling and watching TV
  • and other times, it’s an adrenaline-filled rush
    • when on tour, 2D gets so anxious he can end up walking all around the bedroom at 2am and accidentally waking his partner up
    • sometimes he’s just way too energetic and it almost feels like he’s a puppy dragging his partner along
  • but overall, he’s always trying to make sure he’s being an ok boyfriend
  • he likes to watch movies with his partner, of any kind
  • whenever he goes out to the convenience store, he always brings back a snack to share
  • at night, he has a tendency to curl up against his partner, and sometimes out of the blue hug them in his sleep
  • he’s sometimes nervous that he’s not a good enough boyfriend, and apologizes out of nowhere, which prompts his partner to reassure him he’s great
  • whenever he sees someone talk badly about his partner on social media or on the streets, he gets really mad and spends the rest of the day bummed out
  • he insists on making toasts for breakfast on the weekends and bring them to bed to his partner, but it’s always super burnt for some reason?
  • and he eats them like that like if it was normal??
  • overall 10/10 boyfriend, he tries his best
    Don’t Worry Sweetie


    For those of you who have no idea what I’m talking about, read this first. 

    Donald Trump kicks down Hillary Clinton’s door. “Ha, I knew it! What’s going on here?”

    “I have no idea what you’re talking about, Donald. “

    “Well, actually, I think there’s a lot going on here. Let me tell you what’s going on here. I know very well what’s going on here.”

    *Muffled noises from the upstairs bedroom.*

    “Who else is here?”

    “Jon Snow and Sansa Stark.”

    “Never liked that Snow guy. He had such a big Wall and what did he do? Let all the illegals in anyway. Jon Snow is so stupid. I hate him. The Stark girl’s hot, but she’s got no brains. Anyone with eyes can see what a great guy Joffrey Baratheon was. I said Joffrey Baratheon is a great guy and I’ll say it again.”

    The rhythmic sound of a creaking bed invades Hillary’s living room.

    “What are they doing up there?”

    Hillary sighs. “Congratulations, Donald. You caught me. I actually do have my deleted emails right here. That is what’s going on. The laws of the universe dictate that whenever I have an afternoon meeting with my deleted emails, Jon and Sansa have to bang.”

    Loud moans and grunts are resounding throughout the house. Suddenly Sansa gets vocal.

    “Oh Jon! Yes! Yes! Oh, please, yes! JOOOOOOOOOOOON!!!”

    “Sansa! Aaaah-ung-UUUMPH!”

    *the end*

    hetaliankilljoy replied to your post: There are certain moments or arcs in SPN that…

    Now I think about Demon!Dean and how disappointed I was that his story arc was so short:(

    Aaaah! Yes, it was far too short!!! Once you stripped away that layer of “ew” off Dean (party, party, party) he was just a very intriguing character. He still had his own head, he had a moral compass (it seems) and he still hurt the same way Dean did. Like, he might have been corrupted, but he was still Dean. 

    I think it’s also interesting that Dean called himself a knight of hell with some pride even after he was cured. But then he also said that he can’t be that “thing” again. 

    So ambivalent…!

    I would LOVE to read more fics with demon!Dean!! ♥♥