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I am SO hyped for TESVI!! What country would you want next? I think the Summerset Isles would be the best!

Aaaah yes me tooo! But I’m afraid we gotta be patient, even the announcement is still FAR far away :/ But I’m absolutely ready to wait if Bethesda wanna take their time. I mean Fallout 4 is STILL running on the   Creation engine, which is based on frickin Gamebryo, which was the engine they used for frickin Morrowind! What I’m sayin is… I’m ready to wait another year if it means Bethesda finally gives us a new engine.

Anyway! Countries! I think I’m gonna rank them from the ones I’d like to see least to the one I’d like best. Exempt from the rating are Morrowind, Cyrodiil and of course Skyrim for obvious reasons. Also Orsinium, cuz it’s just WAY too small to get its own game.

First and foremost I gotta say that I’m probably gonna be happy no matter which region we’ll get. Learning new things about ANY country and ANY race is amazing to me. It’s just that I’m slightly more curious about some places than others.

High Rock

While I do think Bretons are interesting, this is the place that I’m least fascinated by. Not saying they couldn’t do amazing things with it, but I fear that if the next game takes us to High Rock, it’s gonna be another game full of ye olde European-centric medieval settings, and imho we really had our fair share of that. Also. Idk. If they do High Rock, I really think the fandom’d go ape shit over the third game in a row being about humans. 


While this is another human country, I’m a bit more into the idea of TES VI - Hammerfell. Maybe cuz it’d be a land full of PoC, maybe cuz a desert region would be really interesting to explore, maybe cuz I think the lore behind the Redguards is just really interesting.


I know a looot of people who’d give their left foot for an Elsweyr game, and. While. I. Agree. I’m also. Biased. I’m gonna talk about that later tho. Yes, Elsweyr would be frickin cool. It would be a complete departure from human AND mer culture, which I’m 100% here for, especially cuz the beast races have been neglected for AGES now. Also Khajiit are awesome. And jungles and all that jazz would be really different from what we’ve had so far and nice to explore. I bet the game would be full of fun NPCs and lore. Buuuut I’m. Biased ;D  

Summerset Isles

I think this one’s the most likely option. I see a lot of people discussing Summerset as a setting for the next game and I see both the appeal and the logic. Also I think that right after Skyrim, which cast the Altmer as kind of the ultimate antagonist, it would be really interesting to go to their home land, to learn about their culture and their struggles and to show them from a sympathetic point of view.


Goood I’d be SO HAPPY if we got Valenwood…!! I love Bosmer, I’m super into the idea of an Elder Scrolls game that has huge forests with frickin cities up in the trees! And I mean man, are Bosmer cool! Ever read up on the Wild Hunt? Shit’s AMAZING…! Their entire culture is this hilarius clusterfuck of “look at these tiny nature loving elves they love trees so much THEY WILL LITERALLY FEED ON NOTHING BUT MEAT, SOMETIMES EVEN OTHER BOSMER’S CORPSES so they won’t have to eat plants!”

…Alright that oversimplifies the matter but how cool would that be, to just be part of this crazy amazing culture?

Black Marsh

I don’t think it comes to anyone’s surprise that I’m a HUGE fan of everything Argonian. It was the fact that I could play an Argonian that got me into TES in the first place, and I mean LOOK AT THEM!

Ok here’s the thing. I think we know FAR too little about the beast races. But compared to Khajiit, even Argonians got the short end of the stick. And that’s why I think I’m a bit biased against Elsweyr. Beast races are kind of the underdogs of TES. And if the Khajiit got their own game, I think I’d be a bit miffed lol. Which. Is. Of course. Utter bs. But you know.

Anyway, I feel like the Argonian culture is the one we know least about? And I wanna know so many things!! I wanna learn about their ways, their history, their politics, their EVERYTHING! I wanna see all the places an Argonian can grow up, I wanna hear all their stories and read all their books, I wanna see their cities, and I mean. Not just in ESO. I like ESO, don’t get me wrong, but. You know? 

It’s time Argonians stopped being typecast as poor devils, slaves and criminals in the TES main line games. It’s time we see them in their own land, as families, friends, communities! As workers, artists, authors, merchants, scholars, and as rulers!

…Yeah I got a bit carried away towards the end there but I AM SO FIRE EMOJI ABOUT ARGONIANS OK

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I swear people just edit the contrast and brightness when making fun of lapis' color.

Aaaah yes, the “neon Lapis Lazuli discourse” :P

I’ve been keeping away from that (on account that it’s ludicrous nonsense and either involves image doctoring, like you said, or is just born from general ignorace and/or a distinct lack of observation)… but, seeing as you’ve sent me an ask about it - how about I prove it’s ridiculous nonsense for you?! ;)

For the sake of fairness, all of the images have been taken from the same source - namely, the Steven Universe Wiki.  They’re also only images that feature a “neutral” daytime colour palette.  There’s one from each episode that Lapis has appeared in thus far which also features a neutral daytime palette at some point during the episode.

As you can VERY clearly see, Lapis’ daytime/neutral colour palette has always been the same.  And, considering that the first of the episodes shown here (Gem Drill) was aired ALMOST A YEAR AGO, it begs the question: why the hell are people only just complaining about it now, after all this time?!

And just to make it even clearer for everyone, I overlapped two random screenshots:

Nope, no difference whatsoever :)

It’s funny, really - almost as if, I dunno, people are literally that desperate to shit on Lapis and/or the show in general, that they’d start taking issue with things that have never been considered to be a problem for the months that they’ve existed for.

Please feel free to check the images out for yourselves:

Helga wants to wipe that adorable stupid smile off his handsome dumb face for somehow convincing her to actually wear that monstrosity.

Meanwhile Arnold’s having the time of his LIFE, Gerald is laughing at Helga’s pain, and Phoebe is takings pics on her cellphone.

Possible convo:

“Remind me again why I married you.”
“Because you’ve been madly in love with me since you were 3?”
“Mmmeh… :T”
“Because I love you more than anything in the world?”
*deadpan*“Because you knew I wouldn’t be able to survive without you so you took pity on me?”
“Aaaah, yes, that was it!”
“Why you-”

And then he tickles her until she admits the first two were right. What makes it even more hilarious is she can’t escape, she’s stuck in the sweater4two.


This was all @ps118daily ‘s fault, she posted this and I couldn’t resist.


Ah yes, the distraction that just won’t quit! Usually a great method for coping with seasonal blues, though, so I don’t feel too bad about it.

Found some rotala wallichi at the lfs for the first time, usually they don’t have much for plant stock, so I picked some up since it was under $5. I was thinking it might die on me, but I think I see some new growth in the third picture.

I am also being bad and am setting the spare 10 gallon up as a fourth tank. Thinking of either keeping a single pea puffer, or a school of celestial pearl danios with some shrimps? I ordered sponge filter parts because the HOB filter is way too much. Finally, an actual low tech tank.

Bonus shot of the Marsilea quadrifolia emersed tank that I nearly killed with a draft. I think it’s doing alright.

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Could I request Kurooi for this: Person A leaves their textbook in the cafeteria and person b finds it and they spent 3 days tracking person a down using the book number and now person b is standing in front of person a holding the book and woah the snow makes person b's hair pretty

Thank you for the request and patience! I hope you enjoy it!
Word Count: 4,184
Rating: Gen
Read on AO3 only

“Y’know,” Kuroo said as he clicked his chopsticks together above his bowl, “I’m really one-hundred percent done with this semester.” Kenma snorted as he tapped at his phone, a text for once rather than a game, though Kuroo knew one of his many game apps would be open in a heartbeat. “It’s just so long,” Kuroo groaned as he leaned forward.

Golden eyes flicked up. Kenma sent the message and set his phone down as he picked his chopsticks up as well. “You’ve said that since the semester started.”

He grinned and shook his head. “What can I say? It’s a pain in the ass, trying to get through all these courses and assignments. Christ, it’s like the professors think everyone takes twelve course hours and don’t have jobs or sports and have all the damn free time in the world.”

Kenma blinked at him, chewed his mouthful of rice, and raised one slender eyebrow. “Then you should drop a class. Or quit your job.”

Misty Knight Will Appear in “The Defenders”

    Bulletproof superhero Luke Cage won’t be the only character doubling up in Marvel’s upcoming Netflix series “The Defenders.” Simone Missick, who plays the cop Misty Knight in “Luke Cage,” said she too will be appearing in next year’s small-screen superhero mashup “The Defenders.”

    “I believe I’m safe to say that I will be on ‘The Defenders,‘” the actress told TheWrap’s Stuart Brazell in a new episode of “Drinking With the Stars.”

    “Spoiler alert! If I lose my job because of this interview, sorry! I was supposed to be on ‘The Defenders,’ until I got fired,” she continued, jokingly.

    Mike Colter, who plays Luke Cage, will star on “The Defenders” alongside Charlie Cox as Daredevil, Krysten Ritter as Jessica Jones, and Finn Jones as Iron Fist, all reprising their roles from their respective solo series on the streaming network.

    Missick’s Misty Knight is a familiar Marvel comic book character, traditionally an NYPD detective who eventually gains a bionic arm, thanks to Tony Stark, and opens her own detective agency.

Source: TheWrap

Day 127.

Rodent smooches for and from the cutest Moni. <3

Hope you feel better soon, sweetie! MWAH!  ( ˘ ³˘)♥

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Daddy Green Jack not letting his Little breathe while he's tickling them, ostensibly they're not in headspace yet, but he keeps baby talking them and tickling them, until they're laughing and crying, and they've peed their pants. Which is OBVIOUS proof that they need Daddy to diaper them, RIGHT NOW!


daddy jack tickling them, poking their sides and watching his little gasp for air. they laugh and squirm, trying to close their legs, “dude!! stop!! i-holy shit!!”

“cmon, the widdle baby is so giggly?! aren’t ya? just a giggly baby for daddy!!”

“i’m-” they laugh once more. then the floodgates open. daddy jack smirking as his little wets, the puddle of pee growing.

“well, daddy definitely needs to diaper you. look at your little pee per accident!”

the little blushing and hiding their face, “nnngh, jack,”

“jack? who’s that? i’m daddy!!”

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I dunno much about the current Flash on TV but I remember the Justice League Cartoon Flash, and he always struck me as the kinda guy who would have Slakoth or Slaking in his Pokemon team and he would pet them and give them poffins and say, "You take your time, buddy."

aaaah yes, he really is that type, that’s so cute

(the flash in jlu was wally, since barry was currently Dead at the time, but it still applies. thank you!!)