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hi there! i feel sick from all the stress. i was of the opinion that they writters would only tease the relationship and not actually go through with it but now... now... AHHHH longest.week.ever. i've never been so stressed about fictional characters my entire life. i don't think my heart can stand what's coming. this is too much! HELP!

Hi! Aaaw yeah I KNOW, this week is crazy!! I havn’t been this excited since the week before 2x09, because that was like HUUUUGE and after that the ship really started to grow and it was an amazing fuel for us! But yeah for these upcoming episodes I’m just OMHYGJGKLDGA there is so much to speculate and aaaah god yes. Bring it on! Ah yes, you shall accept your trash! I’ve been into fangirl life and shipping since before I even knew the terms so I’ve been through this ship hell before, but that doens’t MAKE THIS ANY EASIER I TELL U! lol. aaah god gay murder babies giving us all them feels. 

Misty Knight Will Appear in “The Defenders”

    Bulletproof superhero Luke Cage won’t be the only character doubling up in Marvel’s upcoming Netflix series “The Defenders.” Simone Missick, who plays the cop Misty Knight in “Luke Cage,” said she too will be appearing in next year’s small-screen superhero mashup “The Defenders.”

    “I believe I’m safe to say that I will be on ‘The Defenders,‘” the actress told TheWrap’s Stuart Brazell in a new episode of “Drinking With the Stars.”

    “Spoiler alert! If I lose my job because of this interview, sorry! I was supposed to be on ‘The Defenders,’ until I got fired,” she continued, jokingly.

    Mike Colter, who plays Luke Cage, will star on “The Defenders” alongside Charlie Cox as Daredevil, Krysten Ritter as Jessica Jones, and Finn Jones as Iron Fist, all reprising their roles from their respective solo series on the streaming network.

    Missick’s Misty Knight is a familiar Marvel comic book character, traditionally an NYPD detective who eventually gains a bionic arm, thanks to Tony Stark, and opens her own detective agency.

Source: TheWrap


Telephone art collab!! Started this a while back, before weirdmaggedon n such and the theme was to have Dipper and the space rift :3c
Artists in order of appearance are:
1.) @luminovia​/@luminovia-art
2.) @purin-pyon
3.) @arsonlsts
4.) @sharkcuddle
5.) @marmawashere
6.) @what-a-frickin-nerd
7.) @etcgirltheseacow
8.) @hxcl
9.) @farrenlux
10.) @reshii
11.) @ichannau
12.) @helastrash



sevanslcanzate replied to your post: “Is there any art about…”:

you’re alive!

*surreptitiously pats torso in shock*


If anyone else is disappointed there’s been only 100 or so posts so far this month instead of other months where there have been as many as 500, let’s just say I’ve been working on some really exciting projects for medievalpoc that you’ll be hearing about quite soon ;).


the dreamy, autumn town of starloft.


i finally updated my dream address for the second time ever. relax in the autumn rain. be sure to warm up in the houses!

if you take pictures, be sure to tag #katbott. i would be glad to see your pictures there.

yo! as a lot of people wanted another tumblr clique meetup, @red-idiot and I decided to organise it!! 

but what is a tumblr clique meetup?? 

it’s a period of time where you can post a selfie, some art, (or anything else!!) in a specific tag and make new friends in the clique, or just have a good time in general!

ok… what do I do once i’ve posted my selfie/art? 

look for other people that seem interesting and just hit them up! (or, if you’re too shy, compliment their selfie and hope they notice you - i do that a lot)

what do I get out of it? 

new friends, hopefully! most people in the clique are really great and insanely nice, so making friends shouldn’t be difficult :)

do i have to be a tøp blog to participate??  

definitely not! as long as you enjoy twenty one pilots’ music, and/or tyler and josh as people and artists, you’re very very welcome to participate!

what’s the tag for the meetup?

the tags for the meetup are tumblr clique meetup and clique tumblr meetup!! (all the answered asks concerning this will be on it as well!) 

real talk now: when will the meetup be?? 

it’ll take place on the 2nd of September, starting 6pm GMT and last 24 hours!!

 find out what time it’ll be for you here!!

please reblog this to spread the word!!

hopefully there’ll be more and more people participating!! 

if you have any questions concerning this, please let us know by sending  @red-idiot  or me an ask!!