Here’s What Your Favorite Authors Are Saying About SALT TO THE SEA

International bestselling author Ruta Sepetys’ newest novel SALT TO THE SEA isn’t just causing a stir with readers…it’s having quite the effect on writers as well! Read on to see what some of your favorite authors are saying about SALT TO THE SEA:

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34 Young Adult Novels To Diversify Your Bookshelf
Add more color to your shelf with these YA novels.
By Zakiya Jamal

2016 YA Reads by Authors of Color

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American Ace by Marilyn Nelson - Connor’s grandmother leaves his dad a letter when she dies, and the letter’s confession shakes their tight-knit Italian-American family: The man who raised Dad is not his birth father.But the only clues to this birth father’s identity are a class ring and a pair of pilot’s wings. And so Connor takes it upon himself to investigate.

Black Disc by David Ramirez - On the surface, 17-year-old Susan King is a normal girl with normal problems - but Susan has a secret online life as a hacktivist, using the internet to bring down corrupt corporations around the world. Until the day a black disc appears from nowhere and begins to orbit the earth. That same day, Susan - and millions of people around the globe - receive an incoherent chain email, full of lunatic predictions claiming to foretell the end of the world. Susan, and everyone else, ignores the email. And then the predictions start coming true. But what can one girl do to stop the apocalypse?

Burn Baby Burn by Med Medina - Nora Lopez is 17 during the infamous New York summer of 1977, when the city is besieged by arson, a massive blackout, and a serial killer named Son of Sam is on the loose. All Nora wants is to turn eighteen and be on her own. And while there is a cute new guy who started working with her at the deli, is dating even worth the risk when the killer likes picking off couples who stay out too late?  

Consider by Kristy Acevedo - As if Alexandra Lucas’ anxiety disorder isn’t enough, mysterious holograms suddenly appear from the sky, heralding the end of the world. They bring an ultimatum: heed the warning and step through a portal-like vertex to safety, or stay and be destroyed by a comet they say is on a collision course with earth. How’s that for senior year stress?The holograms, claiming to be humans from the future, bring the promise of safety. But without the ability to verify their story, Alex is forced to consider what is best for her friends, her family, and herself.To stay or to go. A decision must be made.

The Crown’s Game by Evelyn Skye - Vika Andreyeva can summon the snow and turn ash into gold. Nikolai Karimov can see through walls and conjure bridges out of thin air. They are enchanters—the only two in Russia—and with the Ottoman Empire and the Kazakhs threatening, the Tsar needs a powerful enchanter by his side.And so he initiates the Crown’s Game, an ancient duel of magical skill—the greatest test an enchanter will ever know. The victor becomes the Imperial Enchanter and the Tsar’s most respected adviser. The defeated is sentenced to death. When Pasha, Nikolai’s best friend and heir to the throne, also starts to fall for Vika, Nikolai must defeat the girl they both love…or be killed himself. As long-buried secrets emerge, threatening the future of the empire, it becomes dangerously clear … the Crown’s Game is not one to lose.

The Darkest Hour by Caroline Tung Richmond - After the Nazis killed her brother on the North African front, 16-year-old Lucie Blaise volunteered at the Office of Strategic Services in Washington, DC, to do my part for the war effort. Only instead of a desk job at the OSS, Lucie is tapped to join the Clandestine Operations – a secret espionage and sabotage organization of girls, and employed to German-occupied France to gather intelligence and eliminate Nazi targets. Her current mission: Track down and interrogate a Nazi traitor about a weapon that threatens to wipe out all of Western Europe. 

Dove Exiled (Dove Chronicles #2) by Karen Bao - Phaet Theta fled the Moon and has been hiding on Earth with her friend Wes and his family. But Phaet’s past catches up with her when the Lunar Bases attack the community and reveal that Phaet is a fugitive. She’s torn between staying on Earth with Wes—whom she’s just discovered her feelings for—and stowing away on a Moon-bound ship to rescue her siblings.

Enter Title Here by Rahul Kanakia -  Reshma Kapoor is a college counselor’s dream, but if Reshma wants to get into Stanford, and into med school after that, she needs the hook to beat them all. What’s a habitual over-achiever to do? Land herself a literary agent, of course. Which is exactly what Reshma does. Her agent wants to represent Reshma, and with scoring a book deal, Reshma knows she’ll finally have the key to Stanford. But she’s convinced no one would want to read a novel about a study machine like her. Of course, even with a mastermind like Reshma in charge, things can’t always go as planned. And when the valedictorian spot begins to slip, she’ll have to decide just how far she’ll go for that satisfying ending. (Note: It’s pretty far.)

Even If The Sky Falls by Mia Garcia - Julie is desperate for a change. So she heads to New Orleans with her youth group to rebuild houses and pretend her life isn’t a total mess. In a moment of daring, she ditches her work and heads straight into the heart of Mid-Summer Mardi Gras, where she locks eyes with Miles, an utterly irresistible guy with a complicated story of his own. She jumps at the chance to see the real New Orleans, and in one surreal night, they fall in love. But their adventure takes an unexpected turn when an oncoming hurricane changes course. As the storm gains power and Julie is pulled back into chaos she finds pretending everything is fine is no longer an option.

Ever the Hunted by Erin Summerill - 17-year-old Britta Flannery is at ease only in the woods with her dagger and bow. She spends her days tracking criminals alongside her father, the legendary bounty hunter for the King of Malam—that is, until her father is murdered. When Britta is caught poaching by the royal guard, instead of facing the noose she is offered a deal: her freedom in exchange for her father’s killer. However, it’s not so simple.The alleged killer is none other than Cohen McKay, her father’s former apprentice. The only friend she’s ever known. The boy she once loved who broke her heart.

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book aesthetics - i’ll give you the sun by jandy nelson
Meeting your soul mate is like walking into a house you’ve been in before - you will recognize the furniture, the pictures on the wall, the books on the shelves, the contents of drawers: You could find your way in the dark if you had to. 

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