I am now accepting custom orders for Gallifreyan and Elvish (Tengwar) items via my Redbubble shop! To take a look at my shop, click here

I am currently taking requests for the following items: 

  • Cases for Apple products (iPhone, iPad, iPod). 
  • Cases for Samsung Galaxy phones. 
  • T-shirts and hoodies. 
  • Greeting/ birthday cards and postcards. 
  • Photographic prints.
  • STICKERS! (buy 6, get 50% off)

Above are some samples of the products already available on my shop. Send your requests here, all orders will be completed within 1-3 days! 

Requests can consists of phrases, names etc. in either Gallifreyan or Elvish and FULLY CUSTOMISABLE! You can choose the colour and layout to suit your specifications.For any questions about your translations prior to purchasing, don’t hesitate to ask. 

I currently can transcribe phrases and names in the following modes of Tengwar: Sindarin, Quenya and Parmaite. I can also transcribe them in these modes: Toralinda, Annatar, Annatar Italics (transcription comes out more cursive), but the waiting time may be extended up to five days.

All phrases and names are translated into Circular Gallifreyan, not transcribed. 

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etsyfindoftheday | SUGGESTED SHOP 2 | 6.3.14

featured shop: vforviu
suggested & run by: viu at haveuever

featured item: ‘ottir hornhatsson’ viking laptop decal

another follower’s shop, vforviu, is up next on the ‘suggested shop’ docket!! viu sent in vforviu within the past few days, a shop that has several adorable laptop decal characters to spruce up your macbook. i love this viking dude, ottir hornhattson, but you may be more drawn to jimmie the zombie or captain onetooth the pirate or even mighty harry the strongman! :) thank you SO much, viu, for sharing your creative shop with all of us!


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