Eskild: Monday December 12th. Watch part 1 of 2: Even woke up at approximately 10.30. I made him two slices of bread with brown cheese* and strawberry jam. He ate one of them. Went back to bed, but yours truly got him out into the living room, played a little yahtzee and watched a little planet earth before Noora took over. Even was in good spirits when Noora’s watch started. Or good spirits, considering the circumstances. Experienced a small positive change from the morning.

Noora: He was completely chill on my watch.

Eskild: ughh, Noora. You have to write like I did. Like which day you had watch and what Even did. then you write down your subjective preception on how Even’s psyche is.

Isak: Thanks. To both of you. Owe you one

Eskild: Explain then Noora, how was Even?

Noora: I said he was completely chill. He slept the whole time. Gave him a cup of tea.

Eskild: It would’ve been more fun if you wrote it like I did.

Noora: Eskild, now you’re acting nuts

Linn: Yes

Eskild: Don’t conspire against me

isak, how is Even doing now?

Isak: OK. We went out to grab a bab*. Out is good. 

Linn: Out is very good

Isak: Tnx again peeps

(*brown cheese is a Norwegian type of cheese
*bab = short for kebab)