A little belated! I wanted to do a bit of a dedicated artwork for our very own Grand King by…. drawing different versions of himself from different AUs, Normal Oikawa, Vampire Oikawa, Yorozuya Edo-style Oikawa… and Demon King Oikawa. In every incarnation, I’d like think he’d meet and fall in love with Iwaizumi each time! I enjoyed drawing different versions of Oikawa! (⊙ヮ⊙)

“Papyrus ?”

Heh, I wanted to draw this for a while !!

Also, I’ll be on hiatus until the the end of the next week-end, then no stream and not a lot of post, since I dunno if I’ll have internet where I’m going ^^’ If yes, I’ll try to answer the asks and reblog and post some stuff, cause heck yeah, I’ll continue to draw, can’t survive without this anyway !
Then see ya all guys, take care ~

So here’s the thing

In the last 24 hours I went from;

Rooting for Jody because they where going to go after Paul & Friends™

To rooting against Jody for having all of the power and choosing to go after Josh instead

To rooting for Paul & Friends™ for choosing to save Josh and see the fallout amongst the house and Jody after they receive another blindside

To realizing I just said I’m rooting for Paul & Friends™ and deciding to quit everything


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