ya lit meme 8 otps (2/8)

andrew x neil

“Andrew, they want to take me away from here. They want to enroll me in the Witness Protection Program so my father’s people can’t find me. I don’t want—" he started, but that wasn’t fair. “If you tell me to leave, I’ll go.”
He didn’t say it would kill him, but he didn’t have to. Andrew hooked his fingers in the collar of Nathaniel’s sweatshirt and tugged just enough for him to feel it… 
“You aren’t going anywhere,” Andrew said: the same words, the same promise.

HELLO FRIENDS. i haven’t made one of these in a while, at least in several months. in which since, i’ve archived my old blog and revamped quite a bit. i’ve made so many new friends, but have also seen lots of old ones still around nowadays. i don’t have any particular reason for making this other than for recognizing some amazing, beautiful blogs and muns which i consider friends and fantastic roleplayers. because sometimes ya just gotta recognize. i love you all so much, and thanks for sticking around as my followers, mutuals, and friends and loving on bella with me. this is also lowkey a call-out to all my mutuals to fucking rp with me. hit me up, leave me a message – let’s actually thread!! 

THE INNER CIRCLE. for bae’s.

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SPECIAL RECOGNITION. for those i’ve known a long ass time, and blogs i really love.

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Ease My Mind

Bias: Min Yoongi (Suga)

Type: Biker!AU, Smut

Song: Ease My Mind - Radio Birds

TW: Drugs and alcohol mentions.

A/N: i watched road to paloma and this happened im never doing this again. also (y/f/n) = your full name !

He was a man full of bad ideas and cigarette smoke and you were a woman with scarce boundaries and careless intentions. If you mix the two of these people together, you end up with a tangle of limbs in a gas station bathroom that reeked of marijuana and tequila. Yoongi wanted a memory and you wanted a friend.

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