sometimes yall are so fucking disgusting

yall seriously ran Amandla off tumblr! She is 16! and what she said about the minions and college tuition was TRUE!!! The point was in front of yalls faces and it went right over your fucking heads im so fucking pissed!

yall attacked a 16 year old!! Yall constantly scream “protect black kids/children” and yall do this??! WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YALL? last week yall were praising her for commenting on kylie’s ugly ass wig instagram post and now yall ready to fight her cuz YALL missed the point fuck outta here!


fuck these petty niggas is a bitch motto 😈

to follow up on my chat post, and because i know i have a lot of younger followers who may not be as intimately familiar with how older fandom circles worked before tumblr was on the radar, older places like LJ and even dA and whatnot tended to deal a lot with homophobic fans using fan-adopted language like “slash” and “yaoi” and things to sort of justify their homophobia to seem just like a normal preference.

like you could just straight up say “oh i dont like slash, i think its icky!!” instead of “seeing gay people and acknowledging their relationships makes me uncomfortable and angry and i dont want my fan content to be tainted with the homo” and no one could fight you on it because oh, you’re werent being mean or anything!!! its just a preference!!!

this behavior and language kinda altered depending on what fanbase it was or what website you were on, but that was the general consensus in a lot of the bigger ones, especially on LJ, and especially with older/more mature fans on there. (because younger fans were starting to gravitate more towards dA instead, hence why i think dA is sort of infamous for being yaoi heaven.) and if you went against it, or really LIKED seeing gay pairings, you were one of the "crazy” yaoi fangirls and immature and going against canon and author intentions and blah blah blah. 

so idk i guess my bottom line is, assholes can whine about sjws and fangirls “ruining” fandom spaces and series by making everything gay and trans and not white and everything else all they want, but goddd it is SOOO much better than it used to be. this freedom is liberating!!!