Feeling this real hard

I just realize I’ve never posted a selfie on this blog.  So here’s a snapchat of me from today, with straightened hair, wearing a christmas sweater I found at a goodwill, listening to an online lecture and understanding none of it

anonymous asked:

yall are like 30 years old and getting all fussed about a 16 y/o?? why don't you act like an adult and just disengage? this is so creeping seeing a bunch of grown ass adults flock to """"""'call out"""""""" a kid over shit that's not even a big deal.

See, no, it is a big deal though. Otherkin and fictionkin isn’t some kind of hobby, it is a spiritual and psychological belief that is an important part of a lot of people’s core identity, mental health and wellbeing.

Spreading rumors, lies, and hate, and attacking members of the kin community is a big deal. It poisons the well, metaphorically speaking. People whose beliefs are actually important to them need to be defended from behavior like this, and these views need to be proven wrong.

On tumblr, people can’t instantly see your age. A 16 year old’s post carries a much weight as a 30 year olds, on the surface. At a glance, all posts are equal, and for most tumblr readers, that’ s all a given post gets, a glance.  To an outsider, or casual member of the kin community, Crowheckers posts carry as much weight and validity as anyone else’s.

Except that crowhecker’s posts are toxic. They confuse outsiders, and bring hate to the community. They harm the psyches of those kin that crowhecker attacks and invalidates, and his attacks encourage more hate and invalidation.

The kin community is already contentious and derided. We can’t allow trolls and harassers to spread hate and misinformation. It doesn’t matter how old the people doing it are.