@nikaisawesome what are you even talking about,,,

my post was about the fetishisation of trans people by cis people which happens /all of the time/. If you’re a trans woman, you’re instantly a “YAAAAAS QUEEN SLAY ME OMG 😩💅🏻💦”, and if you’re a trans man you’re instantly “precious flower prince can do no wrong uwu”

my post wasn’t even even angry anyway. it was reactionary. if you cant tell the difference then that’s your problem.
also i highly doubt you constantly see trans people bitching that someone didnt get their gender right. they might be sad (because it causes dysphoria) but not angry. the only time a trans person will react angrily at being misgendered (unless they’re just an asshole) is if the person misgendering them is doing it intentionally to cause distress. (ie they’ve already been corrected and they dismiss the corrections)

we just don’t want to be fetishised, mate. acting like the examples in my post is /not/ being nice to trans people. it’s incredibly hurtful. not every trans woman is some alt-drag queen and not every trans man is a flower fairy prince who needs to be protected at all costs



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idk why but this photo makes me happy. probably because they look so happy here and they are smiling and i just want this back pls