“Help Wanted is a slice of life/romantic comedy story about recent college graduate Anne Black.

In an attempt to get out of the small town she grew up in, she moves to Minneapolis, Minnesota, where she takes the first job she can get her hands on – Live-In Caretaker at the Lynnhurst House.

Her new home, however, is much more than she bargained for. Between the eccentric tenants, her cute, flirty boss, and the mysterious happenings on the property, Anne begins to suspect the Lynnhurst House is not your normal apartment building.”

Hey everyone!!! welcome to help wanted! this is just a place holder until the actual comic starts updating. please check out the about page and feel free to send me an ask at my personal/art blog, catuallie! im so excited to share this story with you guys! my roommate/best friend (@saltysalmonella) have put a lot of hard work into creating this universe. 

Anyway! love you! see you again in June!