YA science fiction


Theonite by M. L. Wang

Power means different things to different people. For poets and politicians, words are power. For some, money is power. For most of Earth’s history, weaponry and resources have constituted power. My grandfather always told me—and I believed for many years—that knowledge was power. But the funny thing about power is that no matter what you think it is, or how much you think you have, it’s the people above and all around you who get the final say.”

Reasons to read the THEONITE Series:
  • Superheroes of color (lots of them)
  • A West African-dominated universe as expansive as the world of Westeros and better researched than any iteration of Wakanda
  • A female protagonist with no love interest
  • A fully realized conlang based on West African languages instead of European ones 
  • Superpowers
  • Superpowered warfare
  • Superpowered lacrosse
  • 10+ years of research on West African (mostly Mande) culture (also world history, linguistics, anthropology, martial arts, and too much other stuff to list here)
  • A fantasy world that provides healthy escapism for readers of color and healthy self-criticism for white readers
  • Space travel
  • Characters of all different sexualities
  • Talking holograms
  • Heart-gouging tragedy
  • An instant custom clothes printer
  • A society in which women are equal to if not favored over men in all professions and positions of power
  • Kid crime-fighters who can’t catch a break
  • Ice katanas
  • The power of friendship
  • An immortal cat

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Day 27: The Internet Made Me Read It 

Here are just a fraction of the books and series that the internet - more specifically, booklr - made me read. There are more but these are some of my very favorites. :) 


The only thing scarier than finding out you have world-changing superpowers is finding out you aren’t the only one.

– M. L. Wang, Theonite


Have you been asking your friends and local librarian for a good circus read? Are you tired of being recommended The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern? Have you read The Night Circus for the two-hundred-trillion-billionth time because you absolutely can’t find anything else to read?

Well have I got a list for you!

Sprinkled with magical realism, fantasy worlds, and even some heavy life lessons, these circus reads are sure to please. Whether it’s an old family curse to be broken, a life to escape, a mechanical troupe in a world on the verge of war, or even time to take control of your destiny–perhaps you can find it here under the Big Top.