What YA characters are really thinking: Mare from RED QUEEN edition.

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➵ “Becoming fearless isn’t the point. That’s impossible. It’s learning how to control your fear, and how to be free from it.”

Paper Towns — Chapter 1

The longest day of my life began tardily.

But pompously, I notice. Aside from that, though, it’s relatively standard teenager routine for a school day.

Yet it’s apparently very important that we know every detail of it, including who usually drives him to school (his best friend, who always arrives at school half an hour early for some reason) and a whole bunch of stuff that doesn’t happen by virtue of Quentin being late.

Is there a point to telling us this now instead of showing it later?

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After Hours by Claire Kennedy

Genre- Young Adult

Publisher- Simon Pulse

Release Date- June 16th      

Rating- ✮✮✮☆☆

I received a copy of this book in exchanged for a honest review. In no way did the author or publishing company influence my review. For info on my book reviews click here

What would you dare to do for money?
Isa, Xavi, Peter, and Finn all have secrets. While waiting tables at the classy Waterside Cafe, they will do anything to keep those secrets, all while working against each other in the game of Tips; after all, the winner makes more money than being a waiter ever could. But what secrets will come out in the meantime?

I shouldn’t have liked this book; there wasn’t any character connection, there was a lot of the rough, gritty details I don’t like in books. And yet I really enjoyed this book! Maybe it’s because I work in a restaurant? (although, my job doesn’t have a creepy dude running it, thank God, and none of us are prostitutes. That I know of….)

Like I said, we had no character connection. I didn’t really like any of the characters too much, although if I had to pick one I’d pick Peter or Isa. Peter seemed like a nice guy, although he should have been smarter about… well, to stay away from spoilers let’s just say at protecting. Isa seemed pretty cool, although I thought she was way too overdramtic about her “secret”. I did feel sorry for Xavi, who goes through something terrible in order to get enough money to get her dreams. And I even felt a little sorry for Finn, who has a secret much worse than Isa’s.

Kennedy did a great job at writing with switching POVS. Each character had a good voice, so I never had to go back and check to see who was narrating. The Tips game sounded really interesting. If we played it at work, I think I would do it. The author was really good at making it seem like something that you’d want to do but be a little afraid of it at the same time.

Usually, I decided if I like a book or not based off the characters. But After Hours is plot driven, and the plot is so good that I don’t really mind missing out on the characters. The plot defiantly has a few twist that keep you reading. I also thought it was refreshing to read a book that take place at a workplace, instead of a school. It seems like most YA takes place in schools.

I defiantly recommend it.


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His eyes are two warnings, full of everything he wishes he could say out loud.
—  Marie Lu, Prodigy

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