don’t be afraid to let them show
your true colors
true colors
are beautiful
like a rainbow

Reasons why u should watch the b99 golden globes win video if ur feelin’ down (or just whenever tbh):

- Andy Samberg’s voice is like two octaves higher than normal its amazing

- Seth Meyers looks like he’s having The Time Of His Life

- (like everything he’s ever done has led up to This Moment)

- Andy Samberg’s voice is like?? two WHOLE octaves higher than normal I’m s o

- Joanna Newsom is so beautiful man u should watch it just to gasp at her beauty

- Andy Samberg’s voice is like two octaves higher than normal???

- Melissa Fumero is literally bouncing up and down in her seat she’s so excited for her pal I die

- Sambs’s voice is tw O o ctaves higher tha N nor m Al

- Seth Meyers’ little “this is the best night ever” before he announces the winner

- there are several voice cracks in that thank you speech oh gosh

- Melissa Fumero is also V beautiful u can gasp over her too

- Andy Samberg is so genuinely surprised and shocked that his voice is literally /two octaves/ higher than usual and I’m not sure if its absolutely hilarious or lowkey adorable

- both tbh

- both

Relax, it's just a shirt!


TONS of submittable comments here!

OP: “Submission: so about a month ago I saw this t shirt advertised on the Topshop website and was immediately offended by the imagery and decided to submit an argument to the company in order to persuade them to stop selling the shirt…”



A shirt like this acts like a rorschach test, and ends up revealing more about the person reading it than anything.  It makes no clear statement about anything, passes no clear value judgment, and creates no clear association.   Anything you read into it is just your own mind vomiting meaning onto it.


I’m sorry, but I feel Angry Customer here is wrong in most aspects of her letter, and I’ll try to detail why.

Is the shirt design ignorant? Well yes, if it does label as “Navajo” something that doesn’t belong to the Navajo culture. That’s about the only thing Angry Customer got right.

Is it racist? I can’t see how. It makes absolutely no race commentary whatsoever. Is it insulting to one or more cultures, then? I don’t think so.