Y Gallery

Artist Talk: Saturday Feb 16, 6-8p:

 Cal Schenkel, Arturo Vega, Gaspar Orozco

Y Gallery, 165 Orchard St., NYC

The artists will discuss their work in conversation with poet & punk Gaspar Orozco as part of the exhibition METAL COYOTE. Cal Schenkel is most well known for creating several of Frank Zappa´s album covers including We Are Only in it for the Money, Cruising with Ruben and the Jets, Unlce Meat, Burnt Weeny Sandwich, and The Grand Wazoo, among others. Arturo Vega is an artist and music producer. The logo he designed for The Ramones has achieved international recognition and has been pirated all over the world. His painting is influenced by pop and is very much interested in exploring the concepts of commerce and capitalism. Gaspar Orozco founded the punk band Revolución X during the 1980s in Chihuahua, Mexico.

just opened:

 curated by Anne Huntington

Y Gallery, 165 Orchard St., NYC

This show exhibits five Mexican artists whose works uniquely connect to the process of the object: the before and the after, in a dynamic and transformative way… including works by Mauricio Limón, Quirarte & Ornelas, Omar Rodriguez-Graham, Moza Saracho and Marela Zacarias.   - thru July 31

Opens July 18, 6-9p:

Limbo Express
 Ulrike Theusner

Y Gallery, 165 Orchard St., NYC

German artist Ulrike Theusner’s first solo show in New York. Through black and white ink drawings and oil painted canvases Ulrike represents the “Limbo’, the unknown grey area between existences here populated by bizarre whimsical creatures and situations. - thru Aug 4

It is of the opinion of the object head admins that Y! Gallery is a piece of shit and should be avoided

They suspended one of the OBJHead admins for having object head art, because they are not considered “humaniods”, and then proceeded to wipe their gallery of all object head art.

Which is stupid because they allow robots and furries.

So be careful about posting your object heads there.

That is all.


Life is all about balance, work hard and play hard. Clearly Nicole is capable of both. As I got to hang out and document her life at her place preparing for her show that recently just happen at the Y Gallery “Portraits of Orgin” solo show.

Good times and best of everything. also excuse the blurriness as I was testing out a old film camera..  

more photos to come..

M&TC: Rock out with us tomorrow night at the opening of METAL COYOTE at Y Gallery. A group show on “rock’ n roll” showcasing international artists including Mexican heavy weights in the ranks of legendary, Arturo Vega, mastermind behind The Ramones imagery, celebrated Mexico City mix media artist Moris, Luna Avín of the San Francisco based DJ collective Club Unicornio, and the all Mexican inspired collab, Los Jaichackers, by LA artist Eamon Ore Giron and San Francisco artist Julio Morales, they curate music programs tracking down the global DNA of emerging street and club music in Mexico, the border, and the Mexican diaspora in the US and abroad.

METAL COYOTE curated by Aldo Sanchez
January 18 - February 17, 2013
Opening reception: Friday January 18th, 6 - 9 pm
Los Jaichackers, Brad Kahlhamer, Juan Luna Avín, Julio Morales, Moris, Eamon Ore Giron, Aurie Ramírez, Cal Schenkel, Arturo Vega Y Gallery / 165 Orchard Street / New York, NY 10002

Coyote as a U.S.A. and Mexican icon. Figure present in the rock´n roll imagery. Metal as a creaking sound, like a fork against a knife.