Stuff i’d like to see in the third GG Xrd

If there even will be one

Wishful Thinking Ahead:

  • Baiken
  • More Stages at Night
  • More Stages at morning
  • Playable Baiken
  • Different Sets of palletes for Elphelt’s skins, so you can truly fight default edgy El vs Default waifu El
  • English Dub
  • A Classic tune for each (returning) playable character and rivarly theme
  • An Option to disable Ride the Fire and/or Holy Orders III (it gets really annoying in MOM, and sometimes i just wanna go the whole fight with one music!)
  • If RTF is turned off, it can be selected as the battle BGM normally
  • The BlazBlue Palletes from GGXXACPR back
  • Baiken
  • The Announcer actually saying SURRENDERED when you use Dizzy’s IK
  • A That Man System voice
  • Baiken playable complete with a System voice
  • An option to use Random Playlist/Stage in Arcade Mode
  • A Classic Arcade mode with no cutscenes, and the boss fight is chosen at random, unlocked by beating the normal one
  • Songs and stuff can be unlocked by doing stuff in game, not just from Buying them
  • Option to choose a different Color Scheme for Normal Sol and DI Sol
  • Baiken Playable
  • Extra Costumes: Sol’s Jacket, Venom’s Suit, Zato’s Coat, and Dizzy’s home outfit.
  • Option to play as Ky with his hair down from the start of the battle.
  • A Volume bar for each character so i can mute Jam
  • Did i mention Baiken? I don’t even play as her but i need her to be playable either way
  • Zappa or Robo-Ky would be cool aswell


Since the PC version of Xrd came out on Steam, I decided to capture Sol’s standing animation and make a transparent gif of it!! It took a long time so I just worked on it slowly during my free time. I love that most of the textures are just flat colors, so you can practically upscale his model without losing quality at all. This is what the size of his sprite is at 2560x1440!