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since its pride month can we get a shoutout to marvels lgbt characters please and thank you :)))

Absolutely! Here’s just a few of Marvel’s LGBT characters. From the top - Ms America, Iceman, Wiccan, Deadpool, Mystique, Moondragon, Shatterstar, Rictor, Daken, Phyla Vell, Northstar, Karma, Karolina Dean, Hulking, and Anole!
Ian McKellen Shares Thoughts On A Gay Superhero Movie
When it comes to Hollywood’s superhero films, the genre is just starting to dive into [...]

“Frankly, looking at some of the images of these superheroes, I’m surprised to know that they’re not gay…It’s the reason I played Magneto; I wanted to look like that.”

“I would think Marvel is a very responsible publishing house who came up with X-Men - which is a political story about life as it is lived by minorities of whom mutants are a prime example - would respond very favorably to the idea of having a gay or bisexual or transgender superhero. Can you imagine because of it all the wonderful complications of the story - mistaken identities, etcetera etcetera,” the actor explained.


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Gwen Poole mysteriously escaped from our universe to join the Marvel Universe! And her knowledge of comics has allowed her manipulate the very panels she walks in! But as everyone knows, “With great power…” yadda, yadda, yadda… Er…who’s that evil-looking version of Gwen, anyway?
32 PGS./Rated T+ …$3.99


Peter Maximoff x reader where there’s a huge storm at the mansion and the power get shut off and the new x men and the reader play sardines in the dark mansion and the reader scares the x men a lot but then it turns super fluffy between Peter and the reader in a dark corner and peter starts to get touchy and you can decide if you want to do a smut or just general fluff?? you don’t have to if you don’t want to

This is a sweet idea, i’ll just keep it fluffy if that’s alright? Thank you so much for requesting. I hope you like it

Peter maximoff x gender neutral reader

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The rain pelted against the windows, like tiny bullets, as the humid air hung heavily around the mansion, making the mutants within its walls unusually sluggish. Most of them held up in their separate rooms, fans on full blast, as they lay on their beds, trying in vain to get at least some relief from the muggy weather.

You on the other hand were desperately on the hunt for ororo, about ready to beg if she could at least put the oncoming storm on hold, just for the time being.

As you reached the common room doors, the very first clap of thunder rumbled through the old house, making you fumble with the door handle, finally bursting in, as the flash lightning chased after its partner. The pitch black room filled with startled screams, as the occupants whipped their heads around to find the monster lurking in the darkness.

“y/n?’ jubilee asked as she blinked into the pitch black room, before producing a bright pink ball of light in her small hand. “Ororo, could you hold this off?’ you whimpered as you visibly shook from fear, the white haired girl stood, making her way to you, resting her soft hands on your shaking shoulders, ‘ l’m sorry I can’t, it’ s not going to last long’ she reassured, remorse clear in her beautiful deep brown eyes.

“hey why don’t we play sardines or something, it might take your mind off it sweets’ Peter suggested, his voice slightly softer than usual, a fond smile at his lips. “not it’ jean, Scott, Kurt, you jubilee and ororo all called while poking your noses, making peter groan, before he sped off to hide.

“29 30, ready or not here we come’ jubilee called giggling slightly as she did, before you split up, ready to hunt for the silver speedster. Despite your unease, you still knew your dearest friend better than most, resulting in you heading straight for the kitchen, feeling your way there in the pitch black.

“sweets’ a soft whisper reached your ears, from the bottom cupboard. You let out a shaky chuckle as you pulled the door open, to find peter curled up inside, amongst the dried pasta and tins of soup, before you joined him, pulling your into his warm chest. He could feel you shaking as he stroked patterned into the bare skin of your arm,’ you’re alright, I won’t let anything hurt you’ he mumbled into your hair, before another deafening crack of thunder racked through the mansion, making you yelp and cling tighter to the soft material of Peters t-shirt.

Rifling through his jacket, he found his tape player,  and nestled the spongy headphones on your ears, pressing the stiff play button, a soft slow song flooded your ears as Peter began to sway with you, in your cramped seated position, cheek resting on your hair as he continued to stroke your arm rhythmically.


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Charles Xavier x Reader x Erik Lensherr

- Erik has icy cold hands
- he puts his hands on your tummy or thighs to wake you up
- because he’s an asshole
- he did it to Charles once and he screamed and fell out of bed
- Erik then fell out of bed laughing
- “Why are you two like this?”
- Charles will wake you and Erik up with a forehead kiss and a mug of covfefe coffee or tea
- “Good morning, loves.”
- your relationship isn’t public yet, but rumors fly at Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters
- everyone (including the teachers) has bets placed on who’s dating who
- Peter is the only one who bet on a poly relationship
- the three of you find out about this betting pool and agree to announce your relationship if you all split the money four ways
- Charles calls an assembly to tell the school
- “It has been brought to my attention that there have been rumors going around regarding the possible relationships between myself, Professor Lensherr, and Professor (Y/N). We’d like to put these rumors to rest by announcing that all three of us are romantically involved with each other. We are in a polyamorous relationship. We are all very much in love.”
- Everyone hands Peter money on the way out of the auditorium
- “I went from having one parent to four in like a week. Okay.”
- now that your relationship is public, you engage in a lot of PDA
- going on walks/rolls with Charles
- beating Erik at chess but he’s like “haha yeah that was a warmup round” or “I totally let you win”