Shout-out to the mlm who are gonna be asked about bringing a girl home for the holidays

Shout-out to the wlw who are gonna be asked about bringing a boy home for the holidays

Shout-out to the trans kids being forced to present as their assigned gender who are going to be misgendered and misnamed

All of you are so strong and valid and I love every one of you. My blog is always a safe space for anyone who needs to talk. Especially during the holidays. You’re all amazing. Families can suck and holidays can be tough, but is temporary and you’ll make it through. I beleive in you

Today is a day for love, family and happiness and I am wishing you all those things in abundance…
And though the miles between us mean I cannot be there to see you smile, the heart knows no distance and mine is with you always…
So please know that as you spend your day with the people who love you and care for you, there is one more who may not be there in person but is with you in spirit and is wishing you every happiness…
I love you… Merry Christmas…

On the twelfth day of Christmas my corgi gave to me…

Twelve toys-a-drumming,

Eleven stockings hanging,

Ten noodles leaping,

Nine lads-a-dancing,

Eight tongues-a-licking,

Seven Scamps-a-swimming,

Six squeaks-a-laying,

Five golden boooooows!

Four calling phones,

Three French fries,

Two turtlenecks,

And a pear underneath a pine tree!

Merry Christmas everyone!

  • erik: i am magneto, master of magnetism. i have killed nazis, human supremacists, and once, even a god. i am one of the most powerful mutants on the planet; one of the deadliest men in the world.
  • charles: *smiles*
  • erik: i am a man with a crush.