2p!Allies and 2p!Axis reaction to s/o getting in a fight!:

2p!America/Allen Jones-
He will most likely cheer you on, or even join in.
“Kick their ass babe!”
2p!Canada/Matthew Williams-
He’ll sit back and watch, unless you start loosing, in which case he’ll step in.
“Go kick their ass babe, I got your flower.” Type of guy.
2p!China/Xiao Wang-
Laugh, laugh, laugh. He think it’s adorable when you’re scrappy.
2p!England/Oliver Kirkland-
He’s horrified. He will pull you away while lecturing about how dangerous it is to get into fights.
2p!France/Francois Bonnefoy-
As long as you’re winning, he’ll just sit back and light up, waiting for it to be over.
2p!Russia/Viktor Braginsky-
*drags you away refusing to even acknowledge your pleas for release*
“I‘m disappointed and disgusted you found violence to be the answer.”
2p!Germany/Lutz Beilschmidt-
Also cheers you on, but the second they get more than a punch in he’s grabbing their collar and slamming them to the ground.
2p!Italy/Luciano Vargas-
He’ll interrupt, showing his impressive knife skill to whoever thought it a wise idea to touch his partner.
2p!Japan/Kuro Honda-
Another looker. But even if you’re loosing he won’t step in. He thinks it’s your battle, and that he’d sully your honor by intruding.  

6 Chinese Models Share Their Hometown Beauty Secrets

Liu Wen: Raw egg whites directly as face masks.  I love to boil the fruits of the Chinese soap-pod locust tree in water and use that as shampoo. You can also boil wormwood plants in water and use it as soap for the skin; it helps reduce irritation and rashes. And whenever I go back to China, I buy a lot of red dates and goji berries. They’re great to put in water, tea, or congee to drink or eat. The result helps your skin stay healthy and glowing.

Sun Fei Fei:  Healthy eating was emphasized because my parents love vegetables so much. We ate light meals prepared with less salt and oil. My mother cooked red date soup for me once a week, with walnuts, brown sugar, goji, longan meat, and red bean. My hometown has a tradition of cooking this soup because it’s really good for skin and health.

Xiao Wen Ju:  [Growing up,] my mom didn’t want me to wear any makeup. She just wanted me to have really good skin. In the summertime, she said, “Don’t go into the sun. You need an umbrella!” And she asked me to go to sleep earlier and eat healthily—fruits, vegetables. It’s all about the inside health. In my hometown, we don’t care about makeup. The only thing we really like are masks to help your skin. I use a clay mask, and also the white of the egg. I do it three times a week.

Shu Pei Qin:  I buy a lot of pu’erh tea to take to New York City. It’s a Chinese tea, produced in the Yunnan province. It cleanses the body.

Luping Wang:  My mom loves cleansing and moisturizing. She taught me to keep my skin clean, eat lots of fruit, and drink plenty of water, which is essential to keep the skin moisturized. Growing up, we had a very healthy diet and regular exercise. My mother and I still like to take long walks when I am home.

Jing Wen: My mother and grandmother would often have to remind me to keep my nails very short and neat. They believed food for cosmetic effect is better than beauty products—for example, some soup with red dates. Being influenced by mom and grandma, I will often drink some good-for-the-skin soup or herbal tea.

2p!Allies respond to puns:

2p!America/Allen Jones-
“Hey, Allen?”
“Yeah, Doll?”
“Why are chickens so bad at baseball?” You immediately get a strange look.
“Because they only hit fowl balls.”
“Fucking fowl ball!” He nearly chokes on the laughter as it left him. Allen really likes puns.
2p!Canada/Matthew Williams-
“How did the polar bear stop the movie?” A blank stare.
“No.” He looks away, but he knows he can’t escape.
“…how?” And he his defeated.
“He hit’s the ‘paws‘ button.”
“Aren’t I funny, Mattie?”
“Matthew Williams.”
“Did you really just say that?”
Matthew is not amused.
2p!China/Xiao Wang-
“Yes, darling?”
“Why is sex like a riding a bike?”
“I‘m sorry…?” You caught him a bit off guard, but you most certainly have his interest.
“You can do it by yourself, but it‘s not as much fun.”
“Oh? Well then…let‘s go have some fun then, shall we?”
2p!England/Oliver Kirkland-
“Oliver, hey, Ollie!” You beg for his attention, thinking your plan is full proof.
“Yes, dear?” He beams, not minding your sudden presence.
“Cup your hands.” You order, holding your hands behind your back
“What for Poppet?” He asks, but does the action. You plop an unused teabag in his hands, earning a questioning gaze. Quickly, you kiss his cheek.
“You‘re just my cup of tea.” He instantly goes red, nearly squishing the bag in his hands.
2p!France/Francois Bonnefoy-  
2p!Russia/Viktor Braginsky-
“Hm.” That’s it. That is all.  

(I. Fucking. Love. Puns.)
2p!Allies + Canada accidentally hurting s/o during a fight!:

2p!America/Allen Jones-
“Look, I said that was enough!” Allen stormed off, tired of debating. But you weren’t having it, not this time.
“You need to listen!” You grabbed his jacket, hearing a few seams in the hood loosen.
“God damn it!” He turn around and swung, aiming for the wall. But instead he caught the edge of your chin. You cupped your face and hissed, already feeling a dull throb. He hadn’t actually injured you, but that didn’t change the fact he had swung.
“Shit. Shit. Shit. I‘m so sorry, I-I didn’t mean to-” You waved his apologies away, you weren’t actually angry. Pulling your hands away he observed the damage and then ushered you into an embrace.  
2p!Canada/Matthew Williams-
“Matthew!” You screamed for the god knows how many times today. He’d been insufferable lately. This was mostly due to the fact he couldn’t wrestle with his brother. His anger and aggression was building up.
“I said no!” He barked, shoving you away.
“You need to stop!” You took another brave step forward, refusing to back down from the man. But that fearless approach would prove to be a mistake. His hands planted on either side of your shoulders and shoved, sending you into the wall. You sank down to your knees, both of your sockets burning from the impact.    
(I‘m not going to end the rest happy. Suffer.)
2p!China/Xiao Wang-
It was a reflex, that much you were sure of. But what confused both of you was that he wasn’t comfortable enough with your presence to relax. You’d spilled the hot beverage on his lap, but that wasn’t a good excuse. His hand immediately raised and crossed your cheek. The resulting swollen red area was the only thing his eyes could focus on. He was in just as much disbelief as you.
2p!England/Oliver Kirkland-
?????????????????? No?????????? He could never??????
2p!France/Francois Bonnefoy-
“I said shut up.” He replied smoothly as ever. You’d been ranting for only a few minutes. But it was the same old argument. Francois barely paid attention to you. He was distant and you were quickly growing sick of it.
“No, I‘m not going to shut up just because you don‘t want to listen! You used to at least talk to me, do you even care?” You settled down as the last sentence tumbled from your lips. Just as fast as you’d let the barb out his hand was wrapped around your throat. It was in the passion he didn’t realize how hard he was clutching.
“I care about you, but I am not going to say it like some little school girl.” After you nodded and he let go, you saw the horror in his eyes. There was a faint purple line crossing your flesh.    
2p!Russia/Viktor Braginsky-
I honestly feel like he has far too much self control to injure you by accident.

Scientists Outline How Brain Separates Relevant & Irrelevant Information

Imagine yourself sitting in a noisy café trying to read. To focus on the book at hand, you need to ignore the surrounding chatter and clattering of cups, with your brain filtering out the irrelevant stimuli coming through your ears and “gating” in the relevant ones in your vision—words on a page.

In a new paper in the journal Nature Communications, New York University researchers offer a new theory, based on a computational model, on how the brain separates relevant from irrelevant information in these and other circumstances.

“It is critical to our everyday life that our brain processes the most important information out of everything presented to us,” explains Xiao-Jing Wang, Global Professor of Neural Science at NYU and NYU Shanghai and the paper’s senior author. “Within an extremely complicated neural circuit in the brain, there must be a gating mechanism to route relevant information to the right place at the right time.”

The analysis focuses on inhibitory neurons—the brain’s traffic cops that help ensure proper neurological responses to incoming stimuli by suppressing other neurons and working to balance excitatory neurons, which aim to stimulate neuronal activity.

“Our model uses a fundamental element of the brain circuit, involving multiple types of inhibitory neurons, to achieve this goal,” Wang adds. “Our computational model shows that inhibitory neurons can enable a neural circuit to gate in specific pathways of information while filtering out the rest.”

In their analysis, led by Guangyu Robert Yang, a doctoral candidate in Wang’s lab, the researchers devised a model that maps out a more complicated role for inhibitory neurons than had previously been suggested.

Of particular interest to the team was a specific subtype of inhibitory neurons that targets the excitatory neurons’ dendrites—components of a neuron where inputs from other neurons are located. These dendrite-targeting inhibitory neurons are labeled by a biological marker called somatostatin and can be studied selectively by experimentalists. The researchers proposed that they not only control the overall inputs to a neuron, but also the inputs from individual pathways—for example, the visual or auditory pathways converging onto a neuron.

“This was thought to be difficult because the connections from inhibitory neurons to excitatory neurons appeared dense and unstructured,” observes Yang. “Thus a surprising finding from our study is that the precision required for pathway-specific gating can be realized by inhibitory neurons.”

The study’s authors used computational models to show that even with the seemingly random connections, these dendrite-targeting neurons can gate individual pathways by aligning with excitatory inputs through different pathways. They showed that this alignment can be realized through synaptic plasticity—a brain mechanism for learning through experience.