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Oh my word! Your first encounter drabble with Allen was absolutely amazing! I just found your blog and I love your writing!! So you also wrote headcannons for the face family with an independent, strong s.o, could you please do some with a shy, sweet, innocent s.o? I can't wait to readmore of your work!

((ahhh I’m so happy~ Thank you so so so much! My first headcanon was with the allies, so I’ll include all of them for this too. Again, thank you sooo much!))

2p!America/Allen F. Jones:
- He doesn’t believe someone so pure could be real in such a fucked up world.
- There must be some darkness in your heart! 
- Al confronts you on it and… ends up making you cry (shame on you Al).
- So he tries to be nicer. Tries to understand you.
- And soon he understands that you need to be protected at all costs.
- Nobody’s gonna corrupt his little angel.
- You’re probably too shy to do anything about this, so he’ll continue working on his own accord.
- Eventually he’ll cross a line, and you’ll gather enough courage to tell him off (you go gurl).
- Al doesn’t take this very well. He’s just protecting you! You should be thankful! How dare you?!
- Riding on emotion, Al will lash out at you. That’s when he’ll see how absolutely terrified you look… and he’ll fall in love with that expression.
- After that, well… good luck.

2p!Canada/James Williams:
- He doesn’t really care
- until you show him some kindness
- then you’ve got him hooked.
- He wants more, so you’ll keep seeing him here and there and… well, everywhere.
- He wants to protect you, but he’s more discreet about it. You’ll never know it’s him watching over you from the shadows.
- James would continue building a relationship with you, trying to be as ‘normal’ as possible
- until something sent him over the edge (ex. a situation that put you in danger)
- It’s then he has a revelation and realises only he can keep you safe. 
- He’ll take you somewhere remote and assure you it’s in your best interest, though he can’t help wondering if he’s being selfish…

2p!China/Xiao Wang:
- He thinks you’re adorable.
- Likes pushing you out of your comfort zone. He just wants you to have fun!
- Loves teasing you
- but if anyone else teases you, they’ll get their ass kicked.
- Sometimes Xiao gets annoyed by how kind you can be (you should only be kind towards him).
- He takes it upon himself to teach you the dangers of the world. Most people would say his methods are unconventional, but he just wants you to understand why he worries about you!
- Of course, before any real harm can come to you, Xiao swoops in and saves you (probably from some thugs who cornered you in an alleyway).
- If you still struggle to see his side of things, well, he just won’t let you outside. It’s too dangerous anyway, so you might as well stay inside. Don’t worry, he’ll take good care of you~

2p!England/Oliver Kirkland:
- He’s so in love.
- You make his lil heart melt all the time with your sweet words, your cute smile, and your little giggles~
- Oliver’s favourite thing to do is make you blush, which is ironic considering how easy it is to make him blush.
- He obsesses over how vulnerable you are. There’s no mercy for innocent little things like you. 
- Despite you trying to reassure him, Oliver takes it upon himself to protect you from the world
- but soon all he’s doing is keeping you inside all day, insisting you don’t need to go outside for anything so long as you have him.
- You won’t confront him because confrontation is scary, and Oliver can be scary, too, so you decide to go out without saying anything.
- Bad idea.
- Oliver finds you while you’re out and drags you somewhere more private, accusing you of trying to leave him. 
- He won’t listen to anything you have to say. He’ll just knock you out and take you home, where he can make sure you’re kept safe and sound.

2p!France/François Bonnefoy:
- He thinks you’re faking it.
- You’ll have to show him a bit of kindness before he would take any interest in you. And he wouldn’t be too nice in the beginning.
- He wouldn’t go out of his way, but he’d try finding any darkness within you.
- Eventually he’ll push just the right button and watch you break down… but there’s still no darkness.
- Francois will comfort you to the best of his abilities (probably just pat your head or something) and maybe utter a very quick apology. If you forgive him, he’ll be confused, but… relieved? 
- Starts hanging out with you more whenever he has time.
- Being around you makes him feel good. He can’t explain why tho.
- He won’t do much else… unless someone tries moving in on you.
- Whether it’s a love interest or just a friend, Francois won’t stand for it. He wants you all to himself. Why should anyone else be blessed with your presence?
- He’s not very outspoken about this - or anything really - so it’s an internal battle that he eventually settles by keeping you shut away.
- You’re not being held captive, but it’s encouraged that you stay inside at all times. If you voice your doubts at all, Francois will use some pretty cruel manipulation against you. (”How much do you love your family/friends?”).

2p!Russia/Viktor Braginsky:
- He doesn’t really like you at first.
- He thinks you’re a wuss.
- Despite this, he’s always open to lending a hand whenever you need it.
- Eventually he realises there’s no real reason to dislike you. Maybe he was just being cautious in case you tried to stab him in the back.
- Viktor warms up to you, like a standoffish cat whose affection you finally earned.
- The more time Viktor spends with you, the more he sees how vulnerable you are.
- He comes to love your innocent personality, and the thought of anyone taking that away makes him anxious.
- He battles with his emotions behind a stoic face until he decides you’re safest under his care.
- Nothing causes him to snap, he just does what he decides is best and locks you away from the world.

2p!Allies respond to puns:

2p!America/Allen Jones-
“Hey, Allen?”
“Yeah, Doll?”
“Why are chickens so bad at baseball?” You immediately get a strange look.
“Because they only hit fowl balls.”
“Fucking fowl ball!” He nearly chokes on the laughter as it left him. Allen really likes puns.
2p!Canada/Matthew Williams-
“How did the polar bear stop the movie?” A blank stare.
“No.” He looks away, but he knows he can’t escape.
“…how?” And he his defeated.
“He hit’s the ‘paws‘ button.”
“Aren’t I funny, Mattie?”
“Matthew Williams.”
“Did you really just say that?”
Matthew is not amused.
2p!China/Xiao Wang-
“Yes, darling?”
“Why is sex like a riding a bike?”
“I‘m sorry…?” You caught him a bit off guard, but you most certainly have his interest.
“You can do it by yourself, but it‘s not as much fun.”
“Oh? Well then…let‘s go have some fun then, shall we?”
2p!England/Oliver Kirkland-
“Oliver, hey, Ollie!” You beg for his attention, thinking your plan is full proof.
“Yes, dear?” He beams, not minding your sudden presence.
“Cup your hands.” You order, holding your hands behind your back
“What for Poppet?” He asks, but does the action. You plop an unused teabag in his hands, earning a questioning gaze. Quickly, you kiss his cheek.
“You‘re just my cup of tea.” He instantly goes red, nearly squishing the bag in his hands.
2p!France/Francois Bonnefoy-  
2p!Russia/Viktor Braginsky-
“Hm.” That’s it. That is all.  

(I. Fucking. Love. Puns.)
2p!Allies and 2p!Axis reaction to s/o getting in a fight!:

2p!America/Allen Jones-
He will most likely cheer you on, or even join in.
“Kick their ass babe!”
2p!Canada/Matthew Williams-
He’ll sit back and watch, unless you start loosing, in which case he’ll step in.
“Go kick their ass babe, I got your flower.” Type of guy.
2p!China/Xiao Wang-
Laugh, laugh, laugh. He think it’s adorable when you’re scrappy.
2p!England/Oliver Kirkland-
He’s horrified. He will pull you away while lecturing about how dangerous it is to get into fights.
2p!France/Francois Bonnefoy-
As long as you’re winning, he’ll just sit back and light up, waiting for it to be over.
2p!Russia/Viktor Braginsky-
*drags you away refusing to even acknowledge your pleas for release*
“I‘m disappointed and disgusted you found violence to be the answer.”
2p!Germany/Lutz Beilschmidt-
Also cheers you on, but the second they get more than a punch in he’s grabbing their collar and slamming them to the ground.
2p!Italy/Luciano Vargas-
He’ll interrupt, showing his impressive knife skill to whoever thought it a wise idea to touch his partner.
2p!Japan/Kuro Honda-
Another looker. But even if you’re loosing he won’t step in. He thinks it’s your battle, and that he’d sully your honor by intruding.  

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Not sure if this has been done, but can we see the Allies plus Canada's reactions to their young child saying a bad word for the first time?


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“I don’t play video games, I’m getting too old for that.”
“He’s right, he can’t operate even Google.
Don’t give this man/nation/fallen empire/grandfather/huge queer a computer.
Anyways, Muse loves any kind of video games, but mostly peaceful sandbox ones, and, even if not of that genre, Mun’s favourite video game is Yandere Simulator! As it’s easy to understand, Mun’s favourite gaming system is the computer!”

((Also Mun likes to talk in third person))

((Stage: swiftcat-mooshi on DA (I recolored it)
Female model: Kawaii-Loli-Desu on DA
Laptop: Tuun-Ale on DA
Female model pose: ChoiMinYeon on DA))

2p!Allies and Canada calming so after panic attack!:

2p!America/Allen Jones-
“Doll Face, it‘s okay, really.” Allen pulled you into his lap the second he saw your eyes widen. And he kept you there. His arms were securely wrapped around your shoulders, and his words fed straight into your ears. He rocks gently with you, trying to keep his tone soothing.  
Canada/Matthew Williams-
He’s not the best during the attacks, he panics quite a bit himself. But after word he lays your head in his lap and strokes your hair. He tells you how brave you are, and how proud he is. He looks into your eyes and fills the room with his overwhelming praise.
China/Xiao Wang-
He’ll try all manner of things, but he has a favorite. This is, to pull you as close as possible and let you listen to his heartbeat. He runs his fingers through your locks, placing kisses to your forehead. Anything he could think of to stay silent, and just let you listen.    
England/Arthur Kirkland-
He’d make the two of you tea, your favorite flavor of course. After the brew was set out he’d bring you something to snack on, if your stomach could handle it. He thought it best not to make a bigger deal of what had happened. He assumed you’d rather move past it and try to turn the day around.
France/Francis Bonnefoy-
His calm attitude is very helpful after your breathing returns to normal. He pulls you close to him and try’s to make everything feel normal. He’s not very good at comfort, but he put in an effort. He’ll even offer to cook you a meal, or a few sips of his wine.  
Russia/Ivan Braginsky-
He goes by text book response. He allows you room to breath, brings you water and fans you. Internally he’s just hoping that it helps, even though from a logical point of view he knows it is. He’ll count slowly, asking that you join in, just trying to regulate your breathing.