Under the cut there are 168 rp icons in plain style for Xian Lim. He is also known as Alexander Xian Cruz Lim-Uy is a Chinese-Filipino actor, model and singer, also known as Xian Lim. Lim is a contract artist of Star Magic.

All of the rp icons below were screencapped and resized by me. Please do not claim as your own and if you’re going to put borders on it please ask for permission first ( for credits ) . Like or reblog if used!

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HSS Face Claim : Xian Lim as Ace Bartholomew (Filipino Actor) The fierceness, hair and facial structure hits me. I love the quest and i love the character. I wanna know more about me and the quest kept me into the edge. The latest quest was well written. Cant wait for the next installment of the saga. Bring it on~


KIMXI on Kris TV (11-25-13) | Fave Moments Part 1

1st row: Xian recounts the time he went to Cebu to be there for Kim when her mom died.

2nd row: Kim was in tears as she tells how she was surprised to see Xian by her side when she woke up. 

3rd row: No explanation needed. Nuff said :))

Hayyyy these two are for REAL na talaga! For REAL and for KEEPS! ❤ 

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We strip down the hottest love team of the moment in the season’s bare essentials. Kim Chiu and Xian Lim revisit the 90s and sweet talk their way to our February 2014 issue. #KimXianForPreview

Photographed by Jo Ann Bitagcol
Styling by Liz Uy (Kim Chiu) and Raymond Gutierrez (Xian Lim)
Art Direction by Vince Uy
Makeup by Albert Kurniawan
Hair by John Valle
Nails by Len Malicdem of Nail Spa

  • Kahit Maputi Na Ang Buhok Ko
  • Daniel Padilla
  • Got to Believe OST

“Even When My Hair Is White”

When we are older
I hope we won’t change
Anytime, anywhere
This is my wish

Could you still kiss and hug me?
Until we grow older
I am just asking you
Will you still love me?
Even when my hair is already white

The day will come
Your hair will also become white
We shall reminisce together
Our memories of the past

We shall bring back the past
I will remind them to you
My promise
Is that my love will always be yours
Even when my hair is white

Xian Lim @ Bandila 01-22-14

Fast talk: 

Tito Boy: Sinong mas kuripot?                                                     

Xian: Ako

Tito Boy: mas  matakaw?      

Xian: Ako parin..

 Tito Boy: makulit?

Xian: kaming dalawa

Tito Boy: sinong matiyaga?  

Xian: a.Ako..syempre kaming dalawa*sabay tingin sa camera*

Tito Boy: sinong mas adventurous?

Xian: Siya

 Tito Boy: predictable?

Xian: siya

Tito Boy: Who’s vain ?

Xian.. Naku! magagalit yun siya.. babatukan ako nun, sige nga Ako na nga..*laughs*

Tito Boy: short-tempered?

Xian: Ahh..Naku! Kunin ko na lang rin *sabay kamot ng ulo*