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I'm missing something! What's Best saying about you cockblocking Harry and Louis???

@nottooldforthisship 😂😂

Okay so context basically i hated 1D when they were on the xfactor and then during the xfactor tour in belfast they did promo recording thingys at the radio station my aunt worked for and id been staying with her at the time and because i was so ill she brought me with her.

So there i was having a nap in a meeting room and Harry and Louis barge in, i sit up like “do you fucking mind”, Louis screamed, Harry swore, they ran off and i went back to sleep. @allwaswell16 pointed out they might have been looking for some privacy and i cockblocked them 😂😂😂

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i rmr being so confused when i first learned that 1d has been an opening act for big time rush, i became a fan during tmh era when they were already 'the worlds biggest boyband' and everytime im seeing your posts its like......... its so hard to imagine that they used to be an opening act and even the xfactor tour and all those small performances before that and it always gets me a little bit (a lot) emotional

Ohhh ja definitely feel, bud–I became a fan almost five years ago to the day now and they were literally ~this band from the UK I can’t remember their name have you heard of them I think? I love them??~ and everything was sort of this hushed excitement and like. This was their “set”:

Just that cheap dinky fuckin banner and nothing else and then just two years later they were back HEADLINING THEIR OWN STADIUM TOUR, complete with fireworks and streamer cannons and a fucking obstacle course to trip over as they belted chart-topping hits from their three record-breaking number-one albums:

They took their baby steps just like everybody else, but they took them so fast it was more like a baby sprint.

since their 4 year anniversary is coming up...

lets take a trip down memory lane, try not to cry the whole time:

their x factor auditions:

finding out they were in a group:

man they have no idea what the next 4 years hold:

xfactor video diaries:

just having fun at the xfactor:

let the tears start now…

up all night tour:

take me home tour:

this is us:

wwa tour:

ain’t that the truth:

Hopefully Zayn leaving is a wake up call to management and every band out there. One Direction is overworked. They’ve had 5 world tours in 5 years and let’s not forget the XFACTOR tour or the time they opened for Big Time rush. While on tour they recorded 3 albums and they’ve released an album every year. That’s too much. I hate to make the comparison but Taylor Swift waited two years after Red came out to release 1989. These boys turned into money makers too fast and THAT caused them to change

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Ohmygod I don't know if you've seen this before but I think I found a video of pretty much the first time Louis got a proper solo? It's them doing Grenade on the X Factor tour, I think, and he looks so nervous and there are so many cute Larry smiles and you'll love this. He sounds so good! (On youtube at /watch?v=qEP4WioRI-k )


Aw! I remember this performance very well, but I never realized the context of Louis getting a solo in that song!