Xena Quotoons No. 6 and 7

Here are the next Quotoons :)
Hope, you’ll enjoy these, too :)


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Lot of greetings,


XenaQuotoon Number 3 “Been There Done That”.

Again hi :)

Sorry, it turns to be longer than the other XQs.
But in order to keep a “good” quality I have cut it in two pics ;)
I hope I could live up to expections and that you like it :-)

Coming Up: “Seeds of Faith”
Thank you all
+have a good time!

Dysnomia :-D

Btw: Who the hell designed Xena’s costume? XD It’s so damn confusing xD

To the lovely Tumblr-Users and lovely Xena-Fans:
Thank you all for the notes on
the Xena Quotoons.
I am so happy that you like them
and I hope I will give you
some more smiles with the next Quotoons :D (at least I’ll try my best ;) )
Keep on fighting :D

Thank you all!

It makes me very happy that you like my XenaQuotoons and it means a lot for me.
I feel deeply honoured and wanted to say that I really
appreciate each and single fave/reblogging from you. 
By the Gods, I just bursted of happiness!
They even have been posted on AUSXIP and got in the News 
of Lucy Lawless’ and Renee O'Connor’s  websites. O____O

It has been always my dream to make people laughing 
and happy with my drawings! + to share with you my “lunacy”  xD
( just imagine how I sit there and draw while grimacing my own face
and looking in the mirror until I hit the matching face expression xD )

Stay tuned, I am working on other XenaQuotoons and really 
trying hard to do it as well as the first ones.

Well, keep on battling and never give up!
Thank you all so much.