Okay so I’m not one to really post my own things, but i felt this was necessary.

If you are a console player on Overwatch, specifically Xbox One THEN THIS POST IS FOR YOU.

There is this guy going around taking actual paid bounties to DDoS high ranking comp players.


Now this doesn’t mean everyone else is safe, because he literally is taking bounties for EVERYONE as long as someone is willing to pay. Which means, someone in silver ranking on the other team might want to get rid of someone else on the other side who is doing really well. If they are fast enough, they can actually pay this player to REMOVE YOU FROM THE MATCH and cause you to lose SR along with losing for your team. 


They can hold onto your IP address and continue to boot you from any game you join afterwards and prevent you from not only playing, but actually going backwards in ranking.

It has now gone to the point were the season 2 # 1 ranked player can no longer join a game, he is booted every time. His bounty is actually worth $100 in order to get him out of top 500 this season. But even a simple boot can be as low as $10. The higher the pay, the more damage he is willing to do.

Now I post his gamertag mainly so you know who to watch out for, but also if you could do a huge favor and report him. But just so you know, he has people “working” for him to actually collect IP addresses so he doesn’t use his own account.

Some people working with him are named:

Down x Syndrume

Dreams eRa

and a few others yet to be confirmed. I will add more once I find out for sure, and also their Alt accounts.

This is getting way out of hand, Blizzard has yet to reply to complaints. A console tournament is going to be held soon with teams having members with bounties (one already has been targeted and booted). This guy has already tweeted out that he is going to interfere with the tournament, and we have figured out a way to hopefully slow him down. 

I just need you guys to spread the word in order to get Blizzard in on this.


Now DDoS attacks are not new to the Overwatch community (any gaming community for that matter), so some of the old tricks still work.

If you join a comp game and the enemy team invites you to a party: DON’T JOIN. This is how they get your IP address! (especially if one of the above accounts listed invites you!)

If you get spammed messages, people inviting you to games, etc. DON’T REPLY AND DON’T JOIN. Even if it’s some angry kid saying you lost the game for the team, it’s bait!

If you do so happen to get booted, restart your router IMMEDIATELY. Don’t bother joining back matches, you might just get booted off again.

Personally, I recommend limiting comp play for now (at least until this has been settled or cooled down). I also would suggest creating Alternate Accounts. These accounts are usually used to make smurfs, trolling, or simply as a way to practice characters in comp without putting your Main Accounts SR at risk. High ranking players almost always have an alt, most of them are for practicing, only a few use them as smurfs or trolling accounts. Pick something with a silly name that no one will know it’s you, so if you do go into comp then they only have that name. They will still technically have your IP address, but they won’t associate it with your Main Account.

Please do not message this player, if you see him in a match LEAVE IMMEDIATELY. He is only doing this to get paid, so if you think you have no reward value for being booted then do be reminded that anyone who is willing to pay will do so in order to boot you. It doesn’t matter what SR you are, a bounty is a bounty.

Be safe out there! Please reblog and if you have more tricks to avoid a DDoS attack then please do add to this!! 


I fucking love my friend man.
Okay, so my Birthday was on Wednesday, but my friend only barely was able to give me the gift he got me because of our schedules being so wonky. So he is also really great at wrapping gifts with pretty much anything. So he wrapped mine in newspaper, underlined everytime it said “Marajuana” boxed “Toast” and circled “Spray”
And he centered it on that woman’s face too. Like I love my friends so much man.


This Game Boy Pocket is just one of two prototypes ever made!

Mattel, the makers of Barbie, pitched this transparent, pink, glitter filled Barbie Game Boy Pocket to Nintendo as a way of marketing the handheld to young girls. Unfortunately, the two companies never came to an agreement and the system would never see store shelves.


Cook & Becker, in collaboration with CD Projekt Red, have released a series of official limited edition prints of the video game, ‘The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt’. The 30 piece collection contains never before seen concept art from the video game as well as the upcoming 'Gwent’ card game.

Each giclee print is hand-numbered and comes with a certificate of authenticity.

Go here to buy.


Destiny poster series capturing the final moments of each raid. Don’t forget to find these in the Bungie Day Contest and give them a vote!

Atheon - https://www.bungie.net/en/Community/Detail?itemId=209246811
Crota - https://www.bungie.net/en/Community/Detail?itemId=209246830
Oryx - https://www.bungie.net/en/Community/Detail?itemId=209246868

Bechance: https://www.behance.net/gallery/40758949/Destiny-Poster-Series