Taking a long swig from the drink, Nathaniel heaved out a breath as he set the glass down; there was a lot of shit that he needed to talk to someone about, which was why the male was more than glad that Xania was meeting him at the island’s bar. So much had happened with Jay since the last time that he had spoken to his friend, and honestly, for once in his life the royal just needed someone to get some things off of his chest to. Someone to talk about what he was feeling. Nathaniel lifted up the glass in order to take another slow drink as he waited for the other royal, eyes resting on the entrance to the dimly lit bar.

OOTD: Future Spelmanite ! ^__^  ( Fall 2013 )

Occasion - College tour of the AUC (Spelman, Clark Atlanta, and Morehouse)  

Blazer: American Eagle

Tee shirt: Old Navy

Pants: American Eagle

Bag: Marc by Marc Jacobs

Necklace: GAP ( actually a size small belt )

Broken Heart Pin: DIY 

*Combat boots: Target