Lover's Walk
  • Willow:Hey guys! Thanks for getting involved in my love life, that was super cool and mature of you! Oh, and since you're both clearly idiots, I should probably let you know I'm being sarcastic!
  • Xander:Hey guys! Thanks for taking ugly Willow out of the palm of my hand, and turning her into yet another hottie that will never get with me!
  • Spike:Hey guys! Thanks for eating all the macaroni!
  • Angel:Shut up, Spike, no one even knows what you're talking about! [to Buffy] I did eat all the macaroni. It's messed up that he knows.

Buffyverse comics’ corner box art

  • Cliff Richards for Willow & Tara: Wilderness #01–02, Tales of the Slayers: Broken Bottle of Djinn, and Buffy: Reunion.
  • Cliff Richards for Buffy: Haunted #01–04
  • Cliff Richards for Buffy #39–53
  • Jeff Matsuda for Angel: Long Night’s Journey #01–04
  • Georges Jeanty for Buffy 8 #35
  • Georges Jeanty for Buffy 9 #06
  • Rebekah Isaacs for Angel & Faith #20
  • Karl Moline for Fray #01–06