okay but my favorite part of the new xy&z episode:

zygarde core being completely done with all these stupid humans that won’t let it do it’s fucking job

literally the whole episode is just

“i shall call him squishy, and he shall be mine!”

“please, let me go.”




“oh what there was a dodrio rampage back there or something guess they’re in trouble”

“nah, man, got shit to do. they’ll be fine. good fucking riddance

“why are all these people interrupting my walks in nature like goddamn learn 2 respect-”

“look at all your new friends, squishy!”

“am i supposed to care”

“bitch does it look like i have a mouth to be eatin’ your artificially flavored pile of shit”

“now excuse me, i got some communing with nature to do.”

“what is this process called ‘sleep’ and why do you meaty fleshbags require it why can’t you just solar recharge and call it a day”

“speaking of, lemme just sense something real quick-”


“why are you hugging me. i do not require hugs as part of my daily routine. this does not compute. please let me do my job-”

“-oh hey, seems like the weather will be good today”