I love pissing off people in the FA community. It’s like they know deep down that everything they say is completely unsupported by any reliable evidence, scientific or otherwise, and they know all they’re really doing is harming themselves while making excuses- so naturally they get butt hurt over the smallest comments that criticize their movement.

I don’t hate fat people. I hate the glorification of an epidemic that not only costs the health and lives of innocents everywhere but also costs the American taxpayers millions of dollars every year. An epidemic that spits in the face of starving, impoverished children with the idea that any sort of extreme excess could lead to more oppression than not being able to fucking eat.

Your doctor weighing you and telling you to lose weight for your own well being is not oppression. Not being fucked by attractive and fit men is not oppression. Not being able to find size XXXXXXXL is not oppression, because no one should be that size.

Stop making fatness a part of your identity. It isn’t race, it isn’t sexual orientation or gender identity- it is a health condition that is completely changeable. I literally saw a FA advocate on TV say the words, “It’s not like you can just change your lifestyle and then maintain that”. Guess what? People do it all the time. New parents do it. Recovering drug users and alcoholics do it. It’s completely possible. Stop using bullshit excuses like, “mah genetics” or “mah thyroid” to justify killing yourself with food. Thyroid conditions can account for at most thirty extra pounds, and genetics is something that while you can’t change, you can certainly influence the expression of. You aren’t attractive, and there’s a reason the world views you in that light. It’s because obesity isn’t healthy, and the VAST majority of people don’t want a partner that is likely infertile for no reason other than they can’t stop stuffing their faces. 

Please stop insisting that I must be this angry, hateful person just because I disagree with the fat acceptance movement (along with the majority of Americans). I don’t comment on the personal pictures of people who accept this movement, no matter how disgusting they are. I stick to making logical comments on the irrationality of this entire movement.

You can keep sending me hate, I don’t actually give a fuck since I know I can see my feet when I look down and love what I find in the mirror every morning- I know you all aren’t so lucky even though you try to convince yourself your physical appearance doesn’t need to be changed. 

A really big and important part of self-love is loving yourself enough to change when your lifestyle is costing you your health. Just blindly loving everything about yourself just so you don’t have to confront the fact that you have a problem is not self-love. It’s self-abuse with excuses.

We don’t tell heroin addicts that nothing is wrong with them and they should continue using, so why should we tell people addicted to food that what they’re doing is okay, or that’s impossible to change? Guess what? It’s not, and everyday you spend on this FA tag is another day that you’re fat as fuck, unattractive, and worst of all- unhealthy. 

I changed my lifestyle in a very dramatic way to stay off heroin. And if I can stay off the most addictive substance known to man, then you can stop stuffing your fucking face. 


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