XXXHolic cafe


The food and drink I saw and ordered at the xxxHOLiC Cafe at Who’s Foods.  (Shibuya, Tokyo. January 21 - March 3rd 2013.)

While the desserts menu was all over the internet, I wasn’t prepared for the drinks or dinner menu that they had as well. Unfortunately I couldn’t order from the dinner menu because it was evening only and I was there for brunch.

So, I got a fruity, non-alcoholic drink with an orchid in it called “Yuuko” (once again, why they gave that name to one of the two non-alcoholic drinks I’ll never know, but XD), banana pancakes, and the snow bunny/Mokona ice cream.

What banana pancakes had to do with xxxHOLiC… well, you tell me! What a lot of this stuff, particularly the stuff on the dinner menu, has to do with xxxHOLiC I haven’t the slightest idea. (Although I don’t remember clearly what Watanuki was cooking a lot of the time. If I’m missing something, please tell me!) These are just the things you need to order to get the exclusive xxxHOLiC coasters. At first glance I had originally assumed the ice cream dish was the black and the white mokona together, as I think many would… but actually it’s just Mokona and a snow bunny. (Once again, is there a reference I’ve missed?) Anyway, it was good. The bunny had mochi on the outside :3

I didn’t order that giant sweet honey toast thing in the top right corner of the dessert menu, but I saw some other people who did and it’s… basically what it looks like: A very large, very decorated loaf of sweet bread. Haha it’s HUGE! The three women next to me were actually having a bachelorette party and the waitress brought it out with sparklers on it! But they totally couldn’t finish it. It’s like a cake. But apparently giant honey toast is just this cafe’s specialty, xxxHOLiC-related or not.


The second day, the XXXHolic cafe was a success!  The lighting is really bad for taking cellphone pictures though, so all of these are tinted horribly.  I got this fizzy blue and purple alcoholic drink, and caramel smothered banana pancakes.  

The decoration was really nice.  Combined with the lighting, it gave the cafe a really nice atmosphere.  I also got special XXXHolic coasters for ordering from their special menu, and my waiter was cute.