XO Manowar


OUT TODAY FOR #NCBD IS X-O MANOWAR #2! Deep in the trenches, and locked in combat against an extraterrestrial war machine bent on extermination, must Aric of Dacia – wielder of the universe’s most powerful weapon – abandon his quest for a more peaceful life…and surrender to the warrior within?

X-O Manowar 0 Gold … Valiant comics … In this issue : At last, the origin of X-O Manowar revealed! How did Aric of Dacia become a slave to the Spider-Aliens? At what terrible cost was the X-O Manowar armor made? And how did Aric come to find himself in the modern day? [Abducted by aliens, Aric of Dacia took control of one of their greatest weapons, a semi-sentient suit of armor. Aric calls it his … Good Skin.]