Circassian women in Jordan

The history of Circassians alongside other ethnic groups originating from the Caucasus in Jordan dates back to XIXth century. The city of Amman began to be resettled in 1878, when hundreds of Circassians arrived following their exodus from the Caucasus; between 1872–1910, tens of thousands of Circassians had relocated to Ottoman Syria after being displaced by the Russian Empire during the events of the Russo-Circassian War.

Ottoman records from 1906 show around 5,000 Circassians living in Amman and virtually no inhabitants who spoke Arabic. The city’s demographics changed dramatically after the Ottoman government’s decision to construct the Hejaz Railway, which linked Damascus and Medina, and facilitated the annual Hajj pilgrimage and trade. Because of its location along the railway, Amman was transformed from a small village into a major commercial hub in the region.

Location: Amman, Jordan

Photographer:  Saad Al-Enezi

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in which they are greek gods?

So I’m guessing we’re doing this American Gods style, where the characters ARE gods but… kind of like just local variations of a god. (So like… and insert spoiler warning here… Mr. Wednesday IS Odin, but Odin isn’t Mr. Wednesday.)

  • Knowing the circumstances and the limits that presenting as a woman would have placed on her, it’s understandable why Nemesis, goddess of retribution chose a male body. As a police officer she’s free to rain down her rigid idea of justice on humanity.
  • Rhea, titaness of motherhood, fertility and the wilderness is feeling weaker and sicker by the day. Not only do people not believe in her anymore, they are taming and destroying her lands quicker and quicker. She’s now confined to the body of a sickly factory worker. 
  • Cosette is a nymph. This whole rapidly accelerating industrialisation business doesn’t sit well with her at all, but she’s determined to make the most of the XIXth century and enjoy herself as much as she can. She finds refuge in cultivating her little garden and taking long walks in parks.
  • Apollon of course has to be the Prettiest, so he adapts to the beauty ideal of the day, which entails perfect, dark curls and uh… passionate nostrils? Mortals are weird. People invoke him enough times in art and poetry for him to get by, but it’s nowhere near his former popularity. This has been a huge blow on his confidence, he has become positively shy. He’s not very good at playing a collage student, as he’d rather spend his time playing his lyre and sighing at the clouds. One thing that didn’t change since the olden days though, is that he’s still a jealous lover.
  • Teutates has no idea why Dionysos latched himself on to him and his band of Gaulish gods. Belenos (a god of healing) suggests that he may have initially mistaken him - Teutates that is - for Apollon, thanks to the body he chose this time… which still doesn’t explain why he stuck around after realising this. Ah well. The others get along with Dionysos well enough and Teutates has more important things on his mind. He has a tribe - a county - to look out for.

My history crush is Robert de Montesquiou, a french poet and aesthete from the XIXth centuy (1855-1921). His poetry wasn’t that good, called “untranslatable” (he was even mocked by some of his contemporaries), but the man himself is awesome. He was an insolent dandy and a real charmer : « Tall, black-haired, rouged, Kaiser-moustached, he cackled and screamed in weird attitudes, giggling in high soprano, hiding his little black teeth behind an exquisitely gloved hand—the poseur absolute. »

He supported the artistic avant-garde of his time : the poet Verlaine and the composer Debussy (among several others).

He inspired Marcel Proust for the character of the baron de Charlus. This character became the archetype of the closeted-conflicted homosexual. It made Montesquiou furious. Montesquiou was indeed homosexual, but he wasn’t closeted, his homosexual tendencies being quite obvious. He lived for twenty years with Gabriel Yturri, a young and handsome south-american immigrant, who died in 1905.

He is said to have once slept with the famous French actress Sarah Bernhardt. He would then have vomited for twenty-four hours (but they remained close friends).

The poor guy never wrote the masterpiece he dreamt of, but eh, he was a handsome and exquisitely arrogant-provocative mofo.

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Last song you listened to: Hasta la vista, Mr Prime Minister - a raggae-like protest song written in ‘honour’ of Mr. Orbán, Prime Minister of Hungary.

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  • Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern
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  • Cats
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