Last upload for the day.. or for a while XD

A buddy of mine drew x vs zero, I then recolored and added hair to zero since he forgot to (first image). The print that was ran didn’t turn out to well cause I did it in RGB, which made it muddy. I recolored it many different styles after it but I got sick of it. A few things bugged me about the proportions and overall look, So I decided to redraw it in a completely new style complimenting my favorite features throughout the series. while changing somethings to an original look. If you notice I use command mission colors. I used the x3-7 armor while slimming down his legs and giving him the x8 feet and eyes. I inverted the color of his arm cannon cause that always bugged me. I also implemented rmz styling in it. I added the RMZ style hair, changed the zero emblem on his shoulder pad (on the back it will be the katakana for zero) and gave him the RMZ saber. I removed him from this but X is drawn too. However hes extremely unfinished and rough. This may be the only thing you will see of it due to the fact I intend to run this as a print. but this has been sitting on my pc since February. :/ I started this the same time I did the Shoryuken poster.

What do you guys think? is it worthy as a print if i finish X?