Oh, I’m sore today! I guess that hill was tougher than I thought! If I run this race next year, I will definitely train on that uphill! I need to go stretch! =)
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HAPPY HAPPY EASTER EVERYONE *with lots of exclamations and chocolate*!!! I wanted to release something kinda special in easter itself, so i just did. I think.
These sweaters are part of my easter hunt (which you can still do if you like easy hunts). If you wear your pretty sims with them, i would adooore to see them rock it, so you can tag ouiouisims if you remember to do so.

Mesh by ookanenoo
The bunny jumps to: mediafire or dropbox

Hope you enjoy!

How time sure flies (Closed Rp w/ ask-funny-lone-wolf-maria)

May sat in her class, getting very bored. Her tail swayed by her side while she started blankly in front of her. She was leaning against her fist, trying her best not to fall asleep during the lesson. She soon straightened up and grabbed her tail. She began cleaning it, trying to get something that seemed to be bothering her. She let out soft grunts and growls while she tried to stop the source of discomfort.



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I just had the weirdest/funniest thought

What if in the future, older Steven and Connie end up getting married and during their first dance they accidentally end up fusing and her whole family just flips out


she asks him to her high school prom and they fuse in front of all her classmates AHAaa