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kurt wagner x reader with the otp au "Its like 3am and I’m exhausted and I can hear you raging next door about failing at putting an ikea bed together so here I am helping you put it together and holy shit you’re cute." please and thank you💓

Kurt Wagner + this prompt list


It’s just about 3 am and you’re trying desperately to finish putting together an ikea bed so that you can actually go to sleep. You started trying to put it together at about 11 pm.

Initially, you put a concerted effort into being quiet out of respect for your neighbours, but as your rage and frustration at the goddamn motherfucking piece of shit plywood bed increased, so did your volume, and now you’re swearing loudly at the largely disassembled pile of bed parts in front of you, any thought of your neighbours decidedly gone from your mind until you hear a timid knock on your door. You pull it open, apologising profusely the minute the person on the other side comes into view.

“I’m so, so sorry. I’ll be super quiet now, I’m so sorry I was so loud, I’m an idiot who can’t put together this stupid ikea bed.” Your apology is cut off though, upon properly observing the person who came to your door. He’s tall and lanky, with shaggy dark hair, and he’s looking at you with an adorable combination of exhaustion and bewilderment on his face.

“I’m Kurt. I live next door?” He sounds a little uncertain of himself. “You sounded-I heard-You seem to be having trouble with an ikea bed? I get it, they can be really, really tricky, but it’s really late-really early? And I just thought I’d help you out so we can both sleep.” He suggests, sleepily pushing his bangs out of his face, and your heart actually melts a little at his offer, because there was no way you were ever going to manage to put it together on your own, and Kurt’s sleepy voice and shy, endearing offer is really, really cute.

“You’re my hero.” You say, stepping to the side to let him through. As he enters your apartment and sets eyes on the pile of bedframe on the floor, he chuckles slightly.

“You really were stuck, weren’t you?” He asks and you nod fervently.

“I had just about given up hope of ever sleeping on an actual bed.” You confirm, and you’re pretty sure you’re the human embodiment of the heart eyes emoji when he turns and smiles at you.

“Well hopefully this shouldn’t take us too long,” He says, and you’re suddenly torn between wanting to go to sleep the second the bed is finished and hoping it takes all night, so that you can spend more time with him.

X-Men Drabble #1

Request by: i-jus-wanna-writehappy

Pairing: Peter x Reader

Hi, could I request a reader insert with Peter and prompts 21 & 12 from the list you have up where he sneaks her out for the day and on the way back, it begins to rain, but reader wants to enjoy it and watching him, realizes emotions for him?

Prompt: 12. I think we need to talk, 21. We’re in the middle of a thunderstorm and you wanna stop and feel the rain? 

Word Count: 1372

A/N: This is my first official X-Men imagine and I’m pretty pumped! Please feel free to give me some constructive criticism, as this is my first time writing for Peter Maximoff, or any of the X-Men.

    You lightly brushed the page of the book with the back of your hand, turning it to the next page. You could barely comprehend the words printed on the page, your mind wandering anywhere else. It was vital that you finish this book before class tomorrow, and yet, somehow, you couldn’t find it in you to give it a real solid read through. It certainly wasn’t for lack of trying, as this was the third or fourth time you’d properly sat down and tried to read it, not to mention all the spare hours between class, either rushing around or chilling out with your friends, where you’d tried to sneak in some reading before deadline. But, per usual, you had waited till the day before, and now it was what some would call “crunch time”. You preferred to call it “the only time you could partially succeed at completing assignments.” A couple of seconds later and you felt your head hit the desk in frustration, simply unable to concentrate. You felt a breeze whip by you, lifting your hair from the back of your neck, and you slowly lifted your head, noting your book was missing as you swivelled your desk chair to meet your silver haired friend.

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I love you writing so much!!!!! Can you do "I’m an art student and we’re doing realistic drawings in class, I was prepared for the fruit bowl and the pair of shoes but then yOU WALKED THROUGH THE DOOR, STRIPPED, SAT ON A STOOL IN THE MIDDLE OF THE ROOM AND I FELL OFF MY CHAIR BECAUSE HOLY FUCK." with Alex Summers? Thank you 😍😍😍

omg thank you so much!!!

Alex Summers + this prompt list

A/N: I am not entirely proud of the amount of things I would be willing to do to get Alex Summers in this position irl. Someone pls tell me I’m not alone in my shame.

You arrive early to your art class, setting up yourself up in a corner and then mindlessly doodling on a corner of your sketchbook as the rest of your class filters in. Once the rest of the class has arrived, the teacher briefs you on the task for the lesson.

“We’re working on life drawing today. You have the entire lesson to complete your piece, so Alex, whenever you’re ready.” She addresses the last statement to the back of the room, and you’re too distracted by the announcement that you’re not going to be drawing cliché fruit bowls like you thought you would be, but an actual live person to look back and see who the model is. By the time he reaches the front of the classroom, however, you are definitely looking directly at him, because dear god he’s attractive. He’s tall and athletic, with astoundingly blue eyes, and he catches your eye and actually smirks as he reaches for the hem of his shirt. You don’t quite realise what’s happening till his shirt hits the floor. Then his jeans. Then his boxers. It’s taking actual physical restraint to stop yourself from doing something painfully embarrassing, like falling out of your chair, because you knew what was coming when your teacher said ‘life drawing’ and you knew what was going to happen when he reached the front of the room, but you were not at all prepared for the staggeringly beautiful man standing in front of you. ‘You’re an art student. You’re a mature and dignified art student who can do this without making a fool out of herself’ you think as you look down at your sketchbook and fiddle with your pencils while you try and compose yourself, because you’re not entirely sure you’re going to be able to handle an extended block of time sketching a nude model who looks as goddamn tempting as he does.


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Pairing: Peter Maximoff x Reader

Request: “Could you please write a Peter Maximoff (X-Men) x Reader where the “good-girl” reader’s parents forbade her from seeing “bad-boy” Peter, but the two sneak out to see each other anyway? They’ve both been super hesitant to say they love each other because the reader is terrified of having her heart broken and Peter is always too nervous to say it, but one night after driving to the beach to watch the sunrise, he finally (accidentally) says “I love you”?”

Warnings: Bit of kissing at the end

You set your hand on the doorknob to the front door of your house, prepared to go out with your boyfriend, Peter. The two of you had been dating for a while, but still were a little cautious, for several reasons. One being your parents definitely didn’t approve of your relationship.

You jumped when your dad came up behind you, his arms crossed. “Stop right where you are.”

You turned around slowly, wringing your hands nervously. “Yes?”

“I don’t want you going out with that kid anymore,” your dad said, frowning. “He’s not a good influence.”

“Peter’s just fine,” you growled. You rarely yelled at your parents, but you were tired of them telling you what to do. “I’m old enough to take care of myself. And besides, Peter is a good kid, he wouldn’t do anything!”

“I don’t care!” Your dad yelled, furious at your outburst. He flung out a finger towards your bedroom door. “Go to your room! And don’t come out until I tell you!”

You swallowed back frustrated tears, running to your room. You slammed the door, collapsing on your bed. Your parents had always controlled your every move since you were born, and you hated it.

You knew Peter would know something was up when you didn’t show up for your date, so when you heard a knock at your window in late afternoon, you knew exactly who it was.

You got up, unable to keep the smile off your face at the sight of your silver-haired boyfriend, his normally laid back expression filled with worry.

“Are you okay?” He asked when you slid the window open. You sighed, leaning against the windowsill.

“My parents don’t want me to see you anymore,” you said slowly. Peter stepped back, a hand still gripping the window ledge.

“But that’s not what you want, is it?” He asked carefully, waiting tensely for your answer. You shook your head. “No.”

“Then let’s leave. Just come with me, forget about them. It’s time you did what you wanted, not what they wanted,” Peter said, waving his arm towards his parked car.

“You know, this is exactly what they were afraid of,” you reminded him. But you were already swinging a leg out of the window, jumping down into the grass below. 

“Oh well,” Peter grinned, grabbing your hand. You slid your window back down, following him to his car, a spring in your step. You got into the passenger seat, Peter driving away from your house with a squeal of tires.

“Where are we going?” You asked, watching Peter drive confidently with a grin on his face.

“Somewhere beautiful,” was all he said in reply. You didn’t say anything else as the scenery rolled by, trusting Peter that he knew where he was going. You looked up when the car finally rolled to a stop. You gasped when you saw the crashing waves of the ocean outside, the setting sun painting the sky a myriad of pinks, Reds, and oranges. The salty smell of the ocean reached your nose even in the car. You rolled down your window to get a better look, the soft ocean breeze whisking through your hair.

“It’s beautiful,” you whispered. Peter fiddled with the sleeves of his silver jacket, seeing the look of awe on your face making his heart beat faster. “Thank you,” you said, turning back to Peter. Peter shrugged.

“Anything for the person I love,” he said. He then froze, his eyes growing wide as he realized what he said.

“I-I mean,” he stuttered, searching for something to say. You ran his words over and over in your mind. You had wanted to say those words to him for a long time, but had always been afraid of getting your heart broken. But now, that fear had left you.

“I love you too,” you breathed. Peter leaned in slowly, his eyes fluttering shut as his lips connected to yours, your hands cupping his cheeks. You broke apart slowly, a smile appearing in your lips.

“If your parents saw us right now, I think they’d have a heart attack,” Peter whispered. 

“I don’t care.” You pulled him in again, this time not breaking the kiss for a long time, melting into his arms. You were with the person you loved, and not even your parents could get in the way. Not this time.

@noeypiiepiie:  Can you please do 2 for Kurt Wagner (x Female reader)

2. “Did.. Did you just touch my butt?”

(idk if this should be tagged as nsfw??? but things r just a lil steamy in the beginning)


Kurt’s tongue glided against your lower lip, as if asking for permission. You complied without hesitation. Tangling you hand in his hair, he let out a small moan.

It was very rare that you and Kurt shared moments like this. He preferred to take things slow, and you, of course, respected his wishes. However, it was he who initiated things this time. You didn’t question it though. You were too distracted by the feeling of his hands gripping your waist, keeping you steady. You threw your head back, while he started to kiss down your neck. He began to nip on the skin gently.

And then he paused, as if contemplating his next move. You could sense his hesitation. You were about to ask what was wrong, but then you felt it.

“Kurt..” You started. “Did.. Did you just touch my butt?

He blushed profusely.

“Uh, I, vell, I,” he stammered. “P-Peter and Scott said z-zhat girls like zhat stuff, s-so I-”

You kissed the tip of his nose, silencing him.

“You actually listed to Peter and Scott?” You laughed.

“V-vell, yes. I-I just zhought zhat y-you vere bored, so I-”

“Kurt.” You say, cupping his cheek. “We do things how we want to. Not how anybody else says. Alright?”

He nodded, giving you a small smile.

“But just in case you were wondering, you are always welcome to touch my butt.” You winked.

You had never seen a blueberry turn so red.


Prompt List

Fandom List



Can you do a Warren x Reader where you love the feeling of being up in the sky and flying so sometimes you give Warren tips on flying. But he gets annoyed and hates it when you do that because he thinks he is the best flyer at school and you don’t have wings yourself. What he doesn’t know is that you do but you hide them because they are still healing from the fight with Apocalypse. You two get in a fight one day and you decide to prove him you can fly but they haven’t fully recovered yet. -Requested by anon

“(Y/n),” he snapped your name. “I know how to fly. I’ve got wings. Stop telling me what to do!”

You took a step back, offended. “Ok ok,” you put your hands up defensively. “I’m just offering some advice, Warren. You don’t have to be so rude.”

“Then stop backseat driving!” He said impatiently. Behind him, his wings extended the way they did when he got agitated. “I hate it when you do that! You can’t even fly!”

Somewhere deep inside, you knew you shouldn’t have opened your mouth, but you were angry now. You couldn’t help blurting out, “But I can! You’re not the only one with wings.”

There was a moment of stunned silence. It was broken by Warren’s sarcastic laugh.

“Alright, fine, (y/n). Prove it!” He danced around you, flapping his wings in challenge. “I’m the best flier here! Bring it on!”

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