A tall, dark-haired boy was leaning against the nearest pillar, watching. He was strangely blurred around the edges, as though Charles were looking at him through a misted window. But there was no mistaking him.

“Erik - Erik Lehnsherr?”

Lehnsherr nodded, not taking his eyes off Charles’ face.

“What d'you mean, she won’t wake?” Charles said desperately. “She’s not - she’s not -?”

“She’s still alive,” said Lehnsherr. “But only just.”

Charles stared at him. Erik Lehnsherr had been at Hogwarts fifty years ago, yet here he stood, a weird, misty light shining about him, not a day older than sixteen.

“Are you a ghost?” Charles said uncertainly.

“A memory,” said Lehnsherr quietly. “Preserved in a diary for fifty years.”

HP AU!Cherik