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HC that Kurt doesnt actually like people touching/pulling his tail bc its part of his spine so it feels really weird when theres pulling action as it pulls on his whole spine and can hurt. Similar to how cats/dogs bcome irritated when their tails r played w. A casual grab by a friend is ok as long as they dont pull so hard. Sometimes, he has to lie down (if he can) for a while bc his tail was pulled too hard and it pulled a lot of back muscles causing him sometimes excruciating pain :(

Hmm, I kindly disagree. I don’t see it this way because the opposite is pretty much canon:
His tail is strong enough to not only support his body weight, but also lift an adult man completely off the ground.

Unlike cats and dogs, Kurt has a prehensile tail. He actually reminds me more of a kinkajou than a cat:

 Also if it hurt, he wouldn’t be able to do this:

 If he can do these, pulling his tail can’t be painful IMO.

The pain isn’t the problem when others grab his tail. It is rude and very disrespectful, I’d say humiliating too. Grabbing someone by the arm can be bad too, but I think this also gives the feeling that he’s treated like an animal, which he dislikes for very understandable reasons.

And finally, here’s a proper image of a kinkajou:


Can someone explain these panels to me? Storm does not have her powers here. She hasn’t had them since Uncanny X-Men #185 when she got accidentally shot with Forge’s null ray. But every once in a while when she gets physically strained or stressed out the weather around her goes crazy, implying that she still has subconscious control over her powers. But this scene here doesn’t seem subconscious at all. Is it just a gag and the lightning here is a coincidence? (Fantastic Four Versus The X-Men #4 – June 1987)