So I really don’t want to get into a “ship war” but I would just like to remind everyone that Jean-Paul is canonically very happily married to Kyle Jinadu, one of the greatest civilian characters in the Marvel universe, and IDK, it just seems weird to me to not want to support them, right?

Anyway things I love about this scene from Astonishing X-Men Annual #1:

  • Kyle literally just stared down the barrel of a gun held by a terrorist looking to kill him for loving a mutant and yet is chill as fuck, with his only concern being a ‘liability’
  • Jean-Paul is in true fashion unable to sit his ass still for three GD seconds, and is ready to instantly go from hostage crisis to honeymoon
  • After an entire issue of the X-Men telling Kyle “yeah it’s probably not gonna work out between you two” Logan is just like “so fuck that you gotta believe in the power of True Love”
  • Again, after everyone was a huge Negative Nelly the whole issue Kyle still invites them to dinner, I really don’t get where the hell people are coming from trying to say he doesn’t like the X-Men? He probably likes them more than Northstar alkdsfjas
  • Xi’an’s face is super cute in the foreground of the first panel

Random comic book thoughts following the release of DC and Marvel’s January 2019 solicitations…

1. There is absolutely NOTHING of interest to me on the DC side of things. Young Justice might’ve been the exception but for Bendis writing it and what looks like regression on several fronts for the characters.

2. On the Marvel side of the fence, no Astonishing X-Men for the second straight month. It’s likely stealth cancelled, which grates more than it actually being cancelled does. If it’s done, just sack up and be straight about it.

3. Uncanny X-Men just does nothing for me right now. The whole Disassembled shit…I don’t know. I already put it on my pull list, but the book’s got three issues to hook me. I got better things to do with my money than waste it on a book offering the barest of information, with the potential/probability of no pay off for me. I waited years for Havok to be fixed on the scar/inversion front, and if it just leads to him being shuffled off into death, I’m gonna be pissed.

4. Age of X-Man looks like crap. Just another damn event, regardless of the form it takes.

5. At least I got Venom and Domino.

Are we the ones that embark on our life’s journey or simply surveyors of the open roads? In the south, where Gambit grew up, there are open roads that most don’t even know about. The ones that lead you to where others have gone, but time hides so well that every day it’s needed to be explored, went on, and written of. It was out here where the sun, moon, and stars only know how to get too that a young boy with devil eyes fell in love with the world. The smell of the pine and oak. The sound of nature unlike anywhere else one could escape too. These were the backwoods, the swamp lands, being painted by whoever could dream but never find this hidden oasis. More often than not, life gets too hectic. Friends fade away despite what promises to stay closely in touch were made. He gets too lonely in the thoughts that burn hotter than hellfire. He can apologize a bible length. However, when nothing seems to work. When all hope is gone. He closes his eyes and remembers a place that he once knew when he was a boy. Farther down the Jazz music avenue’s of New Orleans, past trumpets and Mardi Gras, there is a place where he became the man he was today. A place where he can look back and reflect on where his life has come too, perhaps even where it is going. Sometimes it’s even closer to get to than it may seem and all he has to do is soak in anothers scent. Stand holding onto slender form of a woman a little shorter than he and gaze into those emerald eyes that provide a similar kind of shelter from life’s many storms. There is a place that her sound brings him to, where her voice calls for him, and where the sound of her name resonates in the summer heat and autumn sunsets. Remy LeBeau can be a lonely, heartbroken man, waiting for his turn to get lost in the wind. Yet, as Anna once said, “Ya are mah anchor, swamp rat…”



  • ZAC THOMPSON & LONNIE NADLER (W) • Ramon Rosanas (A)
  • Cover by PHIL NOTO
  • Variant Cover by RAHZZAH
  • The age of X-Man dawns…
  • and the X-Men cannot stop it.
  • 40 PGS./ONE-SHOT/Rated T+ …$4.99