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Additional Tags: Sorry the kids kind of take a backseat to Jubilee/Jono, They still have a few moments tho

Jubilee and Chamber take the kids to New York state fair and wonder just when their lives got so crazy.

In which Jubes and Jono are pretty crappy responsible adults.


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Once again, you sit alone in one of your classes. The professor said that the students could get into partners but the only person you considered a friend was Peter. You look around to see that he has already partnered with Scott. Over the past week or so you’ve noticed that Peter has been acting distant. It’s starting to worry you, he’s always so talkative towards you.

Heading back to your dorm after classes, you see Peter in the hallway and begin walking towards him. “Hey Peter-“ You don’t get to finish your sentence before he runs away, obviously too fast for you to catch him.

Finally walking into your dorm room, you flop onto your bed and sulk. You had no worries of anyone seeing you because you’re roommate, Jean, was out with Scott for the afternoon. You wished you and Peter had that relationship. The sound of a door opening startled you enough to wipe your tears away and sit up. Surprisingly, instead of Jean coming through the door it was Peter. The one person you didn’t want to see right now.

“(Y/N) I have something to tell you- are you crying?” He interrupted himself when he sees your swollen eyes and puffy cheeks. You quickly turn away. “No, besides, it’s none of your business. You don’t want to talk to me anyway.” You shade. Peter sits down next to you. “I do want to talk to you! I was just nervous about something. I just- you intimidate me (Y/N).” Peter looks at you with a mix of frustration and confusion in his eyes. Rolling your eyes, you respond. “Why would I intimidate you Peter?” He takes in a deep breath. “BecauseIloveyou.” You shake your head. “What?” Peter calms himself down. “I love you (Y/N). I’ve been planning on asking you out for a while. I’ve just been nervous, that’s why I wasn’t talking to you.” He looks away in shame. “Yes.” You simply say. “Yes what?” He asks, confused. “Yes, I will go out with you. As long as you don’t ignore me ever again.” You smile.

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Inktober OTP Prompt List

So Inktober starts tomorrow or today depending on where you live. I decided to create my own list that I’m going to attempt to follow or if anyone wants to try. Here:

1. Forehead touch
2. Kiss
3. Hug
4. Lazy morning
5. Snow
6. Bridal Carry
7. Rain
8. Selfie
9. Harry Potter AU

10. Outfit Switch
11. Mermaid AU
12. Royalty AU
13. Sleeping
14. Date
15. DeAged
16. 50’s
17. Roman/Greek AU
18. Genderswap
19. Pirate AU
20. 20’s AU
21. Fairy Tale AU
22. Ugly Sweaters
23. Flowers
24. School Uniform
25. Cooking
26. Chibi
27. Them with Pets
28. With an Adopt Child
29. Fandom Costume Switch
30. Halloween
31. Marriage


Day 7 of Inktober! Today is another theme inspired by @thatsthat24: marvel/dc characters as Mario Kart players!

So have some femme fatale karters featuring Mystique and Emma Frost versus Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy ❤️