Happy Birthday to William “Buffalo Bill” Cody!
(February 26, 1846 - January 10, 1917)

In 1935 several fraternal organizations in Cody Wyoming hosted the 63rd annual Wyoming Stock Growers Association conference and since it was in his namesake city, they naturally used a photograph of Cody for the conference program cover. This program is found in our Department of Grazing records, a defunct agency created by the Department of the Interior in 1934 to administer livestock grazing on the remaining public domain lands.  In 1946 it was rolled into the newly created Bureau of Land Management, which still exists today. (They’re also on Tumblr at mypubliclands)

(National Archives Identifier 2519019, “Miscellaneous Correspondence, 1934-1939,” Box 137. Records of the Bureau of Land Management, 1685 - 2006.) 

via the National Archives at Denver on Facebook

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Building vertical farms is innovative and can be really effective, when done properly; but building a vertical farm in the middle of a city… that’s just awesome! In downtown Jackson, Wyoming, developers are working on a vertical vegetable farm which just might revolutionize urban food growing.
In addition to 44,000 pounds of tomatoes, the greenhouse adjacent to the municipal parking garage in downtown Jackson is projected to deliver 20,000 pounds of lettuce, 44,00 pounds of herbs, 10,000 pounds of microgreens, 7,500 pounds of baby specialty greens, and 4,725 pounds of strawberries.



Pedro, The Leprechaun Mummy of Wyoming

Found within the San Pedro mountains in Wyoming, this well preserved mummy of a tiny human creature is very fascinationg. The remains found were tested and x-rayed by scientist who believed that the said remains were those of an infant that was most likely born prematurely or died shortly right after birth.

Upon further testing, other scientist rejected that conclusion since they found that the mummy had sharp teeth and the presence of raw meat in its stomach.  They believed Pedro to be anywhere from 16 to 65. The x-rays also suggested that Pedro died a gruesome death due to broken bones, ruined spine and broken skull.


A huge (56x30”) plate of fossil fish from the 50 million year old Green River Formation.  This plate was quarried at Warfield’s Quarry near Kemmerer, WY over a decade ago.  We acquired a large number of exceptional fish plates from this quarry this fall and we’re just now getting the crates unpacked and the plates photographed.  

This plate is one of my favorites as it has 6 fish on it, five of which are lined up like they are following each other.  The largest fish is over 19 inches long, and has remarkably detailed preservation.  Check it out at FossilEra.com