Can we just appreciate how well Alexis Denisof and Charisma Carpenter played off of each other?

Like, there are literally scenes where they have entire conversations where Cordelia does all the talking and Wesley doesn’t say a word. And you don’t even realize that Wesley’s not talking, because he communicates so well with his facial expressions that he actually carries his part of the conversation just fine.

Okay so what’s up with the perception that early Wesley was a coward? Where did that come from? Cuz I mean, like, even people who like Wesley sometimes talk about what a coward he was at first, and I’m just like, have you actually watched his first few episodes?

You know how many times Wesley shows cowardice? Once. Just once. In his first episode, when Balthazar threatens to have him tortured. I read an excellent theory on a blog somewhere that suggested the only reason he freaked out so much in that scene was because the threat of violence against him reminded him of his father’s abuse—something he thought he had finally gotten away from. It was just too many bad memories coming back all at once.

That is literally the only example of Wesley showing cowardice. In his second episode, he takes a hit from Faith (and you know how much that had to hurt), goes to the ground, and immediately grabs a wrench to try and fight her. He’s up against a Slayer, someone who far outmatches him in strength and fighting ability, and he doesn’t even hesitate, because he’d rather let her hurt him than allow her to escape and hurt anyone else (of course she ends up doing both, but that’s beside the point).

In his third episode, he hears a scream and—again, without hesitating—rushes in to help, with no idea what he’s going to find. He’s clearly terrified, but that doesn’t stop him from holding his ground and warding off Willow’s vampire double. And isn’t that what real bravery is? Doing what needs to be done in spite of your fear?

Early Wesley was not a coward. Early Wesley was not a wimp. Early Wesley was a very brave, very resilient young man who just needed someone to give him half a chance.


Lilah: I know what it is. The reason you’re having such a hard time with this. Why you’re taking so long to—you know… The awful truth: you couldn’t save me. And this is the exclamation point.

Wesley: Saved you from the Beast, for all the good it did.

Lilah: Wesley, you know that’s not what I’m talking about. You couldn’t save me from me.

Wesley: Is that what you thought?

Lilah: Me? Lover, I’m not even here. I’m just a figment in your devilishly handsome head. So, clearly, it’s what you thought. For all your supposed darkness, edge of the razor mystique, there was always a small part of you that thought you could pull me back from the brink of my evil, evil ways. Help me find redemption.

Wesley: Redemption?

Lilah: Angel’s influence, I suppose. The whole not giving up on someone, no matter how far he—or she— has fallen. Oh, well. Too late for me. Let’s just get it over with. That body’s not gonna dismember itself, you know.

Wesley: I’m sorry, Lilah.

Lilah: Oh, Wes, we don’t have that word in our vocabulary. Not people like you and—