Episode 5 gave us so much insight into Buffy and Cyrus's characters. LET'S DIGEST.

1. Cyrus is a kid of divorcee parents who are both remarried
2. Both of whom are psychiatrists. And jewish.
3. Cyrus is too fragile for merry-go-rounds
4. Unrelated but amber has to die for coming for my baby’s wackass shoes. Im not havin’ it.
5. Buffy’s mom is serving overseas
6. Buffy mom is serving overseas for SIX MONTHS. And buffy acted as if it was nbd.
7. No wonder she’s so competitive. Like imagine the pent up anger.
8. Makes you wonder alot about buffy’s relationship with her parents. Also buffy never mentioned her father which i think is worth noting.

Ugh the character dynamic of this show is UNREAL. So many different directions they could go and I can’t wait to see!

Thoughts on Andi Mack episode 5

Okay so I’m going to start writing my thoughts on each episode.

-Warning : Spoilers, mature language? (One bad word)-

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New Disney Channel Series “Andi Mack”

Grandma is mad. Her grown daughter, Bex, who got pregnant as a teenager, just blazed back into town and let a big secret slip. Grandma had raised 13-year-old Andi to believe that Bex was her older sister. Well, the truth is a tad more complicated.

Meanwhile, Andi’s school life is only a little less fraught. A boy is coming to terms with his sexuality. And Andi has her own budding love life to consider.

Andi Mack premieres on friday April 7th but the first 2 episodes are out via Disney’s digital platforms now. (x)


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