Zombies, Run! Gif Set: The Team

Ally was the runner, and one of Abel’s best runners. She always came back. But she was nothing without her team. Sam is her eyes in the sky and the calming voice in her ears. Wyatt is her guardian angel, and the best sniper in Abel. The three of them were an elite team, a team of Abel’s best.

Jane Levy as Alvilda ‘Ally’ Neil (Runner 5)

Mark Fischbach (Markiplier) as Sam Yao

Nat Zang as Wyatt Jones


Parks & Recreation: Various Characters

I forgot to post these on Tumblr!

Parks & Rec is probably my favorite TV show ever. I started working on custom POPs of the characters when Funko announced an official line. And while they are adorable, I’m seriously bummed there isn’t a Tom in particular.

Anyway, I have my Leslie & Ann on my shelf, the Ben lives with my friend Rebecca’s customs that I’ve made for her, and the Treat Yo Self Crew of Donna and Tom are now part of my friend Terri’s collection. I don’t plan on selling any of these (especially since Funko HAS a Leslie Knope now) in the hope the entire Parks Department of Pawnee, Indiana becomes available officially.


THIS CALENDAR IS HAPPENING!!! (although I’ll probably need CC-making advice)

Luke Argye (@penelope-and-wonders)
Angelo Occhilupo
Jones Thorne (@bridgeportgirl)
Archi Fox (@quiddity-jones)
Sam Wyatt (@jenba)


Storm: “Why are we way back here?”
Jason: “We’re the newbies in this story, but don’t worry, Storm.  They might get the front seat for now but things are going to change…”

Storm Holms (@oakglow)
Jason Caine (@quiddity-jones)

  • Me: *finishes watching all of Parks and Rec for the hundredth time*
  • Me: What should I do with my life now?
  • Me:
  • Me:
  • Me:
  • Me: *starts watching Parks and Rec from the beginning again*

This probably the shittiest gif ever, but can we all just appreciate the fact that Aubrey and Chris are holding hands as he puts his arm around her!
Be still my heart!