Zombies, Run! Gif Set: The Team

Ally was the runner, and one of Abel’s best runners. She always came back. But she was nothing without her team. Sam is her eyes in the sky and the calming voice in her ears. Wyatt is her guardian angel, and the best sniper in Abel. The three of them were an elite team, a team of Abel’s best.

Jane Levy as Alvilda ‘Ally’ Neil (Runner 5)

Mark Fischbach (Markiplier) as Sam Yao

Nat Zang as Wyatt Jones

yes im a wolf and i’ve been known to bite but my pack i have left them all behind and my teeth may be sharp and i’ve been raised to kill but the thought of fresh meat it is making me ill so im telling you that you’ll be safe with me

you play with the wolves but you sleep with the bones of the rabbit i was only child it makes no sense

Michaela Matthews & Wyatt Jones