Wyatt Gray

« I was amazed by Bill’s body language. I wanted this wall-eyed thing — the eyes looking in different directions, I thought we’d have to use VFX, but Bill’s like, ‘Oh, you mean like this?’ He could already do it perfectly! I’m thinking, ‘Man, you just saved me $200,000’ » — Andy Muschietti on Bill Skarsgard.

Wynonna Earp 2X12 Thoughts and Faves

Season One of Wynonna Earp brought me on such a rollicking good ride, enjoyable from beginning to end, that I was expecting good things from Season Two. I was confident we’d get good writing, storylines and humor, but I swear, on Friday night it’s like the season finale showed up and said “You think what came before was good?  Hold my whiskey.”  Everything was on point over the course of the final hour, from the emotions to the dialogue to the cinematography.  My heart was so full and my smile wide as the end credits rolled.  They gave us so much to love, and so much to think about over the hiatus.  Time to dig in to some of those thoughts, in no particular order (sorry, my brain couldn’t help it):

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