Hank knew that drinking and experiments were probably not a good idea. Hell, he didn’t really like alcohol in the first place but…

Well he just wanted that escape for a few hours and the voice at the bottom of the bottle was telling him some tempting things.

“It’ll be better if you’re normal.”

“You know the formula. Just do it.”

“It doesn’t matter anyways, he’s got the girl.”

He took the syringe from the case. It would work. He knew it would. 

Drunkenly, he wondered if Alex would come back to him if his feet were normal. There was that voice in the back of his head that told him how stupid this was but he drowned it in another long swallow of the Professor’s wine. 

Taking a seat he pulled his notes towards him and wrote a quick, sloppy note to Alex. That done he stripped his shoes and socks off and stretched his feet out, making a face down at them.

Depress the plunger to remove the air, choose a spot and just do it. He slid the needle into one foot and injected the solution. His mind didn’t even notice the prick of pain.

Nothing happened for almost a minute and Hank sighed, leaning back in his chair. Then a numbing feeling and the slide of bone and muscle. He sat back up and watched in fascination as his feet changed shape, shrinking and smoothing out.

A whoop of thrilled laughter escaped him and he reached for the note to crumple it up and toss it out.

A sliver of ice ran down his spine then and he tensed. 

“No.” Fire raged through his veins and he screamed. Bones popped and snapped, tendons grew, skin bulged and stretched. He fell from the chair onto the cold floor writhed there as the heat seemed to tear at him from the inside out. It finally stopped and Hank lay there, panting and shaking. 

A hand moved up in front of his blurry vision and he saw the color. His hand moved and claws glinted at the end on his fingers.

Tears of pain and rage filled his eyes and he lashed out at the table in front of him like the monster he’d become. 

(So yeah I did that. I dunno where it came from and I’m going to go make lunch and get ready for work now.)


Finally! A cover!

Inspired by what Series 3 has in store for us. I visualized two separate scenes as I was playing this; the first being when John and Sherlock are leading separate lives. The sudden change is when John and Sherlock reunite.

This was composed on the spot without any sheet music. I’d literally made it up as I was recording it. So if there are any mistakes, I apologize.



even though I mess up a thousand times



This is the Wuality Clob and we are family.