Another one of those videos where I play three versions of myself. I haven’t made one in forever. In this, Mallery has a bit of a fanaticism over Les Amis and, like everything, it pisses Angela off. Allison is in cahoots with Mallery. 

The accents are horrible I dont even know what they are AND THE NAME PRONUNCIATIONS IDEK MAN DONT JUDGE ME

Basic Rules for the wedding:

Basically, we sign something, Charles sits on a chair and you give him gifts, we all drink lots during this, we move outside and do some other stuff that you don’t need to care about, do the rings, the seven blessings, I stamp on a glass - and then! Charles and I spend an hour alone in our room while you start the meal.

There will be no

  • getting the kids wasted (letting them drink is fine, just don’t let them get drunk)
  • starting fires
  • attempting to interact with Thuey at all
  • sex where we all have to see it
  • dead bodies
  • Jim Moriarty and Molly Hooper
  • or people sneaking bacon in

are we clear?


replied to your



*resists urge to mean girls it*

*or old spice it for that matter come on*

I am going to explain it in a series of pictures.

Most roleplays:

The Wuality Clob:

External image

The Clob are the nicest people ever and also the most crazy. They could take the Sherlock fandom in a crack-off and win (because instead of patting one another on the butt over how crazy they are, the clob dedicates time and effort to creating a universe where erik lehnsherr adopts cthulhu after molly hooper and lucy saxon get bored and decide to summon an elder god in the shed out back.) Luke from the Sarah-Jane adventures and severus snape had a baby together and it was the most beautiful tender moment in the history of ever. There are threads and streams and tumblrs dedicated to us, and we also have a facebook group.

TL;DR They’re crazy flawless fuckers and you should grab a character at random and roll on over to help the madness thrive. You won’t regret it.

Today, I realized that we absolutely NEED a Sherlock musical.

And then I was like, “Hey, why don’t we make one?" 


This will be the greatest. Crackest. Funniest. Most absolutely heterosexual. Fan-made musical ever. 

So far, we plan on adapting series 1 and 2 of Sherlock (S2 is right around the corner, so why not?) and adding in fandom references, music, and dancing. 

So far we have a few ideas for song titles, and some of the other members of this blog have already started coming up with words and melodies! 

Ideas so far for music: "3-Patch Problem”, “This is a Drugs Bust”, “He Is Not My Boyfriend” (possibly an adaptation of Chameleon Circuit’s “Kiss the Girl”), “Damn My Leg”, and possibly a spoof on the song “Professional Pirate” from Muppet Treasure Island titled “Consulting Criminal”! 

If you have ideas, please feel free to submit! We’re open to all sorts of suggestions for songs, dialogue, plot elements, characters, props/staging, etc. 


this one time when i was like 10 some people parked across the street from my house in a big van and they brought a goat out, was loud as hell and woke everyone up and this was like a full-sized ram not a little nanny goat.  my mom went out to ask them what the hell they were doing because our house is in fucking new york city but they shooed her away and took the goat inside one of the houses across the street and a while later my mom said they brought out something big and heavy wrapped in a blanket and we are pretty sure they sacrificed that goat to satan

Call Your Girlfriend
Hannah & Simone

Call Your Girlfriend (Cover) - Hannah & Simone

So Simone and I were hanging around on Tinychat yesterday, playing around with our cups when Simone went, “Hey Hannah. Hannah Hannah Hannah Hannah Hannah. You know how Call Your Girlfriend is a duet, right. And I’m an alto.” Obviously, I immediately went “YES YES YES CAN WE PLEASE YEEEEEES!!" 

And we practiced for a lot on Tinychat before eventually Simone recorded her bit and I added my bit and then, bam, we had a full-on recording. Simone does the main vocals & the cup rhythm, and I do the harmony-ish background vocals.

Enjoy it and stuff!